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  1. Victor says:

    Gionee P5WW getting this message when trying to restore my imei number
    The message is ” this command is not allowed in userbuild

  2. afees says:

    Please I have entry all the way written to get an IMEI code but I couldn’t use it
    Is there any other way I can get my IMEI code

  3. hollax says:

    My phone has been stolen and I need to get the imei which I don’t know

  4. alex says:

    Hey sir my imei is null and my phone doesn’t go on the network please I tried all the possible ways but didn’t get it right on a phone galaxy s11 please help


    my phone is spreadtrum and it is refusing to restore imei number for two days now…..i have tried installing many apps but nothing seen to work.including SPD APP BUT NOTHING……WHAT CAN I DO TO RESTORE THE NUMBER PLEASE HELP………….

    • Aditya Ranjan says:

      i think you should try to reinstall the stock rom of your device and later on flash the through twrp recovery.

  6. Aditya Ranjan says:

    hello there thanks for the information.
    but i have a coolpad note 3 lite which is running on lineageos 14.1. none of the dual sims are working and if i check imei it says null. i tried and tried but it remained null. please assist me.

  7. Jide says:

    I tried above method still writing ” command sent :

  8. ravid ghani says:

    my phone shows the error. ” not registered on network” can this problem be solved by any of above methods

  9. akinss says:

    sir when i am doing this it say – this comannd
    is not allowed in userbuild what to do in my infinix x600 lite

  10. Madegowda N says:

    I have tried from this *#*#3646633#*#*
    I didn’t get any options….

  11. Royal says:

    need help on method 3. After selecting key input it require me to input value.its a sumsung GT-18160

  12. kedar says:

    using these technique can we find stolen mobile, if yes the can you please explain me how

  13. adugna says:

    sir i have huawei y 360 model phone and i have lost my imei number after reset factory……. then after i followed allies your steps….. but not work after dowenlad mtk apps…. what shall i do…. please help me…. give some other option

  14. Cjo says:

    I bought a Galaxy s7 from someone ..I checked a couple sites for an imei check.. It came out clean on all them but when I tried to activate the phone it turns out it’s blacklisted on Sprint and I can’t use it.. What can I do ?

  15. Abel says:

    I don’t even recognize my imei number. when can I get it

  16. Amos mutai says:

    Please could you assist in recovering network of this phone “359975075803015” Y2

  17. malcolm says:

    hello, how do you do steps 4 and 5 of the second method?

  18. Thirumal says:

    I tried above methods nothing is useful please tell any other methods and tell why my mobile can’t show CDs information in engineer mode? 😢 Moto c plus

  19. Chilekwa D Endless says:

    I have downloaded the MKT engeneering mode,but when I try to open it it’s says thank ,Em an advanced debug mode,if you want to entry the Em please entry the developer options at I don’t understand please help

  20. Kaitinlal Chongloi says:

    Please help me i dial *#*#4636#*#* then got phone information, there i disable DSDS acidentally then i could not find my dual sim setting, how can i get it back

  21. Kanchan says:

    Please help it shows “AT command failed to send” what should I do?

  22. kath says:

    my phone has been stolen and switched off how do i get my imei to be able to track it please help if you can

  23. Shahid says:

    Hello .
    I brought a samsung Note 8 device
    The device misbehaves alot like the gyroscope dosent works sometimes but when i restart the device it works fine.
    The firmware is also not the official one.
    So if i goto a software lab and install official firmware maybe my IMEI will Wipe and i could not use a Network Carrier
    I checked the IMEI it says it has been registered to another phone.
    Idk what to do and how to get back my original IMEI for My phone.

    Plzz guide me in this regards i will be very grateful to you

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