Unlock Temporary Locked Yahoo Mail Account Immediately

Unlock your temporarily locked Yahoo Mail Account quickly with this simple tricky guide below. Unblock access to get back your account working

Post Updated: Feb 2017

  • Added an official method to regain your locked Yahoo Account Access.
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Yahoo! is very strict in keeping its products and services up to its policies. Any malfunction with its products may lead to a strike on your service usage. If your Yahoo mail account is locked temporarily (12 hours), read the post carefully to regain your account back.

Following reasons are potential causes for blocking

  • Trying incorrect password attempts multiple times
  • Sending mails in large numbers more than specified limit
  • Hacking attempts on your Email ID
  • Suspicious activity on your account
  • Spam mark by recipients on receiving invaluable message
  • Unauthorised access to third party apps and software
  • POP and IMAP settings
  • Using your account at different locations at time

How to unlock Yahoo Account immediately?

The lock will be lifted automatically after 12 hours, but you can always regain access to your account immediately using the Sign-in Helper.

Method I (Official)

Step 1: Go to Yahoo Help Forum Page.

Step 2: Here click on “Account Locked” message

Step 3: Now click on Sign-in Helper

Step 4: Enter the Yahoo Mail Address or Phone Number (You can even enter recovery email ID or Phone No).

Enter Your Yahoo ID or Phone No.

Enter Your Yahoo ID or Phone No.

Step 5:  An ‘Account Key’ will be sent to your recovery mail/phone or you may be asked for the security questions.

Account Key to Recovery Address

Account Key to Recovery Address

Step 6: Follow the steps and you will regain access to your locked Yahoo! Account instantly.

Method II

When you log in to your account, cookie in the form of packets of data are stored on Yahoo servers. These cookies are the one which helps recognise your Yahoo account for further references. But when someone attempts a sign in using the wrong password the cookies are deleted. And when the limit number of attempts are crossed the cookies expire. This stimulates the Yahoo filters to think account activity as suspicious and thus locks it temporarily or for so called 12 or 24 hours.

To unlock or unblock your account you can try to Log in using another Yahoo server. These results in the formation of new and fresh cookies. The new server does not have any knowledge of expired cookies. And you are able to login and access your Yahoo! mail account again.

You can use any server listed below. (Try different servers if one doesn’t work.)

Method III

  • Remove POP and IMAP settings from email client software.
  • Revoke access to all third party apps and software.
  • Use any other browser to log in a re-open your account.

Note & Conclusion: I hope the above methods helped you in unblocking your locked Yahoo mail. If the methods don’t work you have no other option other than waiting for 12 hours which is a loose set time of account lock down.

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174 Responses

  1. junior auguste says:

    I have an email.account with yahoo. that I have been tried to unlock for months . and everytime I called , I keep getting the run around. I for got my password and I and I don’t have access to the recorvery contact . so I am stuck like truck . and I really needs that account to open

  2. Sharon Walker Adams says:

    Hello, my email account [email protected] is/has been locked for about a week. I’ve tried the above listed solutions was able to used my recover email, however, this is my primary acct with my important contacts

  3. Melissa says:

    I have been locked out and keep
    Getting the “uh uh”
    Message. I never set up a secondary way of accessing it. I don’t have my cell
    Phone associate with the account anymore because I dropped it in the pool. Every time I try a different password it locks me out for 24 hours. I have
    Been using [email protected] for over 10 years! I’m so sad! Please help!

    • Rosemary says:

      I’ve been following the steps you & yahoo have provided since February! When will there be a “real fix” or when will Yahoo just admit there is no fix?! There is NO SAFE number or site to use-stated on the Yahoo Help page. They keep giving more & more things to try, then you’ll get the response stating “your account has been closed for too long, nothing we can do”. SHAME ON YAHOO AND ALL THE “AGENTS” FOR MISLEADING EVERYONE WHO HAD YAHOO MAIL! Feel free to hack at mine! I’m willing to have anyone fix it!

  4. tiger123556 says:

    I have the exact same problem for the last 3 months. it happened on my 3 yahoo accounts at the same time and they are also my recovery email address. How do I log in one of my email address when all of them being locked at the same time? pls help.

