5 Best AI apps for Students

Looking to Make your School or College Life Load Free using Artificial Intelligence. Here are the top best AI Apps for Students.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is slowly capturing the modern world and changing our entire lifestyle. With AI setting its foot in various sectors, we can now increase our productivity more than ever. In fact, today, we are all surrounded by AI apps and services completely. Consider Google arranging all your photos according to the faces, Facebook/ Instagram creating reels out of your photos, and so on. All these are done with the help of AI. And sooner, it will be an essential part of our daily life without us even realizing it.

Today, there are a lot of AI applications available on the internet. Now, these applications vary from industry to industry. Moreover, most organizations and companies are relying on these tools more than ever to stand out from the competition and deliver their customer the best. But when it comes to students, the main goal is to learn, work on some project, or make life easier. In any case, the internet today is flooded with AI apps that can provide you with all these requirements. Therefore, in this article, we will look at some of the best Artificial Intelligence applications that are best suited for students.

Top Artificial Intelligence Apps for Students

Whether it’s about business or achieving the first position in your class, AI can help you with pretty much everything. And so, if you are a student in your college or university, you should definitely know about these AI apps. The applications mentioned below will not only make your life easier but also boost your productivity to the very next level.

1. Rytr.me


Not a writer, but Rytr.me is an AI-powered tool that can help you in multiple sections. You can almost fulfill any kind of writing requirement from this platform. Be it blog writing, business idea pitching, brand naming, or whatever, Rytr will do it for you.

It uses AI to generate authentic text pieces 10x faster. And not just it, Rytr can even help you in writing SEO metadata, creating your Google ads script, or even your ideas for your Youtube videos and descriptions. The best part I like about Rytr.me is that you can select the tone of your writing, and it will generate your writing piece accordingly.

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2. ChatGPT


When AI inventions were already at their peak, ChatGPT came out to further revolutionize the game. It is a web-based AI-powered application that basically works like a chatbot. However, unlike a normal chatbot, ChatGPT is built on a huge database. And that is exactly why it can answer anything even though it is still not conscious.

Furthermore, as you put your query, it analyzes every possibility to generate the most accurate and authentic answer to your question. You can use ChatGPT in multiple ways, whether it is for asking general questions, generating scripts, writing programs, and so on. If you do not like an answer, you can always regenerate the answer for your query, and it will come up with something new every time.

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3. Lovo


Next, we have Lovo, another AI-based Voiceover and Text To Speech application. This application offers you voiceovers for various categories like e-learning, marketing, documentary, etc. So, if you cherish creating digital content for social media or Youtube, Lovo can be of great help.

All you need to do is copy-paste your script, and Lovo will generate the perfect voiceover for it. The best thing about this platform is that it generates human-like voiceovers, so they sound extremely realistic. It has more than 180 voices and 33+ languages. So, if you are a content creator, do check out this amazing voiceover application and increase your productivity by 100.

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4. Socratic


The Socratic app powered by Google AI is one of the essential tools for any student. It is a learning application that helps you unstuck your doubts and learn better and in a more convenient way. It has help for you regarding any subject.

All you need to do is take a picture or screenshot of the question you are having a hard time solving and upload it on the app. The Socratic app uses the power of AI to gather the best relevant answer to your question and provides visual explanations.

The app is available on both Android as well as iOS. So, you can download it from the Play store/ App Store and start with your doubts instantly from your mobile.

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5. Fyle


Students do have a very hard time keeping track of their expenses before they actually realize they already run out of money. And with UPIs these days, spending has become easier and more carefree than ever. However, Fyle is an AI-based real-time expense management application that will take care of your expenses. Fyle works inside all sorts of applications and fetches accurate data using its intelligence.

So, the next time you make a UPI payment or swipe your card, do not simply depend on your bank statements. Instead, get real-time data feeds on your phone and keep track of all your expenses so that you don’t run out of money again. Fyle is available on desktop, Android, and iOS, and you can get your free demo today.

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Final Words

There are a whole lot of AI apps on the internet today. Depending on your profession, you can get easy help from AI to make your work life more productive and relaxing. Today AI has been implemented in a diverse range creating exponential opportunities for growth in every field. However, in today’s article, we have exclusively discussed some of the top-notch AI apps every student can benefit from. So, let us know your view on these AI apps and which one you like the most.

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