Top Best Multiplayer Shooting Games | Local Wi-Fi

Listed below are the Best Offline Multiplayer Shooting Games for Free to Play on Android and iOS Mobiles over a Local Wi-Fi Hotspot LAN Network.

In this fascinating digital world of PUBG (an online multiplayer battle royale with over 600 million downloads), offline multiplayer shooting games are still alive. The respective app stores are also indicating the rising popularity of offline multiplayer shooting games. Today, people are searching for games that can be played with friends under one roof only.

The reason? It’s best for engagement. So, even if you have two or three friends, shooting games with offline multiplayer mode capabilities are fun. Now there are thousands of shooting games available online. So, to save you from all the hassle of pick and try, we decided to compile a list of Best Offline Multiplayer FPS and TPP Shooting Games for you.

Best Offline Multiplayer Shooting Games

Here are the Best Free Offline Shooting Games that can be played Over a Local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Network.

1. Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2 is a 3D shooting game for action lovers. It is very similar to the popular Counter-Strike game; besides, it was inspired by it. There are lots of weapons to choose from including guns and explosives and they are customizable.  Five game modes are available and they include the classic mode, capture the flag, zombie, bomb, and resurrection mode.

The action-packed Special Forces Group – 2 is the best with its offline multiplayer mode capabilities. The game has beautiful graphics, smooth working, and a variety of gaming modes ranging from Zombie mode to Deathmatch. Also, with over 30 maps and 45 plus weapons, the players can enjoy the best of the gaming experience. You can play the game in 10 different languages including English, Русский, Espanol, Deutsch, Francais, etc.

Rest, Special Forces Group 2 can be played with bots too.

Download Special Forces Group 2 for Android | iOS

2. Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia

Doodle Army 2

This game needs no introduction; a very popular shooting game among Android users. Simple to play yet high on action. It is a highly trended game for a long time. Mini Militia can be played by up to 12 players via a WLAN connection and the game features two modes e.g. Co-Op and Survival modes. The Survival mode is the ideal game mode to get it on with your friends. You play to see which player gets the most points at the end of the game time. I

A popular offline multiplayer shooting games on the internet. In many forms, it’s a trendsetter. The game has a fantastic rating and massive download numbers in respective app stores. For instance, on Google Play Store it currently has more than 2 million downloads, and on Apple App Store, it has the same story to share. The graphics are good, and the game is smooth. You can download the game for free, but it also offers in-app purchases and contains ads. So bare with that.

Download Doodle Army 2 for Android | iOS

3. Neon Shadow

Neon Shadow

Neon Shadow is a first-person shooter where you play a special soldier (who looks very similar to Halo’s Master Chief) who has to save humanity from an attack of the ‘mechanoids’. The game features a single-player campaign that you can enjoy at three different difficulty levels. Throughout this campaign, you have to beat several levels plagued with cybernetic enemies.

Besides the single-player campaign, Neon Shadow includes a multiplayer mode where you can fight your friends over a local network. In fact, you can even play with your friends in cooperative mode (although it’s actually much more fun in versus).

Download Neon Shadow | Android

3. Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D is the editor’s choice over the Play Store. This pixel graphics shooter has more than 5 million downloads. It offers an immense number of multiplayer modes, engaging players in local as well as online ones. Pixel also has more than 800 weapons, 40 ultra-useful gadgets & tools, and much more. At last, the players can enjoy the zombie-survival campaign, 100 plus maps, and ads (of course annoying).

Download Pixel Gun 3D | Android

4. 2D Strike

“2D Strike” is a completely 2D offline multiplayer shooting game rising and shining on the Android. The game has 12 gaming modes such as Bugs attack, Base defense, Team game, Battle Royale, and much more. It also has over 15 weapons for players to choose from. The gameplay is progressive, and it allows you to create a team of 20 people in a single map mission.

