How to Upgrade your JioFi Hotspot Device?

Learn to Upgrade your JioFi Mi-Fi Hotspot to the latest version with this simple guide and enjoy the updated version of JioFi

The Reliance JioFi Mi-Fi device comes with a free Jio 4G SIM. The device has a Good battery. In the box, you have a charger and USB cable. Apart from using as a Wi-Fi hotspot, the JioFi also offers to make HD voice and video calls with the help of JioJoin app in Wi-Fi connected smartphones. In this tutorial, I will tell you how you can update your JioFi firmware for JioFi 2, 3 or any other JioFi device.

Important Notes:

  • JioFi Fully Charged.
  • USB Cable

How to get Latest Version of JioFi Firmware for your Device?

There is no special place where you can find the firmware for your device. You need to Google Search to find the one for your device. The Firmware is with .bin extension.

Update your JioFi Firmware to Latest Version

Step 1. Open browser in PC/Mac/Android and open address: http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm or you can even try the IP address of the JioFi

Step 2. Now login with your account credentials.

Step 3. Here click on Firmware. You find it under settings of your local HTML site.

Step 4. Now here you will see Configuration Backup.

Step 5. Tap on Backup and backup the JioFi settings and basic info.

Step 6. Now once done, click on ‘Browse’ and locate the latest JioFi Firmware downloaded on your computer system.

Update JioFi Software

Update JioFi Software

Step 7. Click on the firmware file and tap on Upgrade to start the Update process.

Step 8. The JioFi device updates pretty quickly and after a while, your device will automatically reboot.

Step 9. Now you can enjoy the latest version of your JioFi firmware and fix all the Bugs on your device.

Firmware Links:

For Hardware Version: FXN_JMR520_V3.0

Download Link

Note & Conclusion: I hope the post was helpful. Do comment for any assistance if needed.

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    Hey its showing version check failed

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    The Information Provided by Your Blog is Awesome and Also Finding Solution to All Query on Jiofi Local html.

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    version chk failed. fake update

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    can you sand jio fi 3 flase file

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    can i use any network sim on jiofi

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    Version check failure
    What to do now

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    software no upgrade
    Why doing

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    • Nikhil says:

      That Firmware is for the specific model only. Do check and install

  10. Purnendu Bagchi says:

    Dear Nikhil, Version check fail is the only message that I am getting. Where is the problem? May be, most of us are missing something which is very trivial for a geek like you. Can you help?

    • Nikhil says:

      Actually this post is only for information on updating the JioFi.

  11. Priyangshu Ghosh says:

    How can we use other sims in JioFi2 using firmware upgrade

  12. Priyangshu Ghosh says:

    Please suggest

  13. pavan says:

    now I am trying to update jiofi 2 to unlock to use any sim card please help me to download firmware for unlock versions jiofi2_cc043f router m2

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    do you have flash for Hardware Version FXN_JMR540_V045

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    software upgrade failure in my jiofi3 what do now…….please give some solutions to my gmail account

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    link plz my emaile

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    my jiofi m2 Hardware Version PEG_M2_D03
    can i use to upgrade this download link

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    My jio rougher model is m2 version PEG_M2_B20 I please tell me sir how can I unlock

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    Hi can you tell me how to use Airtel Sim in jiofi router

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    Can i update this farmware in my jiofi 3? Hardware vesion is”FXN_JMR540_V055″.

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    How to use any sim in jiofi3 router.

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    How to airtel sim in jiofi3???

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    Any opinions for parental controls

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    PEG_M2_B34….i need firmware

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    I s there any application to create login page for guest. Because I am using this hotspot to connect different pc (lan to play multiplayer game) and I don’t want them to use my internet. So I planned to create login page to access Internet.

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    is there any official site for downloading software

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    firmware upgrade for jiof 3
    software version FXN_JMR540_R6.11
    send repply to mail

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    My jiofi version is Amtel_AR5513_R08.03
    Is there any update available
    Please share the link

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