Is Snapchat Account Deleted? Look Ways Recover

Have you Deleted Snapchat Account and Want to Restore it Back. Here is the Comprehensive Guide to Recover Deleted Snapchat Account.

Snapchat is a popular social media platform known for its ephemeral nature, allowing users to share photos and videos that disappear after a while. If you get bored of sending snaps, you may end up deleting your Snapchat account on impulse.

Later, you may feel like missing out on all the social media action and want to recover your deleted Snapchat account. Does Snapchat offer a way to regain a deleted account? This article will guide you through the steps to retrieve your Snapchat account and bring it back to use.

Reasons Why Your Snapchat Account Was Deleted

Apart from manual deletion, there have been reports from users who discovered that, out of nowhere their Snapchat account had been deleted. There might be some problem from the user’s end that may result in Snapchat taking down the profiles.

Here are a few reasons why Snapchat Deleted your Account

  • Creating fake accounts or impersonating other Snapchat users.
  • Promoting illegal products or services on your profile.
  • Posting explicit content, hate speech, harassing, impersonating, and spamming other users.
  • Your Snapchat account got mass-reported by other users due to spamming or other activities going against the guidelines of the platform.
  • Connecting your Snapchat account with third-party apps banned on Snapchat.
  • Trying to create multiple accounts on Snapchat
  • Implementing bots to spread your presence on Snapchat.
  • Prolonged inactivity on Snapchat will lead to suspension of the account and eventual deletion.
  • Trying to share copyrighted material on your account without permission can cause the account deletion.

I suggest going through the Snapchat community guidelines and adhering to the same while using Snapchat. This will ensure that your account is not suspended or terminated by Snapchat.

How to know if a Snapchat Account is Permanently Deleted?

Here are some signs that indicate a Snapchat account has been permanently deleted:

  • If your previous username is available for registration, it suggests that the account associated with that username has been permanently deleted.
  • Even after implementing Snapchat’s official account recovery processes, if you receive a message stating that it’s impossible to recover the account, it’s gone forever.
  • Upon trying to log in to the Snapchat app or website, you receive a message stating that the account does not exist or the username/password is incorrect.
  • Your friends can’t find you in their friend list on Snapchat.

What Happens if Snapchat Deletes Your Account?

If Snapchat deletes your account or you do the deed manually, your account will be deactivated for 30 days.

During this period, you can try to recover your deleted Snapchat account simply by logging in with account credentials.

NOTE: Once you pass the 30-day mark, your account will be permanently deleted from Snapchat servers. There is no way to recover a deleted Snapchat account after the deactivation period of thirty days.

How to Reactivate your Snapchat Account?

Here are the steps for recovering a deleted Snapchat account:

  1. Go to Snapchat Support.
  2. On the left-hand sidebar, click on Managing My Account.
    managing my account Snapchat
  3. Then click on Delete or Reactivate my Account.
    Snapchat delete or reactivate my account
  4. Next, click on How do I reactivate my account?
    how do i reactivate my Snapchat account
  5. Snapchat will suggest that log in with your username and password to access your account.
    reactivating Snapchat account

NOTE: The above steps will work only when you attempt to log in within 30 days of deactivating your account. Otherwise, you cannot access your profile, as it will be permanently deleted.

Contact Snapchat Support to Reactivate the Account

Get in touch with Snapchat support to reactivate the deleted Snapchat account.

  1. Access Snapchat help.
  2. Click on I can’t Access My Account.
    Snapchat i cannot access my account
  3. Under Oh No Tell Us More, select I see an Error Message when I log in.
    Snapchat I see an error message when I log in
  4. Next, select the type of error you are facing.
    type of error in accessing Snapchat

Accordingly, you will receive an email answer from Snapchat regarding the status of your ticket and the issue with your account.

The only possible way to reactivate an account is to enter the credentials for that profile and log in. Irrespective of whether you have lost your Snapchat account email & password or not, Snapchat support cannot help you in any way to reactivate the account.

How to Recover a Snapchat Account if You Lost Your Password?

If you’ve forgotten your Snapchat password and can’t log in, you can quickly regain access to your lost Snapchat account by following these steps.

  1. Open Snapchat on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on Login to provide your username and password.
  3. Below your login credentials field, tap on Forgot your password.
    forgot snapchat password
  4. Choose whether to recover your Snapchat account using your email or phone number.
  5. If you opt for email, you’ll be directed to a page where you can enter your email address and click submit. Alternatively, you can select the phone option, and the recovery password will be sent to your mobile.
    reset Snapchat password via email
  6. Open your email inbox to receive a recovery link from Snapchat. Follow the instructions on the screen to reset your Snapchat account password.
  7. If you choose the phone recovery method, you’ll receive a password reset link via text message or a phone call to your mobile number. You’ll also receive an OTP (One-Time Password) to confirm your identity. Enter this OTP into Snapchat to reset your password.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Retrieve Deleted Snapchat on iPhone?

If iCloud backs up your iPhone, you can recover your deleted Snapchat data from your iPhone. Please note that this process only applies to iPhone users, and ensure that your iCloud backs up your Snapchat app to proceed.

  • Go to iCloud using your computer.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID to access your iCloud account.
    sign in to iCloud
  • Click the menu button > click on Data Recovery >  select Restore Files.
    recover Snapchat data on iPhone using iCloud

Can you Recover a Permanently Deleted Snapchat account?

NO. After the 30-day deactivation period, your Snapchat account will be removed for good.

Retrieve your Deleted Snapchat Account While Time Lasts

The above methods explained for recovering the deleted Snapchat account work just fine. The only caveat is within the 30-day of deactivation, you must initiate the steps to recover the account. Otherwise, you can never regain access to it. You can always start afresh by creating a new account on Snapchat.

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