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Download PUBG on PC and play the popular multiplayer online game on your Windows or Mac Computer. You can play for free or get a paid version

PUBG is the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. PUBG Stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which means unknown players fight in a battle royal mode. The game is very popular and has more than 400 million installs with 20 million active daily users. The PUBG is compatible to play on Xbox One, Android, iOS and Windows with Play Station 4 support in near future.

The players may either fight as a solo member or in a small group with the winner being the last man alive. The success of the game led to the development of many other similar battle royale games one popularly being Fortnite. Tencent the publisher of the game regular releases the updates related to improvements and new features for the game.

The game is free to download from Google Play Store for Android and also the developers released a lite version of the game for mid-range smartphones. Today in this post I will tell you all the methods to download and play PUBG on Laptop PC and enjoy the most popular online multiplayer game on the big screen.

What is PlayerUnknown’s Battleground PUBG?

It is an online multiplayer shooter game, the players have to locate the weapons, vehicles and kill every player in the battleground that shrinks with time. The players can fight as a team or can jump into combat individually. The game runs on powerful Unreal Engine 4 gives you a visual treat with rich detail, realistic gameplay effects and a massive HD map for Battle Royale. PUBG is the best MOBA game with good quality 7.1 surround sound and stunning 3D audiovisual animation.

Features of PUBG

  • High-quality Graphics and HD Audio
  • Realistic Weapons
  • Fight as a team
  • Real life inspired battlefields.
  • Anti-cheat technology keeps the game fair and simple.
  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Stunning Animation
  • Clutter-Free Motion
  • Huge Map for Gameplay
  • Can Play as a Team or as a single survival mode
  • Lite Version for low-end smartphones

Download and Install PUBG on Computer PC

Download the PUBG on Windows and Mac PC legally with the methods listed below. The PUBG can be easily installed on Windows but for Mac, you need to work around. The game is on rage and is highly addictive in nature. The gameplay and features on PUBG PC are more or less similar to PUBG Mobile but the big difference is, PUBG Mobile is free while the PC version is paid.

Here are the best ways to download and PUBG on PC.

Download PUBG Mobile on PC with Tencent Gaming Buddy

Playing PUBG Mobile on Windows PC is very simple and easy. All you need is an emulator which can handle the play on your system smoothly. Gaming Buddy by Tencent for Windows who are also the developers of PUBG created the emulator specifically catered towards the game. The Gaming Buddy is able to handle the PUBG mobile and is well optimised to run even on low-end Windows PC. Though there is a PC version of PUBG, it is paid therefore an emulator is a very good option to play the game for free.

Gaming Buddy for PUBG Mobile

Gaming Buddy for PUBG Mobile

It is important to note that if you are on the emulator then you will only be paired with other players who are using the emulator to avoid matchmaking issues. And also depending on the power of your system the resolution can be changed as 720p, 1080p, and 2K.

Min System Requirements

  • Windows 7 and above
  • CPU: Dual-core from Intel | AMD @1.8Ghz
  • GPU: Basic NVIDIA GeForce | AMD Radeon
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 2 GB of free storage

How to Download the PUBG Mobile on the Gaming Buddy?

1. Head Over to Gaming Buddy Tencent Website.

2. Download and Install the EXE file on your Windows PC.

3. Open the emulator and it will start downloading the files required to play PUBG mobile on PC.

4. Open the game and start playing on the PC with direct controls to keypad and mouse clicks.

4. You will also regularly receive updates for the App which makes it the best place to play the PUBG.

If you want to carry over your progress from your mobile device, log in using the same Facebook or Twitter account on both platforms.

Tencent Gaming Buddy | Free

Control, Settings and Miscellaneous Information

PUBG Mobile Controls on Buddy

The default key mapping for PUBG Mobile on the Buddy App is pretty solid and makes the gameplay easy. These are the default controls which are ready to use after fresh install.

  • Button W – A – S – D | Directionals Keys: To Move
  • Left Click: Fire and Punch
  • Right Click: ADS (Aim)
  • Spacebar: Jump, swim
  • Keys 4, 5, 6: Throwable Items
  • Keys 7, 8, 9, 0: Healing Items
  • Key F1: Displays controls
  • Alt: Free Look
  • Key C: Crouch
  • Key Z: Prone
  • Shift: Sprint

Press the keyboard button on the top-right of the display in case if you wish to change the controls

Enhancing Games Performance

You can improve the performance of the game by tweaking the Buddy settings, as the emulator is still in Beta Phase there is much for room improvement. In the settings, you can set the resolution as SD (720p), HD (1080p) or 2K. Also, you can set the display quality as Auto, Smooth, Balance or HD. It is better you do not make any changes to the engine settings if you do not have much knowledge. The game works smoothly on a low-end system and requires basic specs to clutter free play.

