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Download Web Series and Originals for Free with this Best Web Series Download Sites from Various OTT & VOD Platforms for Offline Viewing.

Web Series is a form of broadcast where a TV Series is directly released on OTT or Subscription VOD platforms. This type of release has gained prominence due to the wide reach of the internet and increased net speeds. Every year thousands of Original Web Television Series are released on a number of OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus (Hotstar India), Sling, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Now TV, STRAZ, Flix Flang, Voot, etc.

There are a number of online sites to download web series for free. Many online streaming websites on the internet are deceiving in nature and they just try to inject malware into your device. Illegitimate websites are potentially harmful and malicious for your system and data, as they are capable enough to harass the privacy and collect sensitive information from your device.

Simple Trick to Download Web  Shows

If you wish to download any Web Series or Show with a single click then this simple trick can do the job, though this may not work in every case, still, you can download most series for free.

  1. Go to
  2. Type Índex of: Series Name Year of Release || e.g Index of: Dark 2017
  3. Open First or Second Search Result Link Displayed and Boom! Get your Direct Download Link.

Use Streaming Apps to Download Content Offline

All streaming apps for mobile have an offline downloader option. Like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Now have a built-in downloader. This makes offline viewing very easy and simple. Sounds good, but there is a catch, the video files are encrypted and encoded with a different format which only gets decoded in the respective app.

Netflix Downloader Offline Android

You cannot run the files in any 3rd party video player or app. To watch the downloaded videos you need to look for the offline section of the app only. You just need to look for the content and click on the download button, select the quality and you are good to go.

Use a VPN if the Site do Not Load or Shows any Connection error on the Browser.

Free Web Series Download Sites

Here are the Best Web Series Download Sites to Grab Web Series & Shows for Free and Paid.

1. MovieMinions

MovieMinions is a download site. Just search for the show, series, or movies and click the download button present below the movie description. No redirects no nuisance. A list will display with various download links along with the file size and resolution. Just click on the desired link download starts right away.

The site offers content from 1080P to basic 480P. The movie, series, or show may have more than 2 to 10 download links with varied sizes and resolutions. Though few links may not work you can surely look onto other links for download. One of the best sites to direct download Movie links for free.

Copy Link:

2. Tubi


This free service is available globally and houses a bunch of movies and TV shows which is difficult for you to find elsewhere. The site hosts thousands of shows for all the age groups and that too without any subscription and as a necessity, it runs on Ads.

Tubi provides free ad-supported content from Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Lionsgate with many Not on Netflix programs. It also hosts a number of independent cinema. So just dive deep to take a ride on the largest library of free media content online.

Visit Tubi

3. MeloMovie

MeloMovies is the newest entry into the free movie download section. Though the number of movies on the site is not as large as compared to any streaming network, you get all the popular movies and tv shows for free to download. The interface is very smooth and you won’t be bothered with redirections and pop ads.

You will be given a number of download links below the title with different file sizes and resolution to direct download the movie for free. A simple and smooth movies download site for free tv series and movie download.

Copy Link:

4. Netflix


You would be leaving in the stone age if you have not heard about Netflix. Netflix is the best place to binge-watch web shows, watch movies, and other highly rated programs. It acquires rights for hundreds of web series every year.

Netflix may be called as the epitome of online entertainment given its reach and quality of content offered. Tough Netflix is paid there is an option for Free Trial for one month.

Visit Site | Paid

5. HBO Now

HBO Now is a standalone content delivery service for all the programs and movies by HBO Studios and Partners. You will have passage to a large library of popular TV Shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Barry, etc. The service has a huge lineup of award-winning series, comedy shows, documentaries, and movies that are regularly updated.

Though the HBO offers its content at a ‘good’ price, looking at the vast assortment of movies and TV shows it has, HBO Now is a very good option to go for. You can watch HBO Now Free for 1 month as a trail.

Visit HBO Now | Paid

6. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a website that treats its viewers with astonishing content, fast speeds, and fantastic design. Whenever the user opens the website, they witness different categories of movies in trending, highly-rated movies, and the most viewed ones during that day.

Also, registered users can create a list of their favorite movies and then can watch them later. You can also stream anime movies and TV shows for free.

Search on SolarMovie | Copy:

7. Disney Plus

Disney Plus

Disney+ is subscription-based video-on-demand which is dubbed as the biggest rival to Netflix. Though compared to Netflix the quantity of content is pretty much low but the quality it offers is very impressive considering it just started its operations. You get some of the hard to find movies on Disney Plus like Star War Series and the very popular Marvel Movies.

You get premium content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, and National Geographic, as well as original television series and films from Disney Channel and Freeform, and select titles from 20th Century Fox Television and ABC Studios.

Visit Disney+ | Paid

8. Watch TV Series

If you are a big TV shows fan, then “Watch Online Series” is a website for you. It has all the popular TV shows, and best enjoyed with an ad-blocker, as the website offers a lot of Pop-up ads.

The UI is aesthetic and pleasing to navigate. Many users around the world love this website, as the shows offered on this website are of High-Definition quality. So all the TV shows lovers, go and checkout Watch Online Series.


9. Prime Video

Amazon Prime

Prime Video by Amazon is an On-Demand subscription service. The Prime Video bagged rights to movies from some of the biggest production houses worldwide. Prime Video has lately started adding more number of web series into its catalog. You get some high-quality series on the prime video to binge.

Visit Prime | Paid

How to Download Movies from the Sites?

Few sites listed above may not have a direct download link to the movies, but you can download them with the following methods.

1. Flash Video Downloader

This extension claims to download videos from 99% of the websites on the net. And in our test, we found the same. Of course, one percent includes YouTube. The extension is quite easy to use. You just need to load the desired web page with the video and then just click on the extension to check for the various resolutions to download from.

Download Extension

More – Download Videos with Chrome Extension

2. Using Inspect Mode

You can download flash videos from any website without any App or online service. All you need is a Chrome Browser on PC and just a few steps.

  1. Right-click on any empty space on the site with video.
  2. A separate developer window is opened.
  3. Now let the blue region be on the video section
  4. You will see the URL in the Network section (If can’t then play the video)
  5. Copy and Paste the URL.
  6. Save the file to the device storage

More – Different Ways to Download Movies from Sites

3. Video Downloader App

You can download the videos and MP3 from YT, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Vimeo, and other popular sites with video downloader apps. It is the best solution to download embedded videos from web pages. The apps have a very simple interface which is very easy and you also you can search for your videos with the help of keywords in the search or paste the URL.

Download App

Data Security and Privacy Concerns

The free streaming websites which are not the legal content providers are always on the critical due to data breach and privacy invasion issues. The cyber rouges are always in search of innocent netizens who could fall prey. The use of free non-legal streaming services may also be a crime in your region due to litigations imposed by law. You may need a VPN in case the site is not working or blocked.

The litigations vary from country to country, it also depends on the material being presented. Streaming copyrighted material that you don’t own without permission or paying for it is illegal. But mostly the governing bodies target the developers of the site.


With the sites listed above, you can download original web series for free or by subscribing to any network. Will update the list with more links and useful info.


If you've any thoughts on Best Free Web Series Download Sites, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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