Top Free Vumoo Alternatives to Stream and Download Movies

Best Vumoo Alternatives Free to Stream and Watch Movies and TV Shows on your Browser Supported Devices.

Vumoo is a great alternative to watch free movies and Tv shows online. But with the rise of the different online content streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, many websites like Vumoo are losing their audience. I’m sure not everybody is fond of hefty pricing by big platforms such as Amazon Prime or Netflix, but we have some great Vumoo alternatives where you can stream content for free. Some of these websites are completely legal to use and stream content, while others are in a bit of dark side. But no matter what the case is, these Vumoo alternatives are equally as great as Vumo and comes with new TV shows and movie titles internationally!

If you’re a big movie fan, then you will fall in love with the concept of watch movies free! This is where Vumoo plays along and provides you free streaming content from differential regions to users like us. But, recently, many TV shows and movies are taken out form the platform for copyright reasons. Also, Vumoo is now not operating in many regions of the world. So it is safe to know some great Vumoo alternatives so you can keep your free entertainment alive when the site goes down.

There are countless websites that offer free media streaming content, whether it can be Tv shows or movies or Web series. But most of these sites are filled with ads and fake survey pages. Here we have a list of clean Vumoo alternatives that will work best for you and for your media consumption needs.

Yes! Movies

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Best Free Vumoo Alternatives

Here are the Best Free Vumoo Alternatives to Stream and Download Movies and TV Shows.

1. WatchFree

WatchFree is a site where you will get regular and latest TV shows and Movies update. It is a free streaming site which allows you to watch all the popular TV shows and Movies of the various region. It offers high-quality HD streaming and has a huge collection of movies and TV shows.

The interface of the website has all the key features that will make your navigation in ease. It has multiple options to find your favorite movies and Tv shows, via categories or by the advanced search box. Moreover, you can sort movies by name, date, year, views, etc. The website offers users to stream in multiple languages.


2. Yes! Movies

Solarmovie Alternatives

Yes! Movies is a website that is always updated to the latest and recent content, including TV series. However, the service is not totally free; there is premium content available you can watch only if you are a premium member. But most of the movies and Tv series on the sites are free to watch with good quality.

It has a clean interface; the homepage is presented with a big advanced search box. Yes! Movies movies and TV series databases are huge, and you will definitely find your favorite movie there. Also, there is a Genre tab, which is a category of various genres like Action, Adventure, Comedy, and much more.

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3. PutLockers2


PutLockers2 is a simple website for streaming free movies and videos, and it has a huge collection of movies that you can watch for free. The website doesn’t require any signup to access movies. There are no reviews, no download, only high-quality movies and videos to watch.

The website has a decent framework that finds the most viewed and popular movies effortlessly. However, there is a little issue of buffering even if your bandwidth is high, Putlockers2 servers are sometimes slow. But all over it is a great place to watch movies because there is no hustle to find anything.


5. DlvxCrawler

DlvxCrawler provides software, music clips, audio files, and much more, but the main feature of this site is the Movies and videos that you can download. There is no signup, and you just have to click on the download button to download.

Most recent, popular, and most viewed films are shown on the homepage with all the necessary video details like format, movie size, etc. There are tons of categories like Action, Adventure, Si-Fi, etc. which you can explore or search for a movie to download.


6. Archive

The archive is a huge library of free videos, movies, music, books, software, and more. Currently, the Archive has about 2.4 million videos and 2.8 million music tracks. Surely the website has a huge amount of database, and you will find whatever you are looking for. However, the download links that Archive offers are from other websites. It just a single website having information on thousands of websites.

When you navigate to the movie and video section in the Archive website, the plot and description are shown below, Sci-fi movies and dramas are very popular on the site. Every regional content is available on the Archive.

Visit Archive

7. NewMoviesOnline

NewMovieOnline has a  huge collection of high-quality movies that you can access from anywhere around the world; you can stream any movie you want. Moreover, the latest movies are added very quickly on this site. However, you can’t download any movies from this service, you can only stream, and the way of navigation on the site is a little backward.

You have to type the exact name of the movie in order to find it. Some region of the world has blocked this site. However, the site is very popular because the latest movies are updated on the site very quickly.


8. Zmovie

Zmovie is a website that is designed for high-quality, full-length movies streaming for free. TV shows are also available on the website. It has the world’s best collection of movies and TV series. There is no login and signup, and you can just watch without any registration fee.

The website offers various categories that you can explore, and it also has a history tab, which is very convenient sometimes. Each category has its movies to watch, and it has genres like Action, Horror, Biography, and a lot more. The UI of Zmovie is clean and simple, very easy to navigate.


9. WorldFree4u

WorldFree4u is a perfect site to download movies of different qualities, games, films, music, and much more. It has all the regional content of various countries.

