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  1. Christopher Beeching says:

    Very long winded, just go to “contact Samsung” in the menu, follow instructions to contact them and let them do it by remote access to your tv. Took all of 5 mins

  2. Bret Bell says:

    How about a UN65JU7500FXZA 2 years old Main board went out, had it replaced, then tried to setup Smart Hub after I check the wired connection it goes to a “Terms and Conditions” page and says “Downloading” sits for hours and does nothing past this. Tried resetting Smart Hub and Its back to “Downloading” and nothing for hours. Please Advise

  3. Bryce says:

    Giving up on all these fixes for our UN55KU6500FXZA, it has a great picture but tired of all these “fixes”. The latest problem is we can’t get any apps to stream. Decided to buy an Amazon Fire TV 4K Ultra, this should take care of dealing with Samsung’s SmartHub. Unfortunately Amazon is out of stock until 9/22/2018. This seems to be a fairly inexpensive ($70) way to take care of the issue versus getting a new TV!

  4. Mangel says:

    Tried everything for an older UN46EH5300. Nothing worked. Unfortunately I just bought a new Samsung TV but after this it will be the last. I will not forgive this. Can’t get anything network to work. Have to pull the plug and it goes back to being a “dumb” (nothing smart about it) TV.

  5. Alamin says:

    How to fix the problem server not connected

  6. Rayne says:

    OK, I think I found out how to fix this issue. I’ve had spotty to no performance with the Hulu app for my Samsung Smart TV for more than a year. The majority of the time it wouldn’t start and would give the same error message described by many of the replies in this forum posting.

    The below permanently fixed my problem. Of course, I only have one Samsung Smart TV, so if you have more than one, you may need to scroll down to #5. For those with only one, you can stop at step #4.

    Try this:

    1) From your PC, go to the Hulu website and log in

    2) Navigate to the “Manage my Account” section

    3) Click on “Manage my Devices”

    4) Scroll through the list. It’s very likely that you have at least two “Samsung” TVs in your device list, with to different dates. Delete the older one. I’d assume it’s possible that some may have more than two.

    5) If you have more than one Samsung Smart TV, then I’d suggest deleting all of them and re-registering each TV.

    Good luck and hope this helps everyone.

  7. Sabrina Brown says:

    I set up TV Plus with my network login numerous times but every time I turn off my smart TV, it also logs out of the network. How can I have access to TV Plus without having to enter the network password each time?

  8. svanduy says:

    When I first set up my TV UN65NU6070 I was able to log in and get the smart hub functional. However, I couldn’t log into my Samsung account in order to add new apps. I reset my TV and now I can’t get accept the Terms and Conditions to get the smart hub functioning at all. I’ve called/chatted with Samsung four times. After two months and “waiting for the server to reset” as they suggested I still cannot use the smart features of this brand new TV. I have updated the software via USB. I have reset the TV numerous times. I’ve unplugged it from the wall and wait 30 seconds as well as 60 seconds. I’ve changed internet providers and the problem has persisted between providers. I’ve changed the DNS to,, as suggested by Samsung. Nothing worked. I’ve tried the to change the country code following directions including pressing mute, return, volume up, channel up, mute while in the Terms and Conditions page, as well as mute, volume up, channel up, mute. Neither of these did anything on my TV. Anyone have any other suggests while I wait again to hear back from Samsung?

    • Evelin says:

      Having same problem did you fix yours ?

  9. vanRobert says:


    Samsung service has just now fixed my TV. They erased the EEPROM. It is more deep “reset” than the reset from menu or from hidden service menu. It works fine for UN74XX and above.

    Press the physical ON/OFF button on your TV for at least 3 seconds. Then, within 10 seconds, press the ON/OFF on your remote and hold at least for 3 seconds. If your TV restarts 2 times, you’re done.

    This EEPROM reset will erase all of your settings, channel lists, accounts, etc. Like factory reset, but EEPROM reset cleans all failures and defective bits from memory…

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