How to Get iPhone 14-Style Notch on Android?

Looking to Experience iPhone 14 Like Notch Design on your Android Mobile Display. Here is the Simple Guide to Use iPhone 14 Style Notch on Android.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 Pro model, it astonished many with its creative software function integration with the pill-shaped cutout at the top of the screen, which it refers to as Dynamic Island. While Samsung claims that if they have found it useful, they would have done it years ago. But it seems that Apple converting its liability to a feature is winning hearts, and Android will try to copy that feature soon. In this article, we will show you how you can change the notch of your existing Android displays and make them like a dynamic island. Please go through it by the end of the article without skipping any steps.

Since Apple announced Dynamic Island, people have gone crazy over this feature. We now know that on the iPhone 14 Pro models, display pixels around what Apple calls the “Dynamic Island” merge into one pill-shaped area that alters in size and shape to accommodate various types of alerts, notifications, and interactions, transforming it into a sort of front-and-center information hub.

Steps to Get iPhone 14 Style Notch On Android

Android is an open-source operating system. Anyone can make the app and publish it in the Google Play store for Android users, including Samsung and others. The moment apple launched the Dynamic island display. People have noticed that Android lets you change your notch style much before that. So, how can you change the notch of the display in your Android? Let’s find out.

  • Open your play store. Type Notch design and download the Notch design application.

iphone 14 notch on android

  • Now, wait for the application to get installed. Once it is installed, open it.

iphone 14 notch app on android

  • Now, Give permission for the application to overlay on your screen.

iphone 14 notch permissions on android

  • Now depending on your display, choose your notch type (Center hole punch or teardrop or others).

How to Get iPhone 14-Style Notch on Android? 1

  • You need to turn on your notch design to make it appear on the top.

How to Get iPhone 14-Style Notch on Android? 2

  • Now, choose your notch design; you will get to choose from many. The iPhone 14 like notches are down below.

How to Get iPhone 14-Style Notch on Android? 3

  • Now you need to watch a video to set it as your notch. (As the app is not free and if you want to rove ads, you need to pay some amount to buy the application).

android iphone notch

  • Enjoy iPhone 14-style notch on your Android.

Android has always been the most used OS system of mobile and the iPhones are high priced and not everyone can afford one, you can get the same feature in the Android as they are easy to use and are not putting any weight on your pocket.

Final Words

The dynamic island has won the hearts of many critics and tech experts. The way Apple has turned its notch as an extra feature is worth praising. But it is now possible for Android users to get the same notch as the iPhone 14 models. Follow every step of this article to get the dynamic island working on your Android.

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