How to Install The Cyberpunk 2077 Real Vendors Name Mod?

Here you will get all the needy kinds of stuff using which you can install Cyberpunk 2077 real vendors name mod. 

It’s a first-person shooter role-playing video game developed by Poland-based CD Projekt. Compared to 2020, the game has nearly every issue fixed, and official mods have been added that allow you to enjoy this game freely. However, these Cyberpunk 2077 mods are becoming so popular because the original game still has many flaws.

Modders continue to grow daily, adding useful mods to make Cyberpunk 2077 even better by enhancing not only the visuals but also the quality of the game. However, today with this guide, we will explain to you about one of those fantastic mods. Yes, we are talking about Cyberpunk 2077 Real Vendors Name Mod. You will get to know the steps to install Cyberpunk 2077 Real Vendors Name Mod. So, let’s get started with the guide.

Steps to Install The Cyberpunk 2077 Real Vendors Name Mod

Although Cyberpunk 2077 has lots of vendors, names have additional interaction. A bit of work is involved in remembering where specific vendors are on the map, and the game defaults to displaying generic vendor labels. NexusMods’ DJ_Kovrik has created something to deal with this issue.

However, besides that, they have an abundance of other valuable mods for the game to improve its quality of life. So, in case you want to know how to install the Cyberpunk 2077 real vendor name mod, then these steps will help you:

  1. Visit Nexusmods/Real Vendor Name and click on the MANUAL DOWNLOAD button to download the mod files. Using Nexus Mods requires a free account.Nexusmods/Real Vendor Name
  2. When the file has been downloaded, use compression software such as Winrar or 7zip to extract it.
  3. Ensure that the archive folder is copied into the Cyberpunk 2077 folder or the file where it is installed.
  4. Once you do that, the vendor shops will show up with their proper names the next time you launch the game.

How To Remove The Installed Real Vendors Name Mod?

So, as we have already mentioned, how to install Cyberpunk 2077 real vendors mod on your device, but what if you don’t like the features that this mod offers? Well, don’t worry! You can simply delete it if you do not want the changes it offers, and to do so, the realVendorNames.reds file is located in the following location:

Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\

For more updates, keep checking the mod page. Perhaps there are a few bugs, or some names are missing.

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