How to See a Sender Deleted WhatsApp Message on Android?

Read 'This Message was Deleted' on WhatsApp with the help of the method. Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages with simple trick.

WhatsApp rolled out a much-needed feature allowing the users to delete the message sent within the duration of 7 minutes. This lifesaver option can be very handy given that ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature lets people recall messages sent on individual chats as well as WhatsApp groups.

Today in this post I have come up with a very simple method to see a message if it is deleted by the sender. WhatsApp messages are highly encrypted so there is no straightforward method to read a deleted message. But this little trick can help you see any message deleted for everyone.

Requirements & Prerequisites

  • Android Version 5.0+
  • WhatsApp Notifications Enabled (You should get WhatsApp message notification)
  • Latest Updated WhatsApp

How to Read a ‘Delete for Everyone’ Message for Android?

There is no any direct method to read the deleted message until you made any backup.


Step 1.

Download the PastNotification App from Google Play Store.

Step 2.

Open the App and enable ‘Notification Access’ to the App.

Step 3.

Now each time you receive Notification Message, a log information is saved in the App along with the sender name, time and content of the message.

Step 4.

Even if the sender deletes the message from the WhatsApp, you can access the content using the Past Notification App which takes the backup of the notification messages.

Step 5.

Just check the time and name/number of the deleted message. Open the Past Notification App and you can read the content of the message.

Message is Backup in the PastNotification Log

Message is Backup in the PastNotification Log

⇒ By using the App you can store the chat even if it is called back by the sender. You can delete the notification history from the PastNotification App according to device space comfort.

⇒ You can also use other apps to perform the same actions but log data is the easiest way.

⇒ If you wish you can hide the PastNotification icon the status bar by long pressing the Status icon and blocking the notifications.

Advantages of Notification Log Apps:

  • Messages deleted by the sender is saved as a log.
  • You can locate the message easily by using time and name.
  • Read the message on the App itself.
  • Consumes less device space.

Limitations in Getting Back Message:

  • This App can only backup the notification messages.
  • It can indicate that the message icon if it media file.
  • App can show up to 500-700 words of the message.

Note & Conclusion: The App can only backup the messages which are notified after its installation, no prior messages can be read. I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance if needed.

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4 Responses

  1. Hanni says:

    I wanted to read the message prior download the app. Please help.

  2. Kavisha says:

    Can you suggest any other app because in my phone WhatsApp shows the number of the sender and message received (number) not content of the message

    • Nikhil says:

      This is the best App I have found. But if you wish you can Search on Playstore for any “Notification Log” App.

  3. Steven says:

    There is this girl who usually sends me sexy pics and delete them right away. I just go to the pic and screenshot them. For videos, activate you Google Picture App and upload the video to it as soon as you receive them

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