Music Piped – Best Youtube Music App Alternative

Music Piped is the best YouTube Music App to stream songs direclty from Google Servers. The App is free to use and elegant in design.

MusicPiped is a free open source music player which lets you stream songs directly from YouTube. Apart from being free it also doesn’t show any Ads and has no API. Thus it functions similar to an Online Music Player, all you need to do is search for your favourite song and start enjoying the music directly from Mammoth Library of YouTube. The App is completely free, lightweight and doesn’t ask for any weird permissions.

Music Piped uses NewPipeExtractor to stream music directly from YT servers so there is no issue of losing your device space. The App has a very intuitive design with all the core features required for making a good Music Player App. The material design of the App gives you a nice user experience. The App works in the background with notification control, unlike YouTube which needs an active screen. Thus, less consumption of battery, data and storage space.

YouTube is one of the biggest video libraries hosting millions of songs. You can practically say, YouTube has all the songs from across the globe. Now, imagine an Android App by which you can access this extensive music accord right on your smartphone. The YouTube Music App as Player which let you listen to Songs on YouTube for Free.

Features of MusicPiped

  • Works Even with the Slow Internet
  • Fast Stream Loads
  • Built with all the features needed in a Player App.
  • Background Playback
  • Notification control
  • Free and No Ads
  • Playlist Creation
  • Artist Based Playlist
  • Track History
  • Light in Weight
  • Elegant and Simple Design

Official Download Page

Features at Glance - Music PipedThe App is developed by XDA Developer who goes by name Deep Gaurav. And if you are truly looking for an App to stream music right from youtube without any issues then MusicPiped is the best fit. And as we know YouTube has all kinds of songs, ranging from official music videos to live performance, and you can avail all this in a single App. The App play songs in the background and also let you download the music for free.

Conclusion: With MusicPiped you can stream music from YouTube directly without any visual play. The App extracts the music in real time a broadcasts it. Music Pipe has all the core features needed to make it the best online music streaming service which works free and with no Ads. A must try App for any music fanatic.

Note: I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or support if needed. I do not endorse the App nor I am affiliated with it in any form.

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    How do I set it to autoplay the next song in my playlist?

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