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Looking to Free Download Anime? Here are the Best Sites and Apps to Download & Watch Popular Dubbed and Subbed Anime Offline.

Anime is a serious form of art that involves some emotions, humor, action, fantasy, and vision. The themes and colorful presentation make the Anime content very appealing stuff to watch. Japan is the biggest producer of Anime, and it is widely popular all over the world with many international markets that have set up local dubbing studios to cater to the regional audience.

Many Japanese Anime Shows and Movies have gained global prominence, such as Naruto, Your Name, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Spirited Away, Death Note, One Punch Man, Pokemon, GTO, and Dragon Ball Z. If you wish to download Anime on your mobile or PC, there are a few reliable options to look for to get all anime series and movies to download and watch offline.

Best Anime Download Apps

Here are the Best Free Apps to Download Anime on your Mobile and Enjoy the Fun Offline

1. Anilab


Anilab is a free anime streaming application that can be easily accessed on both Android and iOS operating systems. This app allows users to watch and download a wide range of anime series without any restrictions.

Users are not required to provide any personal information to use the app, making it easy for them to access their favorite shows. With thousands of titles available and regular updates, Anilab provides a diverse selection of content for anime lovers.

Anilab provides a distinctive feature that allows users to watch English dubbed anime with English subtitles concurrently, akin to Netflix. This feature enriches the viewing experience for those who prefer dubbed anime but also desire to follow along with subtitles.

Download Anilab

2. CloudStream


CloudStream is the best HD movie downloader APK available on the web. It does not host any content on the app and has no control over what media is put up or taken down. CloudStream 3 functions like a search engine, such as Google, and indexes the movie and series from available resources. You need to install repositories that help download Anime that crawls, aggregates, and displays links in a convenient, user-friendly interface.

The player is quick and neat, and you are not bombarded with ads. Below the video, you get a download button for offline viewing on your Android Mobile. The App plays HD movies.

How to Use Cloudstream to Download Movies?

  • Download Cloudstream APK on Android.
  • Install the app and click on the Settings Tab.
  • Now click on Extensions.
    Click on Extensions Cloudstream
  • Tap on + Add Repository.
    Tap on + Add Repository
  • Open Cloudstream Repo and either install the repository or copy the repo link for your choice. (English, Non-English, Anime, etc.)
    copy the repository link
  • Add the Repo to your Cloudstream, click Download, and the app will download all plugins.
  • Now, wait for a couple of minutes for the library to load in the background.
  • Search for the movie and download for free in HD.

Download CouldStream

3. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is a popular anime app with over 20 million monthly visits, which majorly focuses on east-Asian content, primarily on Anime, Manga Series, Music, and Shows. Crunchyroll is the one-stop destination for all Anime Lovers and is much recommended as it is safe and legal.

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A legal and simple way to stream all your favorite animation. The service has rights to popular Anime Series like Naruto, Dragon Ball, Titan, Ace of the Diamond, Bleach, etc. Though all the content is not free, you get a free trial to access the shows and programs. Here’s the list of English Dubbed Anime Available on Crunchyroll

Download Crunchyroll

4. AniYomi

AniYomi is a full-featured player and reader based on Tachiyomi (a manga-based comic app). It allows you to discover and watch anime, cartoons, series, and more on Android devices. The app offers over 200 Anime extensions that you need to download and add to your AniYomi app.

Aniyomi Anime Extension

Once done you can search and access the free content to watch Anime movies and shows. You can even download the Anime for offline viewing.

Download AniYomi

5. RetroCrush TV

As the name suggests, Retreocrush is a home for old classic anime. It is a free Anime app that starts with the go. No registration is needed, but if you wish, you can create an account to make a watchlist and access some restricted content. The site, though, has a very small library, but most of the shows are classic popular Anime shows that you can watch on the go. You also get all kinds of Anime from each genre with the English dub and English sub-support.

A few of the popular titles available on the site include Great Teacher Onizuka, Flame of Recca, Bubblegum Crisis, Fushigi Yugi, Ultra Maniac, Deltora Quest, Blue Seed, and Many More. You get some of the platform’s favorite classic Japanese Anime for free. The app also has a very basic and simple video player that can load even with decent internet speeds.

