Most Popular Online News Sites in the World

Here are the Most Popular and Renowned Online News Networks to Read and Watch Latest Bulletins.

In this digital era, where everyone is busy on their smartphones, texting, talking, stalking, and even trading. It’s impossible to look for newspapers separately. But reading news is as important as the living, as it provides you with lots of real-world information which you need to be aware of. News makes a very staple part of once life, people are obsessed with reading news and the latest happenings around the world. If you are looking for some reliable online source of news than the list below makes a complete sense. Here in this article at DigitBin, we are providing you with the 12 best most popular news websites to read and subscribe to.

Best News Websites

Here are the Top Most popular News Websites to Read and to Subscribe this year for Reliable News.

1. Google News

Google News is one of the most trusted and widely acknowledged news websites, with over 150 million unique monthly visits and counting. This tech giant has taken over our online digital life and became the ocean of new age information. Google News is a comprehensive news aggregator app developed by Google, to provide the readers with the up-to-date coverage of news, aggregated from all popular and frequent news sources all over the world.

So, in our opinion, if you are looking for something more frequent news portals or good news sources, then Google News is collectively the go-to option for you.

Visit: Google News

2. HuffingtonPost (HuffPost)

HuffingtonPost or HuffPost is the American news blog and opinion website with over 110 Million unique monthly visits. It’s available in many international and localized editions for its wide variety of readers. It provides Breaking News as well as stories on Politics, Lifestyle, entertainment, and personal real stories of people as well. This made HuffPost a very popular news website not only in the US but also all over the world. Thus, with all the name and fame of HuffPost, it grasps the second position on our list.

Visit: HuffPost 

3. New York Times

New York Times is one of the oldest and the popular newspapers around the world, with over 70 Million unique monthly visits on the website. Similar to HuffPost, it also has both international and localized newspaper editions to satisfy its humungous readership and subscriber base. It covers all the frequent Breaking News and a wide variety of stories on the topics related to Tech, Science, health, Sports, Business, Real estate, and whatnot.

So, in our opinion, it’s a complete package for regular newsreaders as well as particular section readers all across the globe.

Visit: New York Times 

4. CNN

CNN is another popular news website based in America, with over 95 Million unique monthly visits. It also covers all the Breaking News and stories related to Business, Health, Entertainment, Travel, Style, Sports, and Tech (CNN underscored).

Not only this, but it also has its TV News channel mainly owned by AT&T’s WarnerMedia. So, yes, we can say this is the first Mainstream News media group on our best news websites list.

Visit: CNN 

5. The Guardian

The Guardian is the British daily newspaper founded in 1821, now with 42 Million unique monthly visits on the website. It is one of the leading news websites in the world, with its ever-growing subscriber base and readership. Also, with its sister paper “The Observer” which only publishes on Sundays, the Guardian Media Group is constantly making both the platforms useful and exciting for the readers. The Guardian provides Breaking News, World News, and stories related to the topics of Sports, Culture, Lifestyle, Science, and much more.

So, if you are always into something new and fresh then, you must subscribe to The Guardian news website.

Visit: The Guardian

6. Fox News

Fox News is the American TV News channel with 65 Million unique monthly visits on the website. Owned by the Fox News Group – Fox news website is doing Amazing in terms of its readership. They provide a wide variety of Breaking News and stories on Politics, Entertainment, Business, lifestyle, and billionaires.

Visit: Fox News

7. Daily Mail Online

Daily Mail Online or Mail Online is the British daily middle-market newspaper published as a tabloid format in London. Originally founded in 1896, Daily Mail online now has 53 Million unique monthly visits. It is one of the popular British news websites that provides Breaking News and stories on various sections such as Health, Sports, Science, Money, and Travel.

So, if you find yourself leaning towards more such content, then you can surely subscribe to this British tabloid format news website.

Visit: Daily Mail Online

8. NBC News

NBC News website is the news division of America’s Broadcasting television Network NBC. It is one of the most popular news websites in America, with over 63 Million unique monthly visits on the site. It provides Breaking News on live events such as elections, and topics related to Business, world, health, and sports.

So, if you want to stay updated all the time with live updates, then there is nothing better than the NBC news website.

Visit: NBC News

9. The Washington Post

The Washington Post is the iconic American Daily Newspaper with over 47 Million unique monthly visits on the website. It has won more than 45 Pulitzer Prizes and still counting. The Washington Post has expertise in providing all the Breaking News, World News, Live Updates, and also news on Military actions and various virus attacks related to health. Currently, it is one of the favourite newspapers of all-American businessmen and the President.

Visit: The Washington Post 

10. BBC News

Well, BBC News needs no introduction. It is one of the world’s most popular news websites, with over 35 Million unique monthly visits on the site.

Headquartered in London (UK), BBC provides all the major Breaking News from all over the world. It also covers stories related to the topics of Tech, Business, Entertainment, Arts, Science, and whatnot.  So, if this is something that interests you the most, you must subscribe to it.

Visit: BBC News

11. Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

Wall Street Journal is a very renowned business-focused international daily newspaper, with over 40 Million unique monthly visits on the website. It is widely read and appreciated by the business-minded people or better if we say, business-oriented readers all across the globe. Available in Chinese, English, and Japanese edition, wall street journal provides the readers with all the breaking news related to the finance industry. Not only that, but it also provides news on topics related to Tech, Politics, Economy, life & art, Real estate, and much more.

Visit: Wall Street Journal

12. USA Today

As the name suggests USA Today is the internationally known American daily middle-market newspaper, with over 34 Million unique monthly visits on the site. USA Today provides readers with all the latest world and US news and also news on topics related to sports, entertainment, life, tech, travel, and money. So, if you live in the US or even if you don’t, but their style of news interests you. Then you must subscribe USA today.

Visit: USA Today

Conclusion: So, these were the 12 Best Most popular news websites for the year. If you find it helpful, or you subscribed to any of these, then do let us know about your experience in the comment section below. We would love to hear that.

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