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  1. talib says:


  2. hari says:

    Hey its showing version check failed

  3. Jiofi Local Html says:

    The Information Provided by Your Blog is Awesome and Also Finding Solution to All Query on Jiofi Local html.

  4. shashikant says:

    version chk failed. fake update

  5. Aman Raaz says:

    can you sand jio fi 3 flase file

  6. suhani sharma says:

    can i use any network sim on jiofi

  7. gopal says:

    Version check failure
    What to do now

  8. Prosenjit says:

    software no upgrade
    Why doing

  9. Vinay rana says:


    • Nikhil says:

      That Firmware is for the specific model only. Do check and install

  10. Purnendu Bagchi says:

    Dear Nikhil, Version check fail is the only message that I am getting. Where is the problem? May be, most of us are missing something which is very trivial for a geek like you. Can you help?

    • Nikhil says:

      Actually this post is only for information on updating the JioFi.

  11. Priyangshu Ghosh says:

    How can we use other sims in JioFi2 using firmware upgrade

  12. Priyangshu Ghosh says:

    Please suggest

  13. pavan says:

    now I am trying to update jiofi 2 to unlock to use any sim card please help me to download firmware for unlock versions jiofi2_cc043f router m2

  14. Amit Khatloiya says:

    do you have flash for Hardware Version FXN_JMR540_V045

  15. Sangai says:

    software upgrade failure in my jiofi3 what do now…….please give some solutions to my gmail account

  16. salman says:

    link plz my emaile

  17. krishnan says:

    my jiofi m2 Hardware Version PEG_M2_D03
    can i use to upgrade this download link

  18. Laxmikant Upadhye says:

    My jio rougher model is m2 version PEG_M2_B20 I please tell me sir how can I unlock

  19. Himanshu says:

    Hi can you tell me how to use Airtel Sim in jiofi router

  20. Girish Chandra Kumar says:

    Can i update this farmware in my jiofi 3? Hardware vesion is”FXN_JMR540_V055″.

  21. Mukul says:

    How to use any sim in jiofi3 router.

  22. Mukul says:

    How to airtel sim in jiofi3???

  23. Raj says:

    Any opinions for parental controls

  24. deepak says:

    PEG_M2_B34….i need firmware

  25. Rajesh S says:

    I s there any application to create login page for guest. Because I am using this hotspot to connect different pc (lan to play multiplayer game) and I don’t want them to use my internet. So I planned to create login page to access Internet.

  26. RAKESH says:


  27. rams says:

    is there any official site for downloading software

  28. prabhakar kumar says:


  29. parth chaudhary says:

    firmware upgrade for jiof 3
    software version FXN_JMR540_R6.11
    send repply to mail

  30. Gopu says:

    My jiofi version is Amtel_AR5513_R08.03
    Is there any update available
    Please share the link

  31. jitender says:

    Please provide me jmr540 firmware plz

  32. praveen says:

    hi, unable to update.. please advise….

    Device software version: PEG_M2_B37

  33. tushar says:

    version check failed plz give solution

  34. विजेंद्र says:

    ये JMR520 की FIRMWERE फ़ाइल है
    M2S की फ़ाइल दो

  35. Rajesh says:

    my jiofi FXN_JMR540_R6.1_S

  36. santosh says:

    Any update for


  37. Gurupadam Durgam says:

    Authentication error occurring while connecting the JioFi2 to mobile. How to solve this problem?

  38. Deepal Tamang says:

    jio fi 2 VERSION CHECK fail and also i have set my WPSK2 setup what should i do its been wrong from 3 to 4 days its red signal indicator blinks and i did check sim whether it is fail but it works well and i also have reset my router several times but it wont work please suggest me a way to fix it sir.

    • namjuii says:

      replace the sim its free of cost ,then it will work

  39. vansh shah says:

    Hardware Version : HVT_JMR1040_D01 plz. help me with my jiofi device

  40. Mohamad Fahim says:

    For Hardware Version: PEG_M2_B37

    give me link to download software upgrade

  41. Mohd Tariq says:

    jiofi2 PEG_M2_B37 Firmware file

  42. Usha Gupta says:

    jiofi2 PEG_M2_B37 Firmware file

  43. N.Subramani says:

    My jiofi version is Amtel_AR5513_R08.03
    Is there any update available
    Please share the link

  44. Rj says:


  45. pradipta kar says:

    i used this firmware ,and i got result ,version check fail

  46. Pradip says:

    The software version of my JioFi is PEG_M2S_B12. As per step 6 above, I have to click ‘Browse’ and locate the latest firmware downloaded on my computer system. Then in step 7, I am to click on the Firmware file and go for upgrade. But I don’t know from where I can download the latest Firmware. As such I can’t proceed beyond step 5 above.


    I want software version of my JioFi is PEG_M2_B37

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