Move or Uninstall Windows 10 Apps Software from computer

The Windows 10 is totally different than older version 7. Here is the guide on moving or uninstalling Apps and Software from your laptop PC.

I’m a great admirer of Windows OS and used Windows 7 OS for almost 6 years. I love the ease of use the Windows OS provides. However, I’ve never tried using MAC OS, so can’t say anything about their comparison. But, I consider Windows as better than any other Operating System.

Recently, I thought of trying 10 OS and upgraded my 7 OS to Windows 10, after more than a month of use, I can confidently say that Windows 10 is better than 7. Faster, smoother, more features, rich UI, dedicated Windows App and Games store. However, I was finding it difficult to locate the different options Windows 7 OS was providing, like Uninstall Software using control panel, Network Sharing Center and few other. In this article, I’ll be concentrating on how to move or uninstall Windows 10 software apps in the computer or laptop.

Let’s start with the demo:

  • Click on Start window or press the Start button on the keyboard.
  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • After navigating to the Settings screen, click on System.

    Windows 10 Settings

    Windows 10 Settings

  • On System settings, click Apps & Features tab in the left sidebar.

    Windows10 Display Settings

    Windows10 Display Settings

  • Apps & Features window will load all the App and Software available on your system.
  • Select the App or Software that needs to be uninstalled.

    Windows10 - Apps & Features

    Windows10 – Apps & Features

  • Click on Uninstall button to proceed.

There are three different types of App or Software that will be available in Apps & Features,

  1. Microsoft In-Built Apps.
  2. Windows Store installed apps.
  3. External source installed apps.

Uninstall button will be available only for Windows Store apps and Externally installed apps but not on in-built apps.

Windows10 in Build Apps

Windows10 in Build Apps

You have the option to Move Windows 10 Apps store apps into different drive even after installation, just like a mobile device that provide us option to move apps from internal memory to external SD card storage.

Windows10Apps Move to Drive

Windows10Apps Move to Drive


I hope now you’re able to move or uninstall Windows 10 Apps or software from your device. Do let me know if you facing any issue, happy to help. Cheers!

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