How to Use Teleparty Extension & Enjoy Streams with your Friends?

Watch Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO Online with Friends in Sync Using the Popular Teleparty Chrome Extension for Chrome Browser.

Teleparty (Formerly Netflix Party) is the Chrome Extension available for Chrome and Edge Browser for Desktop PC. It is one of the best browser add-ons for streaming platf0rms if you wish to have an engaging time watching the movie or show along with friends.

The Teleparty creates a streaming link that plays in sync with everyone you share the link with. These create synchronized streaming of a movie or a show that you can watch with your friends and family along with a chatbox. The host has the basic media controls for skipping content, changing shows, etc. The Teleparty now works with Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO.

Note: Your Freinds need to have a unique account of the streaming service in order to join the Party.

How to Use Teleparty Extension and Connect with Friends?

Here are Simple Steps to Create a Teleparty Video Link for Friends to Join the Stream and Chat & Enjoy the Titles.

  1. Visit Teleparty Chrome Extension Page
  2. Click on Add to Chrome
    Teleparty Chrome Extension
  3. The Extension will be added to the extension menu in the top-right corner.
  4. Now open any video on Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, or HBO which you wish to watch with your friends
  5. Start Playing the Video and then hit the pause button.
  6. Now click on TP Icon on the Extension menu.
  7. You will notice the ‘Start the Party Button (You can have control over the media by right ticking on ‘Only I have Control‘)
  8. Once you hit start the party button you will see given a sharable link
  9. You can enable the Chat option if you wish to chat with friends while enjoying the stream. You even disable the chat, the shared link will not have a chatbox option.
    Share Party Link with Friends
  10. Send that party link to your friends.
  11. Make sure your friends have installed the Teleparty Chrome Extension on their browser.
  12. Once the shared link is opened they are redirected to the selected Netflix show. They just need to click the red TP button extensions and are automatically connected to the party chatroom.
    Let Friends Join Chat

Small Video Tutorial of Teleparty Installation

  • You can even customize your look and add a nickname.
  • The host if have enabled control can control the media or change the show
  • 50 people can join the party at a time and everyone need to have their own account for the streaming platform.
  • The shows run in sync so, if your data speeds are slow the streaming quality will buffer and skip to the running content.

Conclusion: With Teleparty enjoy the streaming of movies, series, and shows on your Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO with synchronization with friends and also chat with them in real-time.

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