Play Store Fix – “This item isn’t available in your country”

Download the Android apps and items not available in your country from Google Play Store with this best tricks and tips given below.

Google Play Store has its own terms & conditions and follows its own set of policies. It could be frustrating if any useful app is not available for your country. Many apps and items in Play Store may not be available for your country due various reasons listed below.

  • App not yet launched in your country
  • App isn’t compatible with countries demography
  • App is not compatible with countries networks
  • The apps services are not available in your country

    App isn't available in your country

    App isn’t available in your country

The best way to bypass this frustrating issue is to set your location in some other country. You can also download any alternative app which offers apps.  Follow the methods below to fix the issue of item unavailability in your country.

How to Install items/apps Not Available for your Country ?

Method I

  1. Download any of the VPN app listed below on your Android device. (See last)
  2. Select the country where the app is available and connect through VPN.

    SuperVPN Connect and Disconnect

    SuperVPN Connect and Disconnect

  3. Once the connection is securely created, open the Android app settings and clear the App data and the cache of Google Play Store.

    Clear Data and Cache Google Play Store

    Clear Data and Cache Google Play Store

  4. Now open the Google Play Store app and accept the terms of usage.
  5. This step is important one, open any browser like chrome and enter the name of the app which you wish to download.

    Search App in Browser

    Search App in Browser

  6. Click on the Google Play link and open the app in Play Store.
  7. Holla! You can now download the app from Play Store.

    Download the App in your Country

    Download the App in your Country

A video tutorial is also available for the same,

Method II

Download the alternative app store like Play Store for Android is called  AptoideAptoide is similar to Google Play Store offering digital content where you can browse and download the apps. It is like a marketplace app where all the content is available, you need to Google search every time to download the apk file of the app. It presently offers over 300 thousand apps. Aptoide is not available on Play Store because it offends Google’s policy of “No competition clause”.

Links for VPN (Google Play)

Conclusion: I hope the post was helpful, comment below for any assistance required. This post is for information purpose only DigitBin do not endorse any of the app listed above.

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  1. Mark says:

    Excellent article.

  2. Steve says:

    Very resourceful to my cause.

  3. Jay says:

    Awesome buddy … i used lot of vpn and region changer app also to change my location of playstore from UAE to india as i was not able to download 4gvoice app .. i was fedup since last 3days.. used all of my techno knowledge but i couldn’t fix… and here i used your 2nd method and…and…and… …it worked ..awesone buddy
    ..Thanks a lot

  4. hafsa says:

    Can i wait the days to connect the super vbn?

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