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  1. frank donald says:

    its a pain in the butt when they tell u that u have to wait 24-36 hrs ive been waiting 3-4 days and still cant get on to my hotmail account its been temp suspended and was wonderin if there is any way to get it taken off since ive waited the length of time that they tell me to wait id just like to be able to have it back

  2. Ashleigh says:

    I am having exactly the same problem and I still cant get on to my account! it has been 4 days! fed up with this terrible system.

  3. Mohammad says:

    Hello !
    please help me and unlock my yahoo email please help me because very important.
    this is my yahoo email address :

  4. Janetta says:

    I been locked out since Feb 8th 2017 I have tried everything and I can’t get into a very important email

  5. Jereishni says:

    me also…my account was suspended how i can get my old outlook id anyone know the information please intimate me..

  6. Catherine liwimbi says:

    Please help me to unlock my yahoo mail because I use it to find job and there are important information . my email address is

  7. Esther Smith says:

    I don’t remember the phone that I used for this account number but I remember my password and the email username I have a new number

  8. berthelina John says:

    i cant get into my yahoo mail it look somebody have have been using my account every time i log in telling me wrong password or phone number please help me my bussness mails are on there

  9. Abrav says:

    I opened an Outlook account yesterday and used it for a moment then today I logged in and received the message: Your account has been temporarily suspended and that maybe someone sent out a lot of junk messages or done something else that violates the agreement. After reading the above posts, I’m wondering if the Outlook web address has been compromised. There is no way I am going to allow someone I don’t know to remote access my computer. Sounds very sketchy! Anyway, I’m just glad this happened before I needed the account!

  10. Everton says:

    When I bought this tablet one year and some months, I used my finger print as my log in. How can a print change??

  11. Hanna says:

    My account has been temporarily suspended for some reason.
    I’ve tried putting in multiple phone numbers (the phone numbers belong to my relatives) and it keeps saying that they can’t send it to the phone number..? All the phone numbers I tried are valid, it should work..

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