Popular Torrent Search Engine to Find any Files

Torrent Search Engine Sites to find your favourite movies, TV Shows, programs and series for free. These popular sites make the task of finding torrents easy.

A torrent search engine works differently from the regular torrent sites. It works more like a Google search engine, indexing torrent files and listing them according to the query. Torrent search engines work by searching out and listing sites hosting your desired torrent search and present it just like Google search Engine will present your search results. Taking down torrent sites regularly by the authorities for copyright issues was making it difficult for users to get torrent contents online. This led to the evolution of Torrent search engines which do not hold torrent contents on their sites but works by directing torrent seekers to numerous sites containing their desired torrent contents. The torrent search engine has now opened the door to numerous sites from which torrent seekers have unrestricted access to millions of torrent contents.

Torrents for long have been the best source to download content for free. The most popular aspect of torrents is they are hosted on anonymous servers thus keeping the identity of the uploader safe. This makes torrents the media storehouse. The torrent sites are under threat due to copyright issues. However, this post will provide you with the best torrent search engines still in operation as at the time of writing.

Best Torrent Search Engine Sites

Here are the Popular Torrent Search Engine Sites to Download Torrent Files

1. P2PGuru

P2PGuru is a relatively new, free torrent site and search engine that offers you an ad-free torrenting experience. If you choose to use P2PGuru as a torrent search engine, the ‘almighty P2P god can search for torrents across a whole lot of sites with torrent contents. A community of torrent users sustains P2P to ensure that users are not likely to be faced with issues using P2PGuru.

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With the P2PGuru, you can view torrent categorized based on release dates, genres or popularity. If you’re looking for a consistent torrent search engine with good torrent options, you should consider using P2PGuru.
Visit P2PGuru for an amazing torrent experience.

Copy p2pguru.com 

2. Torrents.me

Torrents.me is a torrent search engine with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. Torrents.me is quite different from the normal torrent sites you’re generally familiar with. On the home page of torrents.me, you get a suggested list of several torrents you might find useful. However, Torrents.me indexes various torrent sites into categories based on genre, popularity, and dates. This makes it easy for you to search through torrent sites using torrents.me. Amazingly, Torrents.me is free and does not feature annoying pop-up ads.

Copy Torrents.me

3. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a replacement version of Torrentz which was taken down for claims in involving copyright infringement.
Torrentz2 has the same interface and navigation with Torrentz and works in the same way. With Torrentz2, you can search through millions of torrents from several torrent sites without having to deal with annoying ad-popups. However, it is ideal to combine Torrentz2 with privacy and security tools to keep you safe online. If you’re very much familiar with the Onion browser, you can use the Onion version of Torrentz2 safely without worrying about downtime.

Copy Torrentz.io

 4. TorrentSeeker

TorrentSeeker does not offer you the usual categorization of torrents into genre, popularity, or date. What you get on the home page is a bold logo of TorrentSeeker and a torrent search bar. That is why it is called TorrentSeeker. All you need to do is type in the torrent you are searching for, and you get instant result for your search. The only downside to using TorrentSeeker is that your search result is filtered based on relevance and dates only.

Copy TorrentSeeker.com

5. Toorgle

Toorgle uses Google’s programming interface search for torrents across multiple torrent sites. With Toorgle, you do not have to worry much about slow connections because of its speed and stability. Besides that, Toorgle is also available as an add-on in Firefox and Facebook.

However, for privacy and security concerns, it is advisable not to combine your Facebook account with Toorgle. The downside to using Toorgle is that Toorgle features ads on its site, to get results you
have to disable your ad-blocker.

Copy Toorgle.com

6. Snowfl

Snowfl is a torrent search engine with a simple interface and a night vision mode. Snowfl offers you a simplified index of popular torrent sites to make your search easy. You should not expect to get an ad-free experience on Snowfl, but annoying ad-popups
do not always bombard it. For Onion lovers, Snowfl offers you an onion link (.onion in place of .com) to its website to keep your identity anonymous.

