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  1. hung says:

    I tried creating 5 new instagram accounts and they were all disabled right away. Is my IP address problematic?

    • Kushal says:

      I don’t think IP should be a problem. Check if you aren’t violating any of their account creation policy. By the way, they are were stringent about it.

  2. theron says:

    Hi, I’ll have to send a photo of myself as well. I was wondering by “full name” what they mean? Because I’ve never shared my real name on my Instagram but when filling the “name” section i’ve only used “Theron”. Because you used “restore bin” as a full name, I was wondering which one should I use, the real one or the alias that I solely use for my IG?
    P.s: my instagram was not connected to my IG, but my email shows my real name, i don’t know i’m very confused

  3. Viraj says:

    How can i get back my deactivated instagram account i forgot my instagram password also and when i go for reset my password its shows (user not found)
    Please Help ME

  4. Jay says:

    Hi, Nikhil. Can you elaborate more on this part: ‘I checked for recovery option, found a link to raise the request for re-activation.’ I couldn’t find such a link

  5. Stacy says:

    How did you find this? I can’t find anywhere – “I checked for recovery option, found a link to raise the request for re-activation.’ I couldn’t find such a link”

  6. Jez says:

    Same has happened to me, had a new account for a few days, only around 25 followers, just for fun and got deactivated yesterday. Have emailed them, nothing yet.

  7. Jez says:

    UPDATE – I took your advice and sent a follow-up email and got my account reactivated within a few hours! Thank you!! Everything as it was before, very happy 😁

  8. Naje says:

    “I checked for recovery option, found a link to raise the request for re-activation.”

    where is the reactivation link bro?

    • Kushal says:

      Reactivation link is provided in the email or in the Instagram app after login in suspended account.

  9. Tobias says:

    Does no one else think it’s so sus of Facebook to automatically deactivate a new account and then request a photo of your face? I have an account for my design work and tried starting a new one for personal photography. The account was immediately deactivated after sign up. Upon emailing, they want a photo of my face? Fuck off. I already gave you my email, phone number and name. I recommend everyone to re-think the amount of info you provide to them.

  10. Rachna Bahl says:

    This just happened to me and I am utterly uncomfortable because I did absolutely nothing wrong.

  11. DaniloAle14 says:

    I have a question, I had a permanently banned account, I created a new one a one week ago, do you have any risk of being banned for recognizing that you are the same person? even if I restore my factory phone ? sorry my english, i am brazilian

  12. Om kusalkar says:

    my instagram account was disabled I don’t know why but I guess u will help me

  13. Mauuulyy says:

    Hey can i get contact with u? I got an email like that too (the one that include code number) but the email sender was fishy. Its not like an official email by instagram. Can i contact u about this? Thank you

  14. De says:

    Same here, opened an instagram account, nothing sinister, just one relevant to me and my family, I have an individual account already. I opened the new account, gave my details and name/phone number and was allowed in only for it to be instantly deactivated and them asking for photo id/full name which I won’t be giving….

    Facebook have enough data withou me having to give them my face photo, who knows where it will end up…..

    I like instagram but will simply give it up if they are insistent.

  15. M. says:

    I had the same thing happen when I tried to open an instagram account, instant inactivation for “violating’ their terms.. I concluded that if signing up for an account violated their terms, that there was no point to getting an instagram account. After all, it’s a ‘free’ service.. which means that they are selling me and my information as a product. And I’m not jumping through hoops for the honor and privilege of being sold.

    Besides wanting pictures is extremely suspicious,Tobias is right. I wonder how many of you who were instantly deactivated have facebook accounts but have avoided ever providing a picture to facebook that could identify you? Is this just a way for facebook to get pictures to associate with people and email addresses? Probably, given that Zuckerberg is a scumbag among scumbags.

  16. Vaios says:

    I did all you mentioned but still no news from Instagram. First email with photo 3 Jan. 2020. A follow up email 8 Jan. 2020.
    No answer from anyone.

  17. mel says:

    this is the hell that I’m in right now. I’ve contacted and emailed and nothing. Nothing! I’ll try this again. Thanks! It kinda makes me feel a little better that other people are having this issue and that is has resolved.

  18. Sz. says:

    Tried to register for a new account. I already have one but with a different theme than what I needed now… It happened on the 20th January 2020, so few days ago. Before even receiving anything to confirm my email address or something, as soon as I clicked on the sign up button I got deactivated for violating their rules. Is signing up a violation? LoL… Emailed them the photo they asked for in a JPG format, hope it will be fine for them as they asked for JPEG… Now playing the waiting game as everyone else. Fingers crossed fellow deactivated people!

  19. Tireduser51 says:

    Yeah, f that. It is a mechanism designed to get more information about you. Where is all of this information going? Instagram really needs proof of utilities and all that extra personal information? Um no. This is not a government job. The username will be available again some time soon and I will snag it before hand. I hate this with a passion.

  20. Akansha says:

    Hyy insta
    I lost my acc. @jasminbhasin_love .
    Idk why😭

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