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  1. Angus MacBeef says:

    ‘Andy’ emulator installs a GPU bitcoin miner – why would you recommend this :/

  2. James Piper says:

    Its best to avoid AndyOS and Droid4X as AndyOS installs multiple cryptominers on the users PC after installation and attempts to hide multiple commands hidden in the installation while Droid4X uses Thunder Network, a Suspicious application which was the given name to multiple pieces of malware and has a bad reputation of its own. Its also important to mention that Bliss OS and Prime OS are forks of android x86 and running certain applications can cause crashes due to incorrect hardware.

  3. Martien Verhaeg says:

    Ik vind het heel goede “Android – Emulators”. . {Afz ; M.Verhaeg}. . Greeting’s from me. .

  4. Zakir Ali says:

    my computer ram 1 gb
    proccser 3.6/3.7
    wich is the bast emulater app for my systm

  5. sando says:

    xeplayer android emulator

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