Best Anime Apps for Stream and Download | Eng Dub and Sub

Best Free Anime Apps to Stream and Download your Favorite Japanese Animation on your Android with English Dub and/or Sub.

Anime is more or less synonymous with Japanese animation. There is a huge fan base for Japanese Anime, and it is a global phenomenon. Many Japanese Anime Shows and Movies have caught global prominences like Naruto, Your Name, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Spirited Away, Death Note, One Punch Man, Pokemon, GTO, and Dragon Ball Z, to name a few.

The Anime shows have a wonderful blend of culture, abstract life, and technology and are presented in a fascinating way of storytelling. The themes and colorful presentation make the Anime content very appealing stuff to watch. Basically, Japanese Animes are available in the original Japanese language, which is later translated into regional languages and, more popularly, into English. So, only a few popular Anime is dubbed while most of the Anime is Subbed.

Several Android apps are available that claim to be the best platform for streaming Japanese Anime. Most of the online illegal streaming apps do not work or are deceiving in nature. But today, I will list down some of the best anime streaming apps to watch Japanese Animation in English Sub or Dub.

AnimexStreamFreeAll Anime Shows and Movies
CloudstreamFreemiumAll Popular Animes Shows and Movies
CrunchyrollFreeAll Anime Content (Direct Download Available)
AnimeLabFreemium (Australia)Free Subbed & Paid Dubbed
RetrocrushFreeClassic popular Animes
NetflixPaidPopular Anime in Dubbed and Subbed
FUNimationPaidAll popular Anime (Subbed and Dubbed)
Freeflix HQFreeAll Anime Content
Tubi TVFreePopular Anime (Ads)

Best Free Anime Apps

Here are the Best Free and Paid Anime Streaming Apps for Android to Watch Anime in English Dub and Sub.

1. CloudStream


CloudStream is the best HD movie downloader APK available on the web. It does not host any content on the App and has no control over what media is put up or taken down. CloudStream 3 functions like a search engine, such as Google, and indexes the Anime from available resources. You need to install repositories that help download Anime that crawls, aggregates, and displays links in a convenient, user-friendly interface.

How to Use Cloudstream to Download Movies?

  • Download Cloudstream APK on Android.
  • Install the App and click on Settings Tab.
  • Now click on Extensions.
    Click on Extensions Cloudstream
  • Tap on + Add Repository.
    Tap on + Add Repository
  • Open Cloudstream Repo and either install the repository or copy the repo link for your choice. (English, Non-English, Anime, etc.)
    copy the repository link
  • Add the Repo to your Cloudstream, click Download, and the App will download all plugins.
  • Now, wait for a couple of minutes for the library to load in the background.
  • Search for the movie and download for free in HD.

Download CouldStream

2. Anime X Stream

Anime X Stream

Anime X Stream is an illegal Anime streaming app specifically built for Anime Lovers, specially designed and crafted to watch anime at ease. Search for any of the anime you are interested in watching, and click on the title. You can either download the movies and shows or stream them right in the app with English dub and/0r sub.

You can stream or download the latest anime for free without any complications. The interface is pretty simple, smooth, and you will love the app. Just search for the anime and click on the episode to load. The app supports PiP mode and has HD video support.

Download AnimexStream

3. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Anime Site

Crunchyroll is a popular anime app with over 20 million monthly visits, which majorly focuses on east-Asian content, primarily on Anime, Manga Series, Music, and Shows. Crunchyroll is the one-stop destination for all Anime Lovers and is much recommended as it is safe and legal. A legal and simple way to stream all your favorite animation. The service has rights to popular Anime Series like Naruto, Dragon Ball, Titan, Ace of the Diamond, Bleach, etc. Though all the content is not free, you get a free trial to access the shows and programs. Here’s the list of English Dubbed Anime Available on Crunchyroll

The Content Provider uses a freemium model. That means they offer anime for free at a lower definition and with advertisements. The latest episodes of ongoing shows can’t be accessed for free unless you wait for a week. The site is solely made for all anime lovers to enjoy Japanese content.

Features Crunchyroll

  • All popular Anime
  • East-Asian Movies and TV Shows
  • All Shows Subbed
  • Simulcast on select titles
  • Popular Anime and Manga Series

Visit Crunchyroll | Free

4. AnimeBoya


Anime streaming and downloading android applications developed by Tu2l by using Jsoup and other open-source libraries. The app offers a comprehensive catalog of all the popular anime, recent, ongoing, and completed anime.

All you have to do is browse the catalog and discover anime, whether by exploring the categories or by using the search function. All of the material features technical specifications and credits so that you always know what you are about to watch.

Download AnimeBoya

5. AnimeLab


AnimeLab is a free and legal anime streaming service. It offers you all the popular and demanding Anime in one place. The site has a very clean and easy-to-use interface. The platform is available for Australian and New Zealand users, but a VPN will do the trick. You get free anime shows and movies subbed and dubbed. Stream the latest episodes as soon as one hour after broadcasts. The basic version comes with pre-roll and mid-roll ads with standard quality and only sub-support.

