How to Use Mental Wellbeing in Health App in iOS 17?

Worried for your Mental Health. Here is the Simple Guide to Use Mental Wellbeing in Health App in iOS 17.

Recently, everyone has been voicing concerns regarding mental health issues. Importance is being given to addressing mental health issues as much as physical health. To help its user manage and understand their mental health status, iOS 17 has introduced a mental wellbeing feature. In this guide, I have explained how to use the Mental Wellbeing on Health app in iOS 17.

This new feature for tracking mental health status is available on the health app of iOS 17. You have to log down how you are feeling at the moment manually. Then upon multiple instances of logging down your state of mind, you can understand if you have been staying emotionally down lately or have you been quite happier and content.

How to Use Mental Wellbeing in Health App in iOS 17?

Here are the steps to set up and use the mental well-being feature within the Health app of iOS 17. Make sure that you have updated your iPhone to the latest build of iOS 17. If you have not yet stepped up your iPhone to iOS 17, go to Settings > General > Software Update to look for available software updates.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone > Tap on Health > Tap Open Health Checklist.
  2. Go to the tab Browse at the bottom corner and tap on it.
    iOS Open Health checklist
  3. Tap on Mental Wellbeing > State of Mind > Get Started.
    how to use mental wellbeing in iOS 17
  4. You may now log your emotions or mood. Tap Next.
  5. Push the slider to log how you are feeling right now > Tap Next.
  6. Select the words that describe your feeling > Tap Next.
  7. Select the words that you think are impacting how you feel > Tap Done.
    log your state of mind in Mental wellbeing for iOS
  8. Tap on Turn On Reminder. This will notify you twice a day to log down your feelings.
    turn on reminder on iPhone to log state of mind

Alternatively, you can tap Edit Schedule > Add Reminder to set a time at your convenience to note down your emotional status on the iOS 17 mental well-being feature.

How to Evaluate Depression and Anxiety Using iOS 17 Mental Wellbeing?

With the iOS 17 mental well-being, you can answer a questionnaire to evaluate your susceptibility to anxiety or depression. You can even share the results with a professional doctor in case you are already consulting someone to share your current state of thoughts.

  1. Open the Health app > Tap the Browse tab at the bottom right corner.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Mental Wellbeing.
  3. You may Select Depression Risk or Anxiety Risk.
  4. Tap on Take Questionnaire > Begin.
    take anxiety questionnaire
  5. Once you are finished answering the questions, tap on Done.
    answer the anxiety questionnaire
  6. To save the result of the questionnaire to your iPhone, tap on Export PDF. You should find this PDF within the Files app.
  7. After exporting the PDF, tap on Done to exit the iOS mental well-being.
    export the mental wellbeing data in PDF

NOTE: The “mental well-being” feature on iOS 17 is not equivalent to a professional medical doctor’s advice. If you have been feeling emotional distress for a while, make sure to visit a concerned doctor who can better diagnose your problems and offer more suitable solutions. Avoid self-diagnosing or self-medication based on the log maintained on iOS 17 mental well-being. 

How to View Mental Wellbeing Data on iPhone?

You can always view the detailed metrics and data associated with any mental well-being element you have used to track your mental wellness. You can use these to understand whether your mental status is steadily declining or it is getting better.

Accordingly, you can make changes to your lifestyle or consult a doctor to solve the problems bothering you.

  1. Open the Health app > tap on Browse > Mental Wellbeing.
  2. Tap the card for State of Mind > Show in Charts.
    show state of mind log as chart

This will show you how your mental wellness has been in a week or a month.

Go back to Mental Wellbeing and tap on Anxiety Risk, Depression Risk, and Mindful Minutes to check the data associated with them in graphical format.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Mental Wellbeing on iOS 17?

It is a feature on iPhones and iPads to help you note down your mental health status daily. Also, you can evaluate how prone you are to anxiety and depression using the questionnaire on mental well-being.

Which iPhone Models Support the Mental Wellbeing Feature?

Any iPhone that runs on the latest iOS 17 software has the mental well-being feature on it. Go to Settings > Health > Browse > Mental Wellbeing.

Do iPads Also Have Mental Wellbeing Feature?

Yes, iPads running on the latest iPadOS 17 offer the mental well-being feature. You can find it in the iPadOS settings.

Does my Apple Watch Have the Mental Wellbeing Feature?

Yes. On your Apple Watch running on the latest watchOS 10, you can use the “Log State of Mind” feature. It can be found under the Mindfulness app.

Is Mental Wellbeing Enabled by Default on my iPhone?

NO. Once you have updated your iPhone to iOS 17, go to the Health app under settings. If using it for the first time, you have to tap on Get Started to log down your daily feelings. It is a manual process.

Monitor Mental Health with the iOS 17 Mental Wellbeing Feature

Never underestimate the repercussions of bad mental health on your overall well-being. Use the iOS 17 mental well-being feature to regularly track your emotions, the potential causes for your depressed mind, negative thoughts, or anxiety. Additionally, consider seeing a doctor to effectively treat your conditions and understand how to achieve better mental health.

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