The service is very mainstream, and it mostly provides all the popular, latest and recent Bollywood and Hollywood movies for downloading. The service is very popular among Indians as the website provides Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies.


10. IceFlims

IceFlims is a great site for the latest content, and the website is updated daily with the latest recent movies and Tv shows. The website offers full-length movie streaming in high quality. Moreover, it has the best selection of the world’s best films and Tv Shows.

More like other movie streaming sites, it has the category feature such as Action, Romance, Horror, etc. from which you can select movies according to your mood. Moreover, the site has all the major best movies that other popular streaming services have like 123movies and Popcorn Time. Even more, you can watch each movie in different quality.


11. My Download Tube

My Download Tube is a free service to stream videos and movies without downloading, the key feature of this website is that it provides multiple languages, so you can almost watch a Chinese movie in English dubbed.

It provides great quality movies for streaming. However, you can select between the qualities of the video. There is no need for a signup for download. You can just visit the website and start watching your favorite movies.


12. Gorillavid

Using GorillaVid, you can get access to the latest TV shows, movies, and video streaming from anywhere of the globe. The website allows you to enjoy-high quality streams without much of buffering. GorillaVid has a powerful recommendation feature, which will recommend you relative contents that you mostly watch. Moreover, it also has an advanced search box, from which you can find a video by title, tag, or any related word.

It has a large database of movies, videos and TV shows. You can explore all of the content through several categories. It is a totally free website; you can play and search for unlimited videos. Even more, you can upload your video file on the website, and the site is updated regularly.


13. Watch32

Watch32 provides unlimited movies for free; you can download and watch movies unlimited and for free. It is a web application that has from all the classic movies to all the latest movies. The website is designed for the convenience of the streamers who want to watch high-quality movies online.

Similar to other web streaming sites, it also has a vast category such as Action, Thriller, Horror, Romance, Musical, War, and much more. The site is updated frequently according to the latest trends.


14. HD Streamz

HD Streamz is a free service that has a website as well as an Android application. The service allows you to stream free TV shows and movies. The service has additional features for fast downloading. However, the service is not totally free. There are in-app purchases. You have to purchase to avoid limitations and to unlock features like filtering movies by genre, cast, date, etc.

The service also provides you with live streaming, which previews sports, movies, music, radios, etc. It has thousands of live channels that are active almost anytime. HD Streamz has a very user-friendly interface with material design, with additional features like separating channels as per country.

Visit HD Streamz



Fmovies provides you with a clean interface with various range of categories. It allows you to download and stream movies in 4k resolution if you are logged in. Moreover, the site also offers TV series. The video player supports subtitles, and you can switch between fullscreen mode and theatre mode according to your convenience.

The interface is similar to Yes!Movies and it also have a big search box on the home page, and there is a genre tab listing various categories. You can also search for movies and  TV series by country regions and by top IMDB ratings. Moreover, you can also watch for news about the movies and tv series on the site.

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16.  VEXMovies

VEXMovies offers a button system and a search box to navigate to your desired movie. It has the latest collection of recently released movies. The description of the movie with IMDB rating is inside the thumbnail, whenever you hover on the thumbnail of the movie, it reveals relevant details. It offers various qualities of videos to stream.

Moreover, along with streaming, the site also allows you to download full-length movies. The homepage has a search box; you have to type the exact name to find the movie. It has a huge database of classic to modern latest popular movies. However, there are a few TV series on the site.

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17. Movie Gaga

Movie gaga is a website that provides free movies and TV shows streaming. You can find, according to the year, the latest TV series. The service also provides recommendations to watch for and has a huge collection of all the latest movies and TV shows. However, you won’t find movies in HD and FHD quality on this site.

The homepage is very dynamic, and it allows you to sort movies by most viewed, most favorite, top ratings, and top IMDB ratings. Also, it has an advanced search box, and there are various movies and TV series categories like Action, Drama, Horror, Comedy, and more. The site is also updated with the latest TV shows.


18. 123movies


123movies is one of the best streaming sites that are out there, and it has a huge collection of movies and TV shows from various countries across the globe. You can stream movies and TV shows according to the region/country, year, genre, and much more. The advance search box can detect your half-written movie name and can give you a perfect guess. The API enables you to embed your website or blog to help other visitors.

However, it has mostly 720 resolution movies and TV shows, and there are many ads that may interfere with your experience.

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From Editor’s Desk

Vumo0 is a great platform to watch your favorite Movies and web series in one place. But the site is not going to be alive in all regions because of copyright issues. So above are some great alternatives for Vumo0 in the legal and non-legal categories. Choose accordingly and make sure to use a VPN when using such websites.

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