A premium version that costs around $7.99 will offer you English Dubbed Anime. You get some of the best Anime on the platform like Attack on Title, Tokyo Ghoul, Black Clover, Berserk, Kenichi, One Man Punch, Boruto, Death Note, Haikyu, and more. Here is the complete list of English Dubbed Anime on AnimeLab.

Features of AnimeLab

  • All Popular Animes at One Place
  • Subbed and Dubbed
  • Simple and Easy Interface
  • Simulcast Available

Visit AnimeLab | Freemium

6. RetroCrush TV

As the name suggests, Retreocrush is a home for old classic anime. It is a free Anime app that starts with the go. No registration is needed, but if you wish, you can create an account to make a watchlist and access some restricted content. The site, though has a very small library, but most of the shows are classic popular Anime shows that you can watch on the go. You also get all kinds of Anime from each genre with the English dub and English Sub Support.

A few of the popular titles available on the site include Great Teacher Onizuka, Flame of Recca, Bubblegum Crisis, Fushigi Yugi, Ultra Maniac, Deltora Quest, Blue Seed, and Many More. You get some of the favorite classic Japanese Anime of the Platform for free. The app also has a very basic and simple video player that can load even with decent internet speeds.

Goods About RetreoCrush

  • Classic Popular Anime
  • Simple Video Player
  • Fewer Ads

Visit RetroCrush | Free

7. FUNimation


The Funimation streaming service has an impressive collection of anime series and feature-length films, including many hard-to-find titles. Funimation offers curated content with dubs and subs. You get plenty of shows for free with Advertisements and for a few premium Shows, you need to subscribe to the service.

Funimation is owned by Sony, so you can expect all the Sony-owned Anime to be available on the platform. Currently, the simulcast lineup consists of D.Gray-ManThe Disastrous Life of Saiki KIzetta: The Last WitchPuzzle and Dragons, and Tales of Zesiria the X. A Premium account on Funimation unlock access to all of the service’s nearly 400 TV shows and 80-odd feature-length films. You get all the popular series and content with a 14-day test trial which is easy to cancel. Here is the Complete list of Shows in English.

Goods About Funimation

  • Large Library of Anime
  • Simple to Navigate and Clean UI
  • HD Quality with Subs and Dubs
  • Good for Dubs

Visit Funimation | Paid ($5.99/mo)

8. Netflix

You would be living in the stone age if you had not heard about Netflix. Netflix is the best place to binge-watch shows, watch movies, and other highly-rated programs. The service hosts most of the popular TV shows along with classics, animations, animes, movies, documentaries, and its own originals.

If you are seriously looking for some high-quality anime movies and series, Netflix is the destination to reach out. The platform offers popular series like NarutoClash of TitansMy Hero Academia, Hunter X Hunter, Stein GatesRobotech, Kill La Kill, Violet Evergarden, Soul Eater, etc, and movies like Blame!, Miss Hokusai, Naruto, and more. Netflix is paid service with Free Trial for one month. It may be called the epitome of online entertainment, given its reach and quality of content offered.

Goods About Netflix

  • Popular Anime Movies and Manga Series
  • No Ads
  • Support 1080p
  • Highly rated Shows and Documentaries

Bads About Netflix

  • The free 1st month is followed by a subscription
  • Supports limited devices with an account
  • No manual video quality settings

Visit Netflix | Paid ($9/mo)

9. Tubi TV

Tubi TV Anime Free

This free service is available globally and houses a bunch of movies and TV shows, which is difficult for you to find elsewhere. You can watch Japanese Anime, either subtitled or dubbed, on Tubi TV. The Tubi offers shows like Sola, Angel Sanctuary, Yukikaze, Spider Riders, etc. The Tubi is regularly updated with anime movies and shows.

With a library now surpassing 50,000 titles, second only to Netflix, Tubi TV is the best source of Movies and TV Shows. The site hosts a number of anime movies and TV Shows for all age groups, and that too without any subscription. But as a necessity, it runs on Ads.

Features of Tubi TV

  • Subtitle Support and Dubbed Animes
  • Less Frequency of Ads
  • Popular Anime Movies for Free

Visit Tubi | Free

10. AnyMe

AnyMe Anime

If you are an Anime fan, then AnyMe is the App for you. AnyMe is a free Anime Streaming Platform and can be dubbed as the Netflix of Anime. You get all the Japanese Animation in one place. Access thousands of episodes, movies, and anime OVAs, directly on your Android smartphone. A simple-to-use app that provides Anime in Subbed, English, and Spanish Dub. The site loads streams from global resources.

You can either directly play the video in the app, and if not supported, then the app lets you stream the video in any video player like MX Player. Best Anime App if you wish to stream Dubbed and Subbed Anime for Free.

Features of AnyMe

  • All Anime Shows at One Place
  • Dubbed and Subbed Anime Videos
  • Free with No Ads
  • Internal and External Video Support

Download AnyMe | Free

Conclusion: With the above apps, you can watch all your favorite Anime Movies and TV Shows for Free in English Dubbed and Subbed Versions. A few apps also offer download options for watching anime on the go.

If you've any thoughts on Best Anime Apps for Stream and Download | Eng Dub and Sub, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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