Looking for DSLR camera? Nikon D5300 might be the best!

Are you in search for best DSLR for professional photography? Then Nikon D5300 is the best buy I'd recommend and within a budget price tag.

They say money can’t buy happiness. Who are they? They probably haven’t used a Nikon D5300 till now. This is not just a camera, it’s a bundle of happiness. The camera has a compact and ergonomic design which is easy on the hands. Many buttons are provided for the perfect shot and various features.

The camera is aimed at bringing out the creativity from the user. It has added new creative effect modes – HDR Painting and Toy Camera.

Let’s have a look at the specifications of the camera which are worth looking at. It has some of the newest technologies in the market which separate it from the rest of the DSLRs.

Specification of Nikon D5300

  • Nikon F mount lens with AF contacts
  • EXPEED 4: The camera uses EXPEED 4 processor which has ARM central controller. It offers full HD video of 1080p and 50/60 fps. It has noise reduction, improved contrast detection autofocus and live preview autofocus.
  • Optical sensor: It hasn’t used the same sensor as is in the D5200 (which still continues in the company line-up) or the Nikon D7100, as the D5300 uses a new 24.2-million pixel device without an optical low-pass filter. The optical zoom is 7.8 X.
  • 39 point autofocus: The 39 point focus helps focus on object real quick (even when in motion). There is a couple of modes to choose from depending on what you are shooting – scenery, face or object. This feature makes videography also better as compared to other cameras.
  • Better picture in Low light: The camera has high-resolution CMOS sensor which helps you record the details of the picture with the help of ISO which ranges from 100 to 12800
  • Greater viewing angles: The 170-degree wide viewing angle helps you capture a little more than you could have imagined.
  • D-Lighting: You can play around with the light with the D-Lighting function that lets you set the right exposure and help obtain crisp images.
  • Built-in LED Flash: Lighten up your moments with the built-in LED Flash.
  • LCD monitor: The LCD monitor is fitted at the side opposite to that of the lens. You can use it to shoot images or videos.
  • Video Recording: The Nikon D5300 lets you record HD videos at 1920 x 1080 pixels. There is a wide range of frame rate to shoot your video. They are – 60p or 50p or 30p or 25p or 24p. Another wonderful feature is the built-in mic that captures sound during a video.

Bonus aspects of Nikon D5300

  • In-bag accessories: Nikon D5300, AF-S 18-55mm VRII Kit Lens, 8 GB SD CARD, battery, charger, strap and DSLR Bag.
  • Wi-Fi support: Click any image and immediately send it to your loved ones miles away. This feature is a bonus especially when memory is full and there is no alternate storage available.
  • GPS: GPS support helps you imprint the geographical details of the image and adds up to the memories later.
  • Warranty: The camera comes with 2 years warranty from the company.
  • Buy Now: Amazon US


The new EXPEED 4 processor is extremely fast which gives the camera great performance. This camera has the ability to take 5 shots per second to find the perfect shot from an array the taken shots.

The latest enhancement is the addition of Wi-Fi and GPS technology for instant sharing. Using the free Wireless mobile utility app, we can transfer images from the camera to mobile phone instantly. One more interesting feature of the app is that the camera can be triggered remotely using this app.

The built-in GPS records the latitude and longitude of the image making it easier to share across social sharing services such as Flickr.

The body of the camera is available in three colors – Red, Black, and Grey. If you are really serious about taking your photography skills to the next level, this is what you need to have.

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