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  1. Patricia hoff says:

    I received no warning about suspicious activity, but my email stopped arriving this morning! I tried calling one help number and some guy started selling me security and saying that my account has been under scrutiny for 3 months and attempts to steal it have occurred in three states, including Florida and North Carolina! If this is true, why did it take 3 months for them to lock my gmail account without letting me know? This help number person made me nervous as he wanted to set up security on my account, asking my name and email address. Is this a scam? I changed my password after I hing up as I thought he might be a problem. He said to “ask an intelligent person” and call his number again. I’m still locked out. What is my alternative? Can I speak to someone who is really part of gmail?

    • Nikhil A says:

      Do a security checkup of your account and its activity.

  2. Melissa says:

    I’m very frustrated I have tried for weeks to get into one of my gmail accounts. I forgot the. Password and no longer have the number associated with recovery or changing password. Google does not make it easy for someone to regain their own email and I’m ready to get rid of all my gmail and Google and never use it again. I’ve tried absolutely everything I can find on this topic short of talking to someone at Google cause there is no phone number to call and everytime I’m searching it takes me I. The same circle of things to try which none of them work please help.

    • Jamie says:

      Yes! I am having that same EXACT problem. I need in my acct!

  3. Rick shear says:

    I too have been a gmail user for ten years, after having one of my business accts locked by google and no personal help, and losing thousands of dollars in business, I will never use a google acct again. Its unbelievable that Google has no help for a situation like this. BEWARE!!! STOP USING GOOGLE!!

  4. Norma Newman says:

    Arbitrarily locked out of my gmail. Verification code supposedly sent to my cell phone never arrived. I am bitterly disappointed in Google and am ready to abandon gmail and go to another email provider.

  5. nolan says:

    Google should send you a “warning” email before locking your account… maybe when you hit the 85% threshold. How did I get locked out? I have my security software emailing FROM me TO me…. no warning, just locked out of my account now. 🙁

  6. Jamie says:

    I have sent multiple requests for my account to be unlocked. Have been using this email for like 17 yrs. Lots of info there. Gmail dod an update recently & locked people out of their accounts & some were lucky enough to be able to get back in. I haven’t changed my password, but yet I have been locked out since February 22nd. Pretty frustrating!! If you don’t have a google account on your phone, you cant do too much on it.

  7. Crystal Vincent says:

    My tablet was stolen and i locked the screen now i am lockes out of my gmail account i keep sending change password to my email n phone number does nothing.I have contacted the police i have serial numbers

  8. Owen says:

    I’m locked out of my account and I don’t have any backups or phone number what do I do cos I need to saingh in to my apple id

  9. sowmya says:

    Very Urgent : Hi… Need a help. My sister has created a new gmail account in november, 2016. she forgot her password now. It does not have an recovery email or number added. We got an important email to her account now.

    Can someone please help ?

    • Nikhil says:

      Tap on forget password and it will ask you some questions which you need to fill correctly.

  10. Brenda Bounds says:

    Same problems…

  11. Angela Smith says:

    Can you remove the photos and passwords that show up on Facebook passwords naming Maddis17,Murphy 2017,Anissia 6

  12. Hmm says:

    Information posted in this blog is incorrect, inaccurate, or out-dated. Once your account is locked, there is no way you can unlock until Google decides to unlock it.

    However, you can still access your account via iPhone if you have Google setup as within your stock iOS email application. You just can’t access the mobile web version.

    • mdu says:

      What if i make a new account is it gonna work?

      • Nikhil says:

        Sure but you need to make a different ID.

  13. Diane Christine Phillips says:

    I think I did not clear all my emails on gmail. Cannot remember when started account or password..over four years I think. Should write it down and hide in house. Want to do tax through an agent and would like her to access my history for 2017 tax. How can I get into my account when it asks starting date? Need to scroll down gmail to answer this question…going in circles!!!

  14. kay hall says:

    Google locked me out as well. I do t know what to do. They said they would help me into 3 business days.

  15. ridoy lasker says:

    My Gmail account is blocked pleasd hlep me my account name is [email protected]

  16. Mack says:

    My Gmail account is locked can you please help

  17. Ron R says:

    It’s OK for google to charge me for storage, but when I delete messages to reduce the storage they lock me out!

  18. Angela says:

    Please help locked out my Gmail account on my phone. It’s got my phone login to another account. Help please

  19. Gunnar W. says:

    My cable modem’s IP lease expired and my Internet Service Provider assigned a new IP address sometime during the middle of the day. As I leave my computer on during the workday, the email client periodically polls the various Gmail accounts that I run for various purposes and Google’s “powerful” filters figured out that someone 80 miles away now had my passwords and was trying to break into the email accounts using an “unknown device”, so Google started sending me text message alerts. I spun my wheels for nearly six hours until I figured out that Google’s “powerful” filter is an idiot: Someone who lives 80 miles from here previously had the IP address that’s now assigned to me and Google has no way in the world to accurately determine its geographic location. All it knows is that a strange IP address is being used by my email client to log into the server. In the meantime I had needlessly changed passwords on a couple of accounts and had gotten locked out of a couple more due to typos while I was trying to authenticate my login credentials. I’m forced to log into each and every Gmail account to verify, “Yes that’s me”, to allow the email client to talk to the mail servers again. What a mess. Do the folks at Google ever think ahead about how their “security” features can royally mess up their users? As a result of this experience I will be moving my mission-critical email accounts to another provider that is a bit less security hyper-conscious.

  20. D-Mambo says:

    SOLVED: (Well, for me anyway) So like many of you, this was driving me crazy. I figured there had to be a logical explanation and nothing they listed sounded right — save one. The solution? I went into my Chrome extensions and disabled or deleted everything that accessed gmail. Clearly one of the was at fault because I rebooted and it’s been smooth sailing for a few days since.

  21. Liam T Fletcher says:

    I let my friend borrow my old phone did a factory reset before hand I have just got my phone back but unable to set the phone back up because it wants her details but now she has forgotten these details we tried a number or variants but all unsuccessful thus lock the account how do I get passed this now my phone is currently in for repair and I need a phone for my work HELP!!!

  22. satya says:

    I’m very frustrated I have tried for weeks to get into one of my gmail accounts. I forgot the. Password and no longer have the number associated with recovery or changing password. I have an option to give alternative email ID of my sister but still it is not coming. When I tried to login my sister account since she is other state it got blocked her also . We don’t know what to do . We need gmail account back , can you please assit any other way to retrieve the password .

  23. Amit puri says:

    I’m locked out of my account and I don’t have any backups or phone number what do I do cos I need to saingh in to my apple id

  24. tiffany says:

    Help im locked out of my email, don have the recovery phone number, the verification codes sent to back up email didnt work then it got locked r u kidding me

  25. Chaudharyshailesh says:

    Hi sir my account Chang password problem temparl block please unblock my account

  26. Chaudharyshailesh says:

    My account activ please sir my account block

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  28. Ayan0786 says:

    Too many failed attempt my problem please solve my problem please recover my Gmail account help me

  29. Karen Kempa says:

    I have not received any new e-mails to my gmail account for 2 days. What is going on?

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