all set to compete with Google.

A New Search Engine is Being Pegged by Salesforce to Take on which Aims to Show Results without any Ads or Collecting User data.

Yet another search engine has launched to compete with Google. There are countless search engines like DuckDuckGo, Bing, CC search, and that have aimed to defeat Google or grab a share from the biggest search engine. Now, has entered the arena. is hoping to revolutionize web search for all. The company says that it will not rely on any kind of advertising. Although the website is up, only pre-registrations for early access are live for the website. Advanced natural language processing has been used to build this search engine. Founded by former Salesforce chief scientist Richard Socher, the search engine has made it abundantly clear that it will not depend on ads for revenue generation and will not use user data for profit. One more thing that sets it apart from Google is that it will have user controls for privacy. It strives to deliver lightning-fast search results that are almost completely accurate.

Funded by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, aims to provide only relevant search results. The company claims that it will provide real and appropriate search results as opposed to ads or paid content. The search engine will use AI to provide suitable results. Features

According to Richard Socher, the search engine was developed to provide users with a better user experience, especially in regards to user privacy. With the endless information that is available online, it has become increasingly difficult for users to receive relevant search results. will also provide honest and trustworthy reviews of places and products that will let users make better decisions as well as have a better online experience.

Socher genuinely believes in his vision of creating an authentic search engine that aligns with user values. Talking about this new project with TechCrunch he said,

The biggest impact thing we can do in our lives right now is to build a trusted search engine with AI and natural language processing superpowers to help everyone with the various complex decisions of their lives, starting with complex product purchases, but also being general from the get-go as well.

Furthermore, the debate on user privacy is heating up rapidly. hopes to fix this problem. It lets users decide and control their data, and lets them customize their experience. Although sounds promising, there is no news on when it will be available to the common folk. No official date has been mentioned by the company, only beta testing has been going on.

To sum it up, has a gigantic task ahead of itself, to compete with Google, which has been ruling the web space since its inception, will have to pull up its socks.

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