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  1. Ray says:

    Hi. Im ray my problem is I cannot log in to my account because of the verification code that it is asking. I dont have any access to the phone number and e-mail address I listed on the account verification information. Can anyone help me. Thank you.

  2. Polo Joash says:

    Please I Can’t get into my gmail account help me re open it

  3. Customerservice says:

    Unlock your temporarily locked Yahoo Mail Account are great article in this blog.I lost my phone and I have been blocked out of the yahoo mail since. It won’t reset by any method you have. I have sent multiple requests to yahoo but no response. The yahoo no response of this sent requests. Not provide information and not provide facilities and not accept any requests. I will share in this post.
    Thank you

  4. Bukola says:

    I just bought a new phone and just downloaded yahoo app on my phone.but for the past 3 days now I have being trying to open my account. But yahoo will tell me to enter the account key they would send to my phone but they did not send me any key.i can’t access my account and I have being trying every means to access it.please I need help to be able to access my yahoo account. Thanks

  5. Bukol says:

    Okay,thank you

  6. benjie _ torreblanca says:

    open my account help plss

  7. Gary harshman says:

    I can get into yahoo e-mail it just won’t download once open

  8. Shalini says:

    Hi, I bought a new phone as part of trade-in. Agent accidentally hit factory reset on my old phone and close my two yahoo mail accounts. I had account key setup and unfortunately both had each other email as backup. Lessons learned hardway! Accounts were setup over 10yrs back. Please help as my entire life is wired to these accounts.

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