Fix All Gameloop Errors Codes | Installation | Lag Issues

Fix Gameloop TGB Errors for PUBG like Error Code, Lag, Freeze or FPS Drop, Stuck on 98%, Mic Not Working, TGB Gameloop Not Installing and Loading Issues.

PUBG is the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Royale game. PUBG Stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which means unknown players fight in a battle royal mode. The players may either fight as a solo member or in a small group with the winner being the last man alive. The success of the game led to the development of many other similar battle royale games one popularly being Fortnite BR. The game is free to download from Google Play Store for Android.

Gaming Buddy Gameloop by Tencent for Windows who are also the developers of PUBG created the emulator specifically catered towards the game. The Gaming Buddy is able to handle the PUBG mobile and is well optimised to run even on low-end Windows PC. Though there is a PC version of PUBG, it is paid therefore an emulator is a very good option to play the game for free.

Today in this post I will talk about all the possible solutions to fix errors, crashes, lags and loading issues on the Tencent Gaming Buddy for Windows 7/8/10.

Content at Glance

  1. Fix Lag Issues
  2. Loading Stuck on 98%
  3. Fix Voice, Mic and Audio issues
  4. Fix All Error Codes
  5. Failed to Start Engine and Emulator
  6. Update Your Graphics Drivers
  7. Control Key Not Working
  8. Reduce Ping in PUBG Mobile

Troubleshooting Gameloop Errors and Problems

Here are the best fixes for Gameloop TGB errors, loading & installing issues, crashes and more.

1. Fix Lag or FPS Drop Issues on PUBG

The Gameloopuses available resources on the PC to run. As different systems have different hardware and software specs a particular setting may not be helpful for the smooth and clutter-free running of TGB on the PC. Here are the best settings for Lag-Free gameplay. I am giving the best optimisation settings for Windows 10 but you make changes accordingly to your system based on specifications.

Here are the best settings to Fix Lag or freeze Issues on Tencent gaming buddy.

1. Right Click on TBG icon and click on Open File Location.

2. Now look for the File named ‘App Market’, right-click and open Properties.

3. Here click on compatibility tab.

Compatibility Settings

4. Now Under Compatibility Mode select any other lower windows version and right check on the ‘Run this program in this mode’.

If you face any issues click Run Compatibility Troubleshooter and select recommended settings.

5. Also, make sure to select Run the ‘Program as Administrator‘ and hit Apply.

6. If your system is running on Windows 7 download and Install DirectX from Google Search. Win 8/10 have them pre-installed.

7. Close all the Tabs and open TBG, open settings in the TBG.

8. Here Click on Engine, select OpenGL if you have a good GPU and OpenGL+ if a strong graphics processor. And select DirectX for good CPU and DirectX+ if a very strong CPU.

9. Right, check all the boxes available but you have a dedicated GPU card like Nvidia and AMD you can select Priotorise Dedicated GPU. If not then uncheck that box.

10. Keep Anti-aliasing Close, set memory less than your device RAM and keep the resolution low or high based on system hardware specs.

Engine Settings PUBG TBG

11. Now Click on the Game Tab, set resolution HD or SD and display quality as smoothly. Hit Save Button and enjoy the game clutter and lag-free on your PC system.

2. Loading Stuck on 98% Error

This is the second most common issue which users are facing while trying to launch the App and the Apps stocks on loading. I have come up with some of the best possible solutions for the same.

Tweak Windows Defender Settings

First, uninstall the Gaming Buddy by going to the Programs under the Control panel. Now, search for Windows Defender. Here click on Windows Defender Security Center and click on Virus and Threat Protection. Now open Configurations for protection against viruses and threats and Deactivate all the options available.

Once done, go to the downloaded (if deleted download again) Tencent gaming buddy file and click on the .exe file. Before hitting the install button click on the Browse option and delete Emulator Folder if present, create a new Emulator folder and click OK. Install the App and the issue is solved. Done!

Uninstall the Antivirus App

An antivirus App may cause trouble with the loading of codes necessary for the launching of Gaming Buddy. So, it is better to uninstall the App. You can also try to relax the scanning ability of the Anti-Virus by changing the settings of the AV App to protect peripheral data of the system.

Change App Engine

The DirectX and OpenGL have different working conditions, one needs a good CPU while other a good graphics processing unit respectively. So, I recommend you to change the engine and try relaunching the emulator, in most cases the issue is solved if it is due to engine incompatibility.

Delete Temp Folder

You can find the location of the Temp folder in the diagnosis option of the TGB. At the bottom of the diagnosis box, you will see the path. Open the Temp Folder and Delete the temporary file/s. Relaunch the TGB to check if the issue is solved.

3. Fix Voice Chat | Mic Not Working | Audio Issues

This is not an error faced by few but more than 10% gamers in PUBG universe. I have found a simple fix for the same.

Go to Sound Settings on your Windows. Look for App volume and device preferences under Other sound options. Make sure your TG Buddy is open in the background. If so, you will see TBG under the running Apps. Here you will see Input and Output options as Default. Just Change both to the USB device.