Copy Snowfl.com

7. Digbt

Digbt is an ad-free torrent search engine that uses DHT protocol to search through numerous torrent sites. You should not expect to find torrent contents on Digbt, but you can be assured of getting your torrent downloaded through the search yield of Digbt.

Copy Digbt.org

8. Veoble

Veoble is a hybrid search engine you can use to search for typical website contents and torrents. On the home page of Veoble, you find three tabs below the search bar. The Home tab for searching typical contents, the Torrents tab for torrents and the Image tab for searching images. Veoble generates its revenue by using Google Adsense; you should expect some ads to pop-up your way while using Veoble. It is not safe to assume that you’re safe online without using Veoble, along with privacy and security tools.

Copy Veoble.com

9. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is a popular torrent search engine for searching and downloading movies, games, TV series, software, music, etc. You can also access e-learning websites for free using ExtraTorrent. ExtraTorrent is also a forum where you interact with other torrent users and get access to torrents and torrent related news that may not be readily available.

Copy ExtraTorrent.ag

10. XtorX

XtorX is a torrent search engine with a simplified user interface. It uses Google search to search and generates results speedily from torrent hosting sites. Although XtorX offers you an ad-free experience, the downside of XtorX is it re-directs you to other torrent search engines.

Copy xtorx.com

11. TorrentHounds

TorrentHounds has probably faced more attacks from the authorities than any other known torrent search engine. The beautiful thing with TorrentHounds is that it is still resilient and offers users various contents such as movies, music, books, software, wallpapers, etc. TorrentHounds is migrating to the binary channels where it is safer and less susceptible to attacks from the authorities.

Copy torrenthounds.com

12. Academic Torrents

Academic torrent is probably one of the few legal torrents available. But it is disappointing to know that you don't get contents like movies, music, games, etc. the only content you get is academic content. For the researchers and book worms, you can access academic and research contents from an extensive repository of academic materials and also make your contribution to this repository. Also, you should be prepared to face ad-popups because academic torrent receives sponsorship from several commercial sponsors.

Visit Academic Torrents

13. BT4G

BT4G is a torrent search engine site that lets you get free magnet torrent links to download. The site is simple, you just need to search for the file you are in need of. The BT4G offers torrents files with Video, Audio, Doc, Software Apps, and other files. It is fairly a new service which has gained popularity very quickly.

When you search for any file the results are categories as general/all, based on file size, relevance, and other parameters. Making it easy for you to get the files you are looking for.

Copy: BT4G.org

Data Security and Privacy Concerns

The free torrent websites which are not the legal content providers are always on the critical due to data breach and privacy invasion issues. The cyber rouges are always in search of innocent netizens who could fall prey. The use of free non-legal streaming services may also be a crime in your region due to litigations imposed by law. You may need a VPN in case the site is not working or blocked.

The litigations vary from country to country, it also depends on the material being presented. Streaming copyrighted material that you don’t own without permission or paying for it is illegal. But mostly the governing bodies target the developers of the site.

What if Site is Not Working?

If you find the site is not loading or is restricted you can try a VPN or Proxy site to load the content. This will bypass any restrictions or network limitations if present and will let you access the site and content.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a type of online services which hides your data by sending your web usage to another secure location. It forms a secure tunnel to provide end-to-end protection. Therefore, your ISP will not know what you’re up to. In other words, it sends your data to a 3rd party country, making it difficult for the service provider to determine the internet behaviour of the user. Also, you can access websites which are country restricted by using the proxy services.

Miscellaneous Details

  • If you wish to use the sites anonymously then you can try any VPN services like Hola VPN which is available on Chrome Store.
  • In case any of the streams show any error or issues while loading then also you can try any proxy servers like VPN to stream the content.
  • If the site is not working or causing some issues then I recommend you to Clear Data & Cache of the Browser to fix it.

Conclusion: The torrent search engine opens the gate to unlimited torrent contents which might be infringing on copyrights. While enjoying your torrent, you should take adequate security measure to keep you safe and protected from legal authorities. You should use torrents along with VPN and other security features to protect your identity.

Post Credit: Daniel Segun

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