  5. John O'B says:

    My similar problem with Yahoo login is different in that I was instructed by Yahoo to unmerge my Yahoo login from my very old AT&T account. Following all the steps that were listed in the instructions leads to a page (Yahoo.com page) that urges me to click the Unmerge button. Doing so leads to a timeout error page. I have been trying unsuccessfully to Unmerge the accounts, to no avail. From other blogs, I find that there are hundreds of Yahoo account holders stuck in the same dilemma. We can’t log in my Unmerging, by trying to log in, by asking for a new password, by screaming at the deaf ears at Yahoo. Of course, we have tried AT&T but they indicate that all has been done properly on their end and that the resolution is in Yahoo’s hands. Hey, even AT&T has human beings who answer the help desk phones and try to help reach a resolution. How can a company, like Yahoo, with over one billion daily interactions with “customers” have no help desk with either phone numbers or chat? Inconceivable. If anyone comes across a solution for the dead-end Unmerge process, please let me know and I will inform the hundreds of others trapped in the same situation.

  6. Smithe443 says:

    I really like and appreciate your blog post.Thanks Again.

  7. Sandy says:

    Hi, I tried all of the methods above, and none worked. I have also waited more than 12 hours and tried them again, and still can’t get into my yahoo account. I do animal rescue and I can’t access any of my information on which animals I am receiving, where they are going, who needs help, etc. I need to get into this account. I have tried calling Yahoo’s corporate number to beg for help and they hung up on me. Please help me get into this account.

    • Sandy says:

      I haven’t heard anything on this, and there was no response — can you help me get into my account, or get yahoo to unlock it? None of the methods outlined above have helped. I’ve been using [email protected] for years to do animal rescue and I have all my contacts on it. I’ve provided an alternate email in case you can email me instructions that will actually work, or let me know that Yahoo has finally unlocked my account.

  8. gbemisoye tijani says:

    eureka! thanks for this website guide .i gained 1st time — that it was possible because of large emails I sent during a support conference for surgeons in my Area that caused the ‘disabled’.afterall it was active since 2012.Other than the conference that postponed the
    initially advertised venue, the 1st 2 days were also marred by Federal Govt public holidays!So a lot of reminders & the update has to be sent by email.Being very worried & assured that I don’t transact anything illegitimate I wrote Yahoo several times & I was guided as above & Yahoo key sent via my recovery email address.So the question now is that ho w will convince Yahoo that that was what actually happened?
    2.Many Yahoo keys have been sent to my recovery email address so which of these keys -the 1st or the last -will I use to the lost or disabled email account? 3.will the Yahoo key for the recovery email UNLOCK the disabled email?please help urgently I have lost a lot of internet hours on this issue.

  9. gbemisoye tijani says:

    please guide or intervene in the light of the above.i was so anguished

  10. gbemisoye tijani says:

    your guide-blogging is viable 4d digital media .keep it on

  11. abdelaziz shalaby says:

    My account is locked & every time to check my account, the following error message is generated “Uh-oh…It looks as though we can’t recover your account online”. Please guide me to solve this problem.

  12. ren fineza says:

    please help me to login, my phone number was expired and i do not have an alternative email .. i always go to ” Enter the Account Key ” i know my email and my password but it always bring me there. my email is [email protected]

  13. asad al hakeem says:

    I was using two yahoo accounts for icloud, both are locked
    will you please help me, accounts are
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    please do your best my phone is blocked

  14. David Villanueva says:

    I attempt too many password. and now my Account is now Locked Permanent. can we unlock it using my password I already remember it but they need my Phone Number that already been expired.

