Fix – “Network_Failed” Unable to Install Google Chrome Extension

Here is a fix for 'Network_Failed' error on Google Chrome Web Store when adding extensions to the browser. Follow the guide to solve the issue

If you are getting “Network_Failed” error while trying to download and install an extension onto your Chrome browser through the web store. These problems are mostly happening for Adblock extensions. The following may be the possible reasons –

  • Development of junk and obsolete files
  • Older version of chrome browser
  • Changes in chrome settings

    Error Occurred 'Network Failed'

    Error Occurred ‘Network Failed’

How to solve the problem of  “Network Failed” on Chrome Web Store ?

  1. Open control panel on your PC
  2. Look for programs (Uninstall a program)
  3. Check for chrome app
  4. Right check on delete your Chrome data when asked and uninstall the Chrome App (Backup all your Bookmarks)
  5. Now search windows for %temp% and press Enter to open Temp Folder
  6. Delete all temp files by using Ctrl+A and Delete
  7. Now again download Google Chrome and install it
  8. Download the desired extensions from chrome web store, they will work smoothly

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  1. Zainab says:

    I have followed all the steps but Im still getting Failed – Network Error when trying to download Chrome Extensions.

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