How to Download PUBG Mobile on Chromebook?

Download PUBG Mobile on Chromebook and Chrome OS devices for free from Play Store Support or by Sideloading the APK file.

PUBG is the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. PUBG Stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which means unknown players fight in a battle royal mode. The game is very popular and has more than 500 million installs with 25 million active daily users. The PUBG is compatible to play on Chrome OS, Chromebook, Xbox One, Android, iOS and Windows with Play Station 4 support in near future.

The players may either fight as a solo member or in a small group with the winner being the last man alive. The success of the game led to the development of many other similar battle royale games one popularly being Fortnite. Tencent the publisher of the game regular releases the updates related to improvements and new features for the game.

What is PlayerUnknown’s Battleground PUBG?

It is an online multiplayer shooter game, the players have to locate the weapons, vehicles and kill every player in the battleground that shrinks with time. The players can fight as a team or can jump into combat individually. The game runs on powerful Unreal Engine 4 gives you a visual treat with rich detail, realistic gameplay effects and a massive HD map for Battle Royale. PUBG is the best MOBA game with good quality 7.1 surround sound and stunning 3D audiovisual animation.

Features of PUBG

  • High-quality Graphics and HD Audio
  • Realistic Weapons
  • Fight as a team
  • Real life inspired battlefields.
  • Anti-cheat technology keeps the game fair and simple.
  • 7.1 Surround SoundStunning Animation
  • Clutter-Free Motion
  • Huge Map for Gameplay
  • Can Play as a Team or as a single survival mode
  • Lite Version for low-end smartphones

Download and Install PUBG Mobile on Chromebook

Recently many Chromebooks have started supporting PUBG Mobile. You can download and install the game directly from the Play Store. But many manufacturers have not yet made it available for the CBook. Today I will tell you how to get PUBG Mobile for free if it is not available on Play Store.

Steps to Download and Install PUBG Mobile on Chromebook

1. Enable Developer Mode in Chromebook. (See Below)

2. You’ll now need to enable apps from “Unknown Sources” on the Android settings screen on your Chromebook.

To do so go to, Chrome OS → App Settings link under Android Apps → Security → Enable Unknown Sources

3. You will need to Install File Manager from Google Play (See Below).

4. Download the PUBG Mobile from APKPure or similar sites.

4. Open the file manager app and go to the downloaded APK? file.

5. Select the “Package Installer” app and install the APK.

ReadDownload PUBG on Windows PC and Mac?

How to Enable Developers Mode?

Your Chromebook data will be reset.

  1. Press hold the Esc and Refresh button simultaneously and then, press the Power button.
  2. Chromebook will boot with a message