[Fixed] Viber Not Working on Android | Keeps Stopping Error

Is Viber App Force Closing, Keeps Stopping on Android. Best Methods to Solve Viber Not Working on Android Issue to Fix All Error Codes.

Viber Not Working on Android? Viber is one of the most popular instant messaging and voice-over calling services for mobile devices. You can make a video call, audio call, or send messages with Viber. Though the app is generally stable, many users report issues with the Viber app.

If the Viber app is not working, keeps stopping, or force closing, and if you are not able to send or receive messages or make calls. Then in this guide, I will show you the best solutions to fix the Viber app not working on Android.

1. Update Viber from Play Store

Updating the app from Play Store will fix most of the issues with the app as the update brings with it security patches, new features, and bug fixes. If there is any update available, it is good to install the updated version to fix any app issue.

2. Grant Viber Permissions

If Viber is not working correctly or if you cannot make calls or receive calls over Viber the app on your Android mobile, it is good to check for app permissions. If it lacks any of the permission needed, then grant that required permission to the app and restart the application; this should fix most of the loading issues for the app.

  1. Look for Viber and long press on the app; click on App info.
    Viber App Info
  2. Now click on Permissions and give the app all the required access.
    Viber Permissions
  3. Restart the app, and you will see the app is working well.

3. Don’t Optimise Battery

Battery optimization helps prevent quick draining of the phone, but this comes at an expense by restricting some functions to save the battery. This may result in improper functioning as the app may require all the hardware-software specs to work together for the Viber app to function normally.

4. Clear App Cache

A cache is a small set of data that is stored by the app. Cache helps in the quick loading of the apps. Cache build-up can often cause the app to keep stopping or force close. You can simply clear the cache to fix the issue. Clearing the cache will not delete any of your account data.

Note: Clearing storage data will delete your app data, account details and settings related to the Viber, you need to again register with app. Clear the storage data only if none of the above mentioned methods work.

That’s it; with this simple guide, you can fix the Viber app not loading, being unable to make calls, and force closing issues on your Android mobile.

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