Change Default Audio Settings Now right click on Sound Icon → Open Sound → go to Advanced options each time for Playback and Recording. Here untick all the options under Exclusive Mode.

Sound Settings PUBG PC

If you are not able to get output through speakers just make sure drivers installed. After you turn on PUBG mobile minimise it and go to your setting >> sound settings >> increase media volume.

4. TGB Error Code Fix

Error Code 2,3, 5

1. Uninstall the emulator

2. Go to C:/ drive and delete the f0lder which is saved as Tencent in program files. If it shows that some files are in use just add the folder to archive and then delete it

3. Install the emulator again

Error Code

Error Code 31 | Download Failed, Please Retry

  • Open Start Menu
  • Type cmd and run command prompt as Administrator.
  • Paste this code
netsh winsock reset
  • Hit enter and restart the PC.

Method 2

1. Remove all Temp files: Window Key+ R and type TEMP and Hit ENTER and Delete all temp files and also Type %TEMP% and delete all files.

2. Go to Control Panel → User Account → Change your account name → Change name

3. Go to Change your account type → If you are an admin then change it to standard or standard to admin

4. Re-Login and again re-install TGB.

100% CPU Usage

If your CPU still 100% usage, please do these steps:

  • Exit TGB
  • Run TGB
  • Exit TGB again
  • Run It and Done.

5. Failed to Start the Emulator, Failed to Start the Engine (Error Fix)

Download Process Hacker

  • Download and Install Process Hacker.
  • Once installed run the Process Hacker as Administrator
  • Search aow in the search box

Process hacker Fix PUBG

  • You will see a file named aow_***.exe. Just terminate the process.
  • Once the aow file is terminated try to run the PUBG on TGB. The issue will be fixed.

Manual Fix

  • Open TBG and go to settings  Basic and do not click “run at startup” and restart your pc.
  • Now you need to change your emulator file name. Go to “c:/program files” or to the location where your file got installed.
  • You will see a file named TxGameAssistant.
  • Just change the file name. For example, TxGameAssistant@ and start the emulator again.
  • You may encounter some an errors like, Can’t start AOW engine, Stuck on the download at 1% and more.
  • Now Close the emulator and restart your pc again.
  • Finally, change file name to original name and done you will not face any issues. Cheers 🙂

6. Fix Update Your Graphics Driver

If you see an error message saying Update Graphics Driver or Failed to initialize rendering engine. The following solution can help fix the issue.

  1. Download Driver Booster File on your Windows PC.
  2. Open the file and simply click install.
  3. Choose ‘No Thanks’ for Advanced SystemCare and hit Next Button.
  4. Let the Driver Booster get installed on PC.
  5. Now open the App and Scan the system for any outdated Driver.
  6. If there is any you will see the option to update the driver. Just download and update the files.
  7. Once Done! Restart the PC, open TGB and make the setting changes compatible to your device. Done! 🙂

7. Keys Not Working Problem Fix

You can reset the keys on your TBG to fix the issue

  1. Go to the game and find the settings.
  2. Choose the controls and select customize.
  3. Click Reset.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Go to the Tencent Gaming Buddy keymap settings
  6. The KeyMapping Mode and the Gaming Resolution should be the same.
  7. Click reset and then save.

8. High Ping Issue

Learn: How to Reduce Ping on PUBG Mobile

Change the Network


Ping does not depend on internet speeds but it depends on server response for the request sent from the mobile. An internet with low speeds but having fast response time will have low ping while an internet with high speed but having a low server response will have high Ping. So try to just change your network, switch data card, connect to a different Hotspot or Change your ISP and see if the network response is high and ping is low for smoother gameplay.

2. Change Location

A network consists of a number of intricate factors which can cause the ping to fluctuate. The location of your mobile or router is also one such factor which can cause high ping. So just try to change your location while playing the game. Look for places less crowded with objects, try playing closer to the router, change router location and play the game if possible at higher elevations in your house.

5. Change DNS Servers


Changing DNS Servers is not a very effective means to reduce the ping directly but can help to speed up the amount of time it takes to resolve a domain nameservers. Thus changing the DNS can at times help to reduce ping indirectly. Most of the devices have built-in DNS option in the setting also there are a number of apps on the Play Store which help in changing the DNS, you can try the popular DNS Changer App or Net Optimizerthis will do the trick. You can test the best DNS available based on your location and network to fix lag and reduce latency (ping time) on online games for the better gaming experience.

PUBG Not Working on Tencent Buddy

If the PUBG Mobile is unable to load or causing the problem with the installation you can try a different emulator like Bluestacks, Nox Player. The emulator is capable of handling heavy games and download PUBG mobile from Play Store directly onto the emulator.

Read: Best PUBG Emulator for PC for Windows and Mac

How to Install and Use PUBG On Nox Player?

1. Download and install Nox Player from the Official Site. The process will take a few clicks.

2. Once successfully installed you will see the Play Store App on the main screen of the Nox Player.

3. Open the Google Store and log in with your Google ID and Password.

4. Search for the PUBG game and install it on the emulator.

5. Open the game and enjoy it on PC for free. Done!

Download Nox Player | Free

PUBG Account Ban

There is no way to fix PUBG Ban apart from waiting till the Ban uplifts or using any other login Account. Short-term bans for 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, etc. are for inappropriate behaviour, teamkilling, teaming, etc. Any cheating, inappropriate programs, bug abuse, etc. can result in a permanent ban.

