Login using Instagram website interface for photo and videos viewing

Log into your Instagram web interface account to view and like photos and videos in large size. Making browsing easy to use without app.

Instagram has become a pretty famous app in a very short period of time. After Facebook has acquired Instagram, it is blooming and became a very successful photo-sharing social app. At the start, Instagram was missing the web interface like Facebook or Twitter.

A few months ago, Instagram got its browser version and which is pretty much same as theĀ app but with few limited options. However, browsing in the web browser has its own taste.

I share on how to login Instagram website using the browser both mobile device as well as a desktop browser.

  1. Open any web browser in mobile or desktop.
  2. Type https://www.instagram.com or click on this link.
  3. If you’ve existing login credential then good to go, else you may need to sign up first.

    Instagram Login Page

    Instagram Login Page

  4. You may also choose to login with Facebook if your account Instagram account is linked to Facebook.

    Instagram Login Facebook

    Instagram Login Facebook

  5. Once login, you can start watching Instagram feeds on a web browser.

Now let me summarize what we can and can’t do in this Instagram Website interface compare to theĀ app.

  • We cannot sign up for a new account from Instagram Website. (now we can sign up)
  • We cannot upload photos or videos.
  • We cannot add multiple Instagram accounts and switch between them.
  • Very few profile settings options provided when compared with app.
Change Password Instagram

Change Password Instagram

  • We don’t have Explore post options. (Feature added)
  • Thank goodness, at least, we have like and comment features. šŸ™‚

    Instagram Web Like & Comment

    Instagram Website Like & Comment

Instagram is adding new features now and then to its web interface, however, their App is truly amazing. I’ll update this article now and then whenever I get to know more features of Instagram Website.

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3 Responses

  1. Olori says:

    Nice Work But I’m Unable To Sign Up

  2. M says:

    I have created an account for my fashion brand, but it won’t let me log in through the web browser (i.e when I try to connect my brand’s Facebook page to the Instagram account)
    We are unable to boost our posts without this!

  3. gham_e_zindagi_ says:

    My account is hacked, how do I get it back?

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