What Is ‘iPhone Charging on Hold’ in iOS 16?

Noticing iPhone Charging on Hold Message on iPhone Mobile. Here is the Simple Guide to Learn What Exactly is iPhone Charging on Hold on iOS 16.

Did you ever see a message flashing on your iPhone saying, “iPhone charging on Hold”? It is a new feature in the latest iOS 16 released by Apple. In this guide, let us discuss what this message means and what you should do when you come across this. When your iPhone temperature exceeds a certain level, and you are trying to put it on charging, you will come across “iPhone charging on hold”.

Additionally, a message will also flash mentioning the iPhone will continue to charge once the temperature drops to a normal threshold. What is important here is to know the various ways to avoid overheating the iPhone. Then you won’t end up seeing the “charging on hold” error message.

Problems Associated with iPhone High Temperature

It is a no-brainer that Apple devices have one of the best quality control. Still, when you put an iPhone to use at its maximum caliber, it will tend to heat up. There is a limit until which you can still carry out various tasks on the iPhone, with a considerably higher temperature. After this point, the device will halt all performances and wait to cool down.

Constantly getting exposed to higher temperatures is detrimental to the battery health of the iPhone. Also, high temperatures may fry the intricate electronics and circuitry of the iPhone. Even before iOS 16, Apple iOS had a warning system that will flash on the screen when the temperature on the device rises significantly. However, in the previous iteration of iOS, the charging was not put to hold.

On iOS 15 or older, even with a high-temperature warning on iPhone, a user could still up the device to charge; that’s a dangerous move. To deal with that, iOS 16 now automatically stops charging when sensing higher temperatures.

What You Can Do: iPhone Charging on Hold Error

iOS work is done when it displays the “charging on hold” message and stops the charging. Now, you have to dissipate the heat or use your iPhone in such a way that minimal heating will occur. Here are the various ways by which you can manage the heating issue on your iPhone.

Remove the Charging Brick from the Power Supply

Once you see the iPhone charging on hold message and there is an overheating going on, here is what you should do immediately. Disconnect the power adapter from the power supply socket. With the iPhone exposed to high temperatures continuing to charge can prove fatal. You should never take chances where accident risk may be involved.

Additionally, when you see the iPhone charging is on hold due to higher temperature, try to switch off the iPhone. with the device turned off completely, the heat will dissipate real quick. You can touch the iPhone back and side frame to know if the temperature has now reduced.

switch off iPhone

Remove the iPhone Back Cover

To dissipate heat faster, remove the iPhone from its hardcover. Usually, the back of the iPhone emits heat. So, keeping the iPhone side of the case will only trap the heat within. So, move the iPhone to a cool surroundings and remove its cover. Do not put the cover back until you can feel the heat has completely dissipated.

Also, use a cover that has proper cutouts for vents and side frames to dissipate the excess heat. It is for sure that the device is going to heat up once you multi-task on it. An ideal case will make it convenient for the iPhone to disperse heat evenly without affecting the functionality of the device.

Blow Cool Wind Near the iPhone Vents

This is a trick I use often when my iPhone gets excessively heated up. Take your iPhone near a table fan. Run the table fan and point the iPhone bottom vents towards the breeze. With the cool breeze passing into the vents the temperature will drop significantly. It is probably one of the safest ways to let wind pass into the heated-up system of the iPhone and cool it down.

Use MFI-Certified Apple Accessories for Charging the iPhone

Cheap is not always good. If on any e-commerce site you see Apple adapters available for a very cheap price, do not buy them. I know Apple’s official accessories are quite pricey. However, there are other accessory brands as well which are MFI certified. It means Made for iPhone/iPad certification.

You can know which makers sell MFI-certified accessories here. First, agree to the terms and conditions to proceed. An accessory such as a charging adapter with MFI certifications guarantees that there will be no technical breakdowns or heating issues will happen while using it on an iPhone.

view MFI certified accessory makers

Follow an Ideal Charging Routine

This is a simple process to ensure the longevity of your iPhone battery. Never let the iPhone charge go to zero. Always set it at charge when you see it hitting around thirty percent of the battery. Similarly, do not charge it above 70 to 80 percent.

Also, enable optimized battery charging from the iOS settings. This will enable an algorithm that will notice how you use an iPhone on a day-to-day basis. Accordingly, it will charge up to 80% to preserve the battery’s health for the long run.

  1. Go to Settings > Battery.
  2. Tap on Battery Health & Charging.
  3. Go to Optimized Battery Charging and tap the switch beside it to enable the feature.
    enable optimized battery charging iPhone


When you follow all the above tips and tricks, chances are bleak that you will come across the “iPhone charging on hold” message. For your device’s safety and the longevity of the iPhone battery, you need to know how to ideally use the iPhone without triggering excessive heating. I hope this guide was helpful.

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