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  1. Josef says:

    I tried them all, still getting error code 500. Im on a samsung galaxy s6 edge. Id love to get my tinder working again if anyone knows some other solution.

  2. Vonsi says:

    Tried them all w/ my smsung j5 6 still wont work

    • Nikhil says:

      You can use any older version of Tinder app and check for the fix.

  3. Amy M Reed says:

    I have tried all of the things to suggest. Please help i just opened this today and there’s a few i liked and was really talking to like to not lose a possible relationship is there a customer service number.

  4. wilfredo says:

    How do I get an older version of the app?
    When I find the app online, it only offers me one version.
    It says my device is compatible with the app, but I have never gotten it to work.
    I have tried all of the fixes; resetting data, clearing caches, reinstalling the app, and updating google play services. I still get the same error message: “a system issue occurred”.

    • Nikhil says:

      Maybe some system issues. Try APK mirror or uptodown for older apk versions.

  5. Surbhi says:

    I have tried all of them but didn’t able to an open app with fb login. Its having problm in opening with facbook login
    What shud i do now

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes it’s just a caching issue that prevents it logging in on mobile data. Wifi is generally no issue but mobile data hardly ever works. If you’ve tried everything and nothings worked, try this:
    – turn off mobile data
    – if tinder is in ur recent apps close it off completely
    – turn on gprs and load tinder
    – wait until it says ‘no network connection’, obviously because youve turned it off.
    – now turn ur mobile data back on and give it a few seconds to assign ur phones IP, it should then start working again.
    – if this still fails, try swiping to ur matches and wait for that page to load before swiping back to the main app screen, sometimes only then will it start working.

    Basically, theyve just coded the login process poorly.
    Tinder is the only app globally thats notoriously flaky and intermittent at logging in.
    You can also try logging into tinder via web browser instead of the app.
    And in rare occasions, looging into the web app can refresh cached settings in the app on ur phone, and that can fix login issues sometimes.

  7. Flaviu Sîrbu says:

    I Stil get compatibility messages from Tinder but when i look from whom it dosent show nobody. Ivd tried with oder versions or cracked version but Still the same…

  8. tiphanie says:

    my tinder is not logging in this the reply(oops try again later)please help or is it having issues???

  9. david says:

    I was having the “oops” issue on my android phone, but then i tried the facebook login on the web tinder ( and it didn’t work there either.
    I figured it must be an authority issue with Facebook. So i checked my authorised apps and websites and tinder was there looking fine. However sometimes these things can get stuck so i went into the setting and made a change to one of the settings (i stopped tinder seeing my home town) and saved.
    Tinder worked again. Hope that helps you guys too
    ps i still have an issue that Tinder-Facebook won’t work through my 4G wifi hub but at least it works on my phone now.

  10. Bella says:

    Many people have the same problem today (08.01.2019) error 5000 and -1. This is fcking app, not problem with your phone.

  11. René says:

    Login with your phonenumber and not with FB and the problem is solved.

  12. some guy says:

    Getting banned from Tinder can be a permanent thing even if you haven’t broken any rules – they don’t seem to keep ban reasons on record, and the general consensus online is that if enough people report you (even if over nothing) you will be banned. You can try emailing them to ask for the reason or to appeal your innocence, but the chances of being unbanned – or even receiving a reply – are extremely slim. Some articles claim that it is possible, but I have never heard of it happening from any other source.

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