iPhone Battery Not Charging 100%: How To Fix

Are your Facing Issues While Charging your iOS Mobile? Here are the Best Methods to Fix iPhone Not Fully Charging to 100% Problem.

Is your iPhone getting stuck at 80% battery charge and not charging up to 100%? Then in this guide, I am going to tell you why this issue happens and how you can fix it.

If your iPhone is running in iOS 13 or any latest build of iOS, then there is a feature called optimized battery charging. When this feature is enabled, then the battery may charge up to only 80%, and then it will stop charging.

Normally this feature utilizes artificial intelligence to study the pattern of how you use your iPhone every day. I have explained its working in detail in the next section.

How does the Optimized Battery Charging Work?

If, on average, your use requires 80 percent of battery power or less than that, then with optimized battery charging enabled, the iPhone will charge up to 80 percent only.

On the other hand, if you completely exhaust the battery most of the time of usage, then even if the optimized battery charging feature is enabled, you will be able to recharge your iPhone up to 100%. The feature will entirely depend upon how you use your device.

This feature aims to keep the battery health good for a long time to provide efficient usability.  However, most users may require to have a full charge that is 100% battery charge on their iPhone. In this case, we can simply turn off the optimized battery charging feature and have the iPhone charge up to 100%.

Some Other Reasons that Doesn’t Allow your iPhone to Charge Up to 100%

Besides this feature, heating issues can be another reason that may cause your iPhone battery charge to get stuck at 80% and not completely charge up to 100%.

Faulty chargers or faulty charging sockets may cause heating issues. In this situation, the battery gets overheated when it reaches up to 80% of charge; then, it may not charge any further.

While this isn’t a prevalent issue, several iPhone users complain of battery not charging above 80% due to heating problems. Also, Most people put TPU cases or covers on their iPhones.

So when you are trying to charge an iPhone with the cover on it, then that may lead to heating issues. It happens because the heat generated during the charging cannot get dissipated from the vents on the iPhone as it’s covered inside the protective case.

I have mentioned how to disable optimize battery charging on Your iPhone as well as how to deal with battery heating issues and enable your iPhone to charge its battery up to 100%.

Methods to Fix iPhone Battery Not Fully Charging

Disable the optimized battery charging feature

This feature is available on iOS 13 and later builds.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Navigate to Battery and tap on it
    open battery settings
  3. Then tap on Battery health
    tap on Battery health
  4. Under that scroll to the option Optimized Battery Charging
  5. If it’s enabled, tap on the switch beside it to disable it.
    disable optimized battery charging on iOS
  6. You can select Turn off for disabling the feature for a temporary time period(you have to re-enable manually) or Turn off until Tomorrow. The second option will automatically enable the Optimized battery charging feature on the next day.

That’s it. Now you should be able to charge your iPhone completely up to 100%.

Remove the iPhone Cover Before Charging.

Before you put your iPhone on the charge, it is better to remove the protective case from the iPhone. This will help avoid unnecessary heat build-up while charging for a long time. Normally, iPhone takes up to 1 hour or more to charge completely.

If the phone stays inside the cover for a long time, then too much heat may cause the charging process to stutter and get stuck at 80%. So, to get a 100% battery charge, try to remove the iPhone case and put it back once charging is completed.

Make Sure that the Charging Accessories are not Faulty.

As I mentioned before, having a faulty charging brick or connecting socket may cause a heating issue while charging an iPhone. This may cause the battery to charge only up to 80% and not go up to 100% even when the Optimised battery charging feature has been disabled.

Additionally, it may lead to explosions or short circuits that may harm your iPhone. So, you should ensure that the charging accessories are not faulty.

Also, try to put the iPhone on charge at a space that is well-ventilated so that room temperature on a hot day would not add up to the heat generated from battery charging, causing overheat and limiting the battery charge to 80%.

So, these are some of the working solutions that you can try if your iPhone battery is not charging completely up to 100%. I’m sure the issue will be fixed.

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