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  1. jarita ganguly says:

    The official page http://www.truecaller/unlist is not working so cannot remove my name from the truecaller ..its very necessary to delete the name from the list

    • Nikhil says:

      /unlisting is the permalink

  2. dadapeer m k says:

    my deta sefe

  3. diraj rihon says:

    My information delete

  4. RAKESH DEY says:

    deactivate account is not shown in about option

  5. Viji says:

    Private problem

  6. August Kobby Blaq says:

    i want my name and number to be deleted from your database. i have firstly deactivate my number from true caller app

  7. Rakeshbaghel says:

    Unlisted my number is trucaller

  8. Pinnacle teleservices says:

    Hey, i wanted to unlist 500 PRI no. from truecaller.
    can you please help me with this

  9. Parwez says:


  10. Vinod Chaudhary says:

    Bhai unlist kaishe karna

  11. Mbuyiselo Mkololo says:

    i cannot remove my number, i follow all steps as verified user but i cannot UNLIST number

  12. Shahid says:

    Mere pass ak SIM tha who kiss ke name se ha who gan na tha que ki who nahi mil rha hai

  13. Sumit Pal says:

    Unlist my number

  14. Sai siva says:

    Its working ..tq so much..

  15. Crispy says:

    I have uninstalled the true caller app so will my account get deactivated

    • Nikhil says:

      No, you need to unlist yourself. Follow the steps above

  16. Mrityunjay singh says:

    Unlisted my number and name

  17. Ashok says:

    I have uninstalled the true caller app so will my account get deactivated

    • Nikhil says:

      nope you need to unlist your number

  18. Biju says:

    I deactivated and unlisted my number. Please remove permanently my number from your database

  19. faizal says:

    someonecalling time its showing my name a bad word, someone misused my number
    how to remove from truecaller?

  20. Brewster.Abbott says:

    It is hoped that you will have to work hard

  21. payal says:

    I have deactivated my number from true caller but the unlisting option is not working

  22. Jaheer khan says:

    Hide no

  23. Camila says:

    Can i unlist my contacts numbers after i unlisted mine? Will they get the message if i do?

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