Invite Friends and Family into WhatsApp Group via link without phone number

Looking for option to add people into invite WhatsApp group but do not have contact number? Here is the simple tip that would help joining.

WhatsApp is most commonly used instant messaging platform around the globe. It’s look and feels is pretty simple, sweet, and straightforward, unlike other messaging apps. Hence, it’s being most used app.

The WhatsApp doesn’t have any username or pin as an identifier, however, it uses the active mobile number for getting an account. Even adding a person to a WhatsApp Group, the admin needs to have the mobile number of participant. But, how about a big collaborative group who are working together but don’t know each other and still wanted to be part of the group.

Here is the tip that would help to add acquaintance people into WhatsApp Group without group admin having their mobile number. All you need is to be the admin of a group and get the WhatsApp Group link (or request existing admin to share the invite link) that need to be shared with the person whom you wanted to add. Follow the steps to guide you through the entire process (only if you’re group admin).

Creating WhatsApp Group Link

Step 1: Open WhatsApp app and enter into the group that you’d like other fellows to be added.

Step 2: Hit on Group name or info.

Step 3: As a group admin, you’d be able to see Add Participants options. Hit on the ‘Add Participants..’.

Step 4: At the top, you’ll see an option as ‘Invite to the group via link’, touch the option.

Step 5: Share the link with desired participants and ask them to access the link in WhatsApp App.

Step 6: The participant will access the link and joins the group.

Step 7: That’s all folks!

The participants would now be the member of WhatsApp group. If you’re not a group admin, the request this group invite link from admin and share it with whomsoever you’d like to be part of group. Cheers!

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