Download RetroCrush | Free

6. AnyMe

AnyMe Anime

If you are an Anime fan, then AnyMe is the App for you. AnyMe is a free Anime Streaming Platform and can be dubbed the Netflix of Anime. You get all the Japanese Animation in one place. Get access to thousands of episodes, movies, and anime OVAs, directly on your Android smartphone. A simple-to-use app that provides Anime in Subbed, English, and Spanish Dub. The site loads streams from global resources.

You can either directly play the video in the app or, if not supported, stream it in any video player like MX Player. This is the Best Anime App if you wish to stream Dubbed and Subbed Anime for Free.

Download AnyMe

7. Tubi

Tubi TV Anime Free

This free service is available globally and houses a bunch of movies and TV shows, which is difficult for you to find elsewhere. You can watch Japanese Anime, either subtitled or dubbed, on Tubi TV. The Tubi offers shows like Sola, Angel Sanctuary, Yukikaze, Spider Riders, etc. The Tubi is regularly updated with anime movies and shows.

With a library now surpassing 50,000 titles, second only to Netflix, Tubi TV is the best source of Movies and TV Shows. The site hosts a number of anime movies and TV Shows for all age groups, and that too without any subscription. But as a necessity, it runs on Ads.

Visit Tubi | Free

8. Anime Scrap

Anime Scrap is an open-source Android application that allows you to watch your favorite anime. The app comes in both light and dark mode and supports dynamic colors on A12+. You can play the videos on an external player as well. The app supports PiP mode.

Download Anime Scrap

Best Anime Download Sites

Here are the Best Free Websites to Download Anime for Free with English Dubbed and Subbed Options

1. AnimeLand

AnimeLand is a Free Anime Streaming and Download Platform. If you want to download Anime without any redirect issues with a one-click download button, then Animeland is the site you will love. The site interface is not very neat but does the job easily. Also, you can stream the content, but the video player is not very good compared to other streaming platforms.

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Though you are not offered multiple resolution options to choose from, given how quickly you can download the videos makes it a perfect Anime Downloader Site. Just search for any of your favorite Anime open the link, and you will see the download button right above the player.


2. FUNimation


The Funimation streaming service has an impressive collection of anime series and feature-length films, including many hard-to-find titles. Funimation offers curated content with dubs and subs. You get plenty of shows for free with Advertisements, and for a few premium Shows, you need to subscribe to the service.

Sony owns Funimation, so you can expect all the Sony-owned Anime to be available on the platform. Currently, the simulcast lineup consists of D.Gray-ManThe Disastrous Life of Saiki KIzetta: The Last WitchPuzzle and Dragons, and Tales of Zesiria the X. You get all the popular series and content with a 14-day test trial which is easy to cancel. Here is the Complete list of Shows in English.

Visit Funimation | Freemium

3. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is one of the fastest-updated anime platforms. Though you may be greeted with some annoying banner Ads. an ad-blocker will just work fine. The AnimeHeaven is regularly updated with new Anime shows and movies pretty quickly. You get subs and dubs if available.

The site uses JWPlayer to play video content. It uses two or three servers for each video, and one of the servers has a direct video download link icon at the bottom of the JW Player, making it a very useful platform for streaming and downloading content.

Visit AnimeHeaven | Free

4. AnimeOut

Funimation Anime

AnimeOut is a dedicated download-only site where you can simply search for any of the Anime movies or Shows and download the content right away. If available, you will be given options of different quality resolutions. When you click on the download link you will be redirected to download the server.

You can either download from a public server or donate to the platform for downloading from a private server. A public server works fine. When you click on the download link, a new tab will open, loading the download file and the download gets started. make sure you do not use Ad-Blocker.


5. Hulu

Hulu is a subscription-based online streaming platform that has over 500 Anime titles. It partnered with Yahoo to show Anime for free, but the service was decommissioned in June 2019. Some of the popular Anime available on Hulu are My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Girls Und Panzer, Your Lie in April, Death Note, Blood-C, and more.

The site itself does not allow downloads, but you can try third-party methods to download the anime on your internal device storage. Hulu is a paid service, but if you are looking for some serious anime without any piracy issues, then Hulu is the site you can switch to.

Visit Hulu | Paid

Conclusion: With the Apps and Websites listed above you can Download Anime on your Device and Watch Dubbed and Subbed Cartoon Offline for Free.

If you've any thoughts on Free Anime Download | 10 Best Apps & Sites, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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