Download and Install PUBG on the Steam App

PUBG PC version is exclusively available for Windows and as I said earlier it is paid, unlike PUBG Mobile which is free to Play. The PC Version is not a standalone App which can be directly installed on Windows but you need a Steam App and buy the game for $30.

Min System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7 and above (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 | AMD FX-6300
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 960 2GB | AMD R7 370 2GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 30 GB available space

How to Download and Install PUBG on Steam App?

1. Go to the PUBG Product Page.

2. Add the item to Cart

3. Make payment and buy the PUBG Game

4. Download and install the Steam Now App if not already installed. (Few Click Process)

5. Log in to Steam App

6. Now click on the library and select the PUBG Game

7. Click on Play and let the game download.

8. After the game is downloaded, click play again.

9. Now install the game by clicking few YES and AGREE options on the Steam Client App.

10. Once the game is successfully installed. Enjoy the game. Cheers!

Download Steam Now App | Paid

Below are the default Controls for the PUBG on the Steam App. The PUBG PC version is similar to the PUBG Mobile with some gameplay differences.

PUBG Control Mapping

PUBG Control Mapping

Download PUBG on Mac using Nvidia GeForce Now

You can play PUBG on Mac using GeForce Now. GeForce is a cloud-based service which lets you play the games like Fortnite or PUBG. The game is played on the GeForce server, while your computer serves as a monitor. So, the processing and graphics handling is done by the servers itself and you just have to control the game on the screen. Thus reducing the load on the hardware of your Mac. As the game is not yet released for the Mac, the GeForce Now is the best option to play the game on your Apple Mac Book.

GeForce Now for Mac

GeForce Now for Mac

All you need a very good internet speed and everything is controlled servers. You need to buy the game on the on the Steam which is $3o of worth and log in with the steam account on GeForce Now App to enjoy the game. As I said the game runs on the cloud, therefore, a basic Mac computer is enough to play.

Min Requirements

  • 25 Mbps Internet
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Basic Computer System

How to Install and Use PUBG on GeForce Now?

1. Connect your Mac with a very good Internet with min speed up to 25 Mbps.

2. Install GeForce Now on the Mac with simple double-click process.

3. Make adjustments for the play by going to the Settings in GeForce app. Turn on the Ultra Streaming Mode to minimize power consumption giving better gaming experience but little poor visual play.

4. In the App, you will see a number of games including PUBG, login to Steam Account in case if you already bought the game. If not create a Steam Account and buy the PUBG for $30.

5. Once Done enjoy the game. Cheers!

Download Nvidia GeForce Now | Paid

Download PUBG Mobile on Nox Player for PC

Nox Player is the of the best Android Emulator for Windows and Mac. The only motive behind the development of the emulator is for playing games. Nox6 can handle high FPS games without any clutter and supports keypad, gamepad and scripts. Nox Player would turn out to be the best place to play the PUBG on Windows or Mac, though it may take some time for you to get acquainted with the controls. You can customise the controls in the settings and also optimise the quality in case if you feel the graphics are higher than your PC standards.

How to Install and Use Nox Player?

1. Download and install Nox Player from the Official Site. The process will take a few clicks.

2. Once successfully installed you will see the Play Store App on the main screen of the Nox Player.

3. Open the Google Store and log in with your Google ID and Password.

4. Search for the PUBG game and install it on the emulator.

5. Open the game and Enjoy it on Windows or Mac for free. Done!

Download Nox Player | Free

Conclusion: Download and install PUBG on Windows and Mac legally and safely. There are two versions of the game, one for Mobile and one for PC, you can play both on your PC using emulators and 3rd party clients. The game runs fairly smoothly but it is preferable you play the game on Computer with latest hardware and software installed to have a clutter-free gaming experience.  Tencent Gaming Buddy which is particularly catered for playing PUBG Mobile even on the low-end PC while Steam may need some good hardware specs. GeForce Now works on cloud servers, therefore, a basic system is enough for playing a high-end game.

DigitBin is not affiliated with the game or software. I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any suggestions or support. Cheers!

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