Conclusion: I hope with the solutions above you can solve all the issues and errors faced on TGB for PUBG Mobile. I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or if needed.

If you've any thoughts on Fix All Gameloop Errors Codes | Installation | Lag Issues, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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  1. Praval Sharma says:

    My emulator is start but the screen is written by PUBG A BLUEWHOLE COMPANY
    AND STOP it is not working PLZ reply

    • Nikhil says:

      You are installing old APK and OBB because Bluehole Company is 6 months old. Now PUBG works on Krafton game union. Please download the resources from TGB emulator. The issue will be solved.

  2. CARNAGE says:

    I downloaded call of duty on my tgb but the graphics gets deformed on opening
    Like it shows activision partly sideways and inverted.
    Help please!

    • Nikhil says:

      Make the graphics setting compatible with your system. It will work.

  3. Saif says:

    Fix ‘Sorry, Failed To Install Turbo Aow Engine’ i delete all temp i tried all the solutions in the end does not work remains the same problem i want install game loop again please help me

    • Nikhil says:

      Just disable all the Antivirus! It helps 🙂

  4. hamza bodla says:

    i lost my data of international server how can i recover it . If anyone know please tell me the solution

    • Nikhil says:

      You just need to log in with the Social ID and progress will be retrived

  5. Sworup says:

    My stucks when (compiling file) after downloading resourses. please help me to play pubg on my pc

    • Nikhil says:

      You seem to be installing the obb data file manually. Make sure you place the obb file with right folder name. Then restart, the game and the issue will be fixed.

  6. AbdulrRehman ZAI says:

    Hi there people,
    So sir I am having a problem with my gameloop it was working great since i downloaded tencent but now my games stopped working for me and asking for update i updated my Gameloop and in the result of that my Gameloop is looking nice in new update but the problem is I dont know what is going on screen, because everything there is written in Chinese and i tried to change the language by taking a look on google but there is no other languages available right now….. kindly help me on this issue if there is any possible solution because I am completely screwed up.
    Thanks In Advance.

    • Nikhil says:

      reinstall the application.

  7. Mohamed ZERROUKI says:

    what about error code 6 … any solutions??

  8. Kushagra says:

    showing Abnormal environment error and game is starting after 4-5min on clicking play button but Android emulator is running in background but game is still not running, opened after 4-5 min i have 1660ti, ryzen 2600x, any solution?

  9. rohitbhatt says:

    i cannot click or fire in game after update but fire works in TDM warehouse

  10. Mr.Yami says:

    i install other games. but, why other games don’t start? it always says,”Cannot start (Game)*.”

    • Nikhil says:

      There are some limitations to TGB Gameloop

  11. EviLSPiRiT says:

    Please help me , every time I play a game after a while it says ” unfortunately , system UI has been stopped”

  12. vikas says:

    my gameloop don’t able to install Tarbo AOW Engien

  13. danish sheikh says:

    how to solve this error 50D0D4309FD625CA4CC18D5F1B5F5726

  14. Hassaan says:

    I can’t login from my facebook account please help everytime i try to login from facebook its say login failed i try to uss twitter can’t login from there also

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    tancent app is opening but when i try to download pubg it is showing “wait for download”

  16. Siam Rahman says:



  17. drushya says:

    we were playing freefire, after somedays they asked for updation of the game loop and after that it shows loading but when it reaches 98% it stops.

  18. gcmudasir says:

    my emulator not working proper and my facebook id is not login

  19. Ravikumar says:

    Server did not respond error comes when enemies nearby even the ping is less than 120ms

  20. ibrahim says:

    How to Fix PUBG Can’t jump Problem in Tencent Gaming Buddy

  21. mahmoor says:

    gameloop tell to update graphic drive and i updated it but it again showing it

  22. Shirshak Roy says:

    I am facing a problem that it is showing ERROR CODE 1. I tried using the given method(tried to put @ at the end od txgameassistant but it is not renaming , it is showing an error that it is open elsewhere ). I restarted the laptop still the same problem is coming that “FAILED TO START THE EMULATOR”.

  23. manpreet singh says:

    my whole laptop restarts when the pubg installing is done and after restart again downloading paused at 100 percent and the same procedure is going on. plz help me to solve this

  24. Aniket says:

    my pubg installation failed in gameloop , can I again reinstall it without downloading it once more

  25. Jayanth says:

    After opening the game I can’t see anything it’s blur I can’t click any thing in blue screen

  26. ARP says:

    when Installing it shows Invalid APK Any help

  27. atomic a says:

    blue screen

  28. akio says:

    its not opening in my desktop please help i download that but it not installimg

  29. hamza says:

    i am facing a problem that is showing engine installation failed please reinstall

  30. mesterSonu says:

    Failed to login. Please try again error ID 5353732400 number 6398893069

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