Download 2D Strike for Android

5. Army Men Online

Army Men Online

Army Men Online takes the user back to good childhood days as the game is based on the format of toy soldiers. It’s a 3D game with offline multiplayer mode and high-graphics quality. Players can play the game via online multiplayer mode and set up teams with up to 12 players each. As a bonus, users’ don’t need to sign in or register separately to play the game online.

Download Army Men Online | Android

6. Standoff Multiplayer

Standoff Multiplayer

Standoff Multiplayer is another popular action-packed offline multiplayer shooter game on this list. It’s a counter-terrorism theme-based game attracting thousands around the globe. The game has various modes loved and enjoyed by many. The graphics are pretty good as well. At last, the game contains ads and is best for both offline & online multiplayer modes.

Download Standoff  Android | iOS

7. Local Warfare Portable (LWP)

Local Warfare Portable

Local Warfare Portable (LWP) is a first-person shooter game based on LAN multiplayer FPS format. It’s a lightweight yet realistic physics offering game. The players can enjoy a variety of modes, different difficulty levels, and much more even with a non-flagship device. LWP also offers several PVP and PVE game modes, enhancing the mode offering package. The graphics are decent, and you can also create a team of 10 persons.

Download Local Warfare Portable for Android

8. Maze Militia

Maze Militia

When it comes to the real shooting gaming experience, nothing beats the Maze Militia. The game can be played in both online and offline multiplayer modes. Superb graphics, character customization, and features like power booster enhance the gameplay. In the end, the game contains ads and offers in-app purchases. So better to keep up with this.

Download Maze Militia for Android

9. Shades – Combat Militia

Shades is globally known as the best multiplayer shooter game that can be played by LAN. The game has six maps and 20 weapons that never fails to impress players. Besides, you can even change the full appearance of the player with some clicks. And talking about its graphics, then the game has good graphics. Apart from the offline multiplayer mode, Shades also allows the user to play against different online players and bots. So this is a plus.

Download Shades Android

10. CyberSphere


CyberSphere is a third-person shooter game based on the SciFi theme. The game has futuristic 3D graphics appealing thousands, worldwide. You can enjoy multiple modes ranging from Deathmatch to PVE. The size is small. As a bonus, the game offers cross-platform multiplayer mode as well via LAN Wi-Fi, which allows up to 6 users to play via iOS and Android devices together.

Download CyberSphere for Android

12. Real Commando Secret Mission

The Real Commando Secret Mission is by Gamexis Inc. Amazing graphics, a massive range of assault Rifles, and small size in memory are some of its key highlights. The game has more than 200 thousand plus downloads. Players can experience realistic assassination missions. In case, if you don’t have a Wi-fi, the game can be played offline. As a result, we believe that the game is the next blockbuster in the offline multiplayer shooting games category.

Download Real Commando Secret Mission | Android

13. Cover Fire

Cover Fire

Cover Fire is one of the leading offline shooter games over the Play Store. The game has been internationally recognized as the best shooter game. Crisp graphics, offline multiplayer mode, engaging gameplay, etc. Are some of its key features. Users also claim to experience a real feel of a real commando while playing Cover Fire.

Download Cover Fire for Android

14. Local Warfare

Local Warfare is among the most engaging offline shooter game with satisfactory graphics. It supports LAN multiplayer, has a wide variety of weapons, and other modes, etc. Players can modify their weapons, skins, attachment, and much more. Although, the important thing to notice is that the game is under the development phase. Meaning, users might face some crash issues.

Download Local Warfare | Android

15. ZMS Pocket Fight

ZMS Pocket

ZMS Pocket Fight is not the fancy one, but a fantastic offline multiplayer shooting game, allowing users to have fun on low-end devices. The game allows the user to keep moving and chasing enemies. While as an addition, you even have to hunt things down here. Also, in ZMS, the maximum support of 6 devices is there, which seems enough. Rest, the game can be played with a single touch, meaning you can control your player with touch and gestures.

Download ZMS Pocket Fight | Android

Conclusion: So these were some of the best offline multiplayer shooting games. If you find this useful or have any suggestions. Then do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear that.

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