  15. Linda Allred says:

    I was temporaily locked out of Yahoo email about 20 hours ago. It started when I kept getting “update your account” messages and I ignored them. It didn’t show what to do. Last night there was no option. It kicked me out and when I tried to sign back in, it switched me over to Verizon page which asked for my ID and p/w…neither one was accepted. How can I get back into Yahoo? I’ve tried numerous times what you’ve suggested, but nothing works. I can’t get it on my phone or iPad. When I put in my ID, both Yahoo and Verizon say it doesn’t match their records. I’ve had the same address for years. The p/w has change many times, but not recently. Please help. Thanks

  16. Nancy says:

    My yahoo account was accidentally locked. For some reason I had trouble with my password after resetting it. Please unlock it for me. Thankyou Nancy Hudkmac

  17. Rhys says:

    Lost phone. Cannot sign in and its wanting to send a text to the lost phone, or to call it. I have correct e mail and password…..utter nonsense from Yahoo This is by far the most ridiculous way to operate…people change their phone numbers all the time . People should not be denied access with correct e mail and password

  18. Fixin to be ex-Yahoo user says:

    And just what are we supposed to do when our recovery email is a hotmail one and the recovery code isn’t received until after it expires on Yahoo?!?
    My gmail recoveries have worked fine, but, not foreseeing this issue, I made the mistake of using hotmail for some of my Yahoo account recoveries, and emails don’t reach the hotmail box for a number of hours, long past the 5 minute window Yahoo allows before it wants to send a new code.
    Round and round we go, going nowhere. Fuck Yahoo. Maybe if they kept their shit secure, they wouldn’t need to use this verification BS. But, since they do, the least they could do is allow us to leave the recovery page open as long as it takes to actually receive the fucking code!

    • Fixin to be ex-Yahoo user says:

      P. S. There’s no way in hell I’m giving Yahoo or MS my phone number(s), so no, that’s not an option.
      Also, when I go into Help and try that, Yahoo says it doesn’t recognize the alternative gmail address, so no, that’s also not a viable option.

  19. nicole says:

    Locked out of my yahoo and cant access the phone that is linked to the account, just got a new number, how can I get back into my account?

  20. Robert Haberle says:

    Hi, can you please help me recover my wife´s yahoomail account. her appleid was connected to this email and it suddenly cant be access to. [email protected]

  21. Phyllis Kutler says:

    I am locked out of my email account. My email is [email protected]. I tried resetting password but always get redirected to Verizon website.

  22. Raluca Bacioiu says:

    I have locked both my yahoo accounts. They were set as recovery e-mails for one another so I can’t receive the Access Key.

  23. Adrianne says:

    My name is adrianne and my yahoo mail account has been temporary error 19 for almost a week, I really need to open my yahoo mail as soon as possible can you please unlock it my email is [email protected] PLEASEEEEE THERE ARE SOME IMPORTANT EMAILS I NEED TO ANSWER

  24. Dickson Phiri says:

    Is yahoo mail working? Most of us have problems with yahoo mail but not with gmail. What is the problem. On 30th October 2017, i stopped receiving emails from yahoo and that was it. I tried all means to retrieve or recover my email to no success. What do i do.Like all others i really need to recover my email which is [email protected] because there is a lot of important information on it. Please help. Help emails can be sent to my other email as below

  25. Jermaine says:

    I locked myself out my account by inputting the wrong password multiple times and my account key information is out of date. Please help me so I can get access to my emails.

  26. Lan says:

    I’m unable to access my email account due to forgotten password. The phone number I no longer have nor the email that was used when the account was set up. Please help

  27. Paulf106 says:

    HELP, my yahoo email account is locked. Received following message:

    Your account safety is our top priority

    We have detected some unusual activity on your account and as a result we’ve temporarily locked it for your protection. You may unlock your account immediately by changing your password.

    Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, but your account safety and privacy is very important to us.


    Your customer care team

    When I hit the link it takes me to verizon site. I contacted their support by they were useless.

    The lock account is [email protected]

  28. brooklyn says:

    Please help to unlock my yahoo email: [email protected] due to the verification code sent to an email i no longer in use. currently i able to recall my email password. please unlock it in order for me to key in correct password and log in.

  29. vadivel says:

    Lock my account my phon Aber mis

  30. Yo Yo says:

    I used VPN Unlimited software and change my IP country to UK or something, I got my both Yahoo account recovered. I had hard time signing in to my account since last couple of days, I didn’t have access to any of recovery emails. But I had my correct password for both the account though. 🙂

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