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  1. blobb says:

    Hey everyone. Does anywone have a soltion to my problem!! Have you heard about the REFACE APP ? I tried to start it on a android emulator and it works fine.. but I cant accses the app because it want me to take a picture of my face but obiously there is no camera.. so ccan someone help me with like “tricking the the app some how to think it got a picture” I’ll pay of course for the help!!!

    • Admin says:

      Buy the premium subscription, it allows you to upload gallery photos.

  2. blob says:

    Does this version also make the videos or gifs of mine public for anyone to see and use? Or is this version private. I’m looking for software like this one that lets me use a single photo not thousands of still images from a video to use on the gifs. But I don’t it all to be up for grabs by everyone and anyone.

    • Admin says:

      It is totally safe and private do not worry. Use a premium subscription version to get all access.

  3. Zaw zaw says:

    I like application

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