Unlist & Remove your Number from Truecaller Database

Unlist your number from Truecaller directory on Android, iPhone, Windows or website with a simple guide below.

Truecaller is one of the most popular global call detail indexing and caller ID service with social media integration to keep the phonebook up-to-date with pictures and birthdays. The Truecaller can be a lifesaver in many circumstances. It can is very much useful to identify the identity of the unknown number. The Truecaller works as on a website and also has an App with more features to integrate with a smartphone.

But situations do arrive when you want to remove yourself from Truecaller Database and unlist your name and number from Truecaller. Today in this post I will tell you all the methods to unlist yourself.

How Unlist Your Number from Truecaller?

#1. Using an official Website

Step 1. Go to www.truecaller.com/unlisting/

Step 2.  Enter your number that you’d like to remove.

Step 3. Verify ‘I’m not a Robot’

Step 4. You will now receive a confirmation message once your number has been successfully unlisted in 24 hours.

#2. If You are a Verified User

If you’re Truecaller user and have verified your number you must first Deactivate your account.

  • Open the Truecaller application on your Smartphone.
  • Tap on the 3 vertical lines/dots to open more options
  • Click on settings.
  • Now tap on about under the support tab.
  • Scroll down and Deactivate account.
  • Hit the Yes button.
  • Now go to the official website and unlist the number as given in steps #1
  • You will now receive a confirmation message of number unlisting. It may take 24 hrs for the change to take place.

Conclusion: The number will be unlisted within 24-36 hours but Truecaller doesn’t guarantee the permanent removal of the number.


I recommend you to check the removal of your number and name from the directory on the continual basis.

I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or support.

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  1. jarita ganguly says:

    The official page http://www.truecaller/unlist is not working so cannot remove my name from the truecaller ..its very necessary to delete the name from the list

  2. dadapeer m k says:

    my deta sefe

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