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  1. LilBob says:

    Try to use ArkMC for iPhone, it streams wirelessly all kind of media from my phone to xbox, pc,mac etc. The are no bugs and it doesn’t lag. Plus it’s very user-friendly.

  2. B says:

    “The Screen Mirror App supports only the Smart TV developed after 2014′ if you have TV older then that then go with AV tool.“

    Dude next time don’t bury that useful tidbit fifteen twenty paragraphs in—- wasted $5 on an app that won’t comply with my old ass tv .

  3. Ian Sputnik says:

    My iPhone XR mirrors to my Samsung without the need of leads or paying for an APP. IF I try the mirror option without being near my TV it will indeed say searching for an Apple TV, but as soon as I’m near my Samsung TV it finds it and connects, no problem. It even shows the TV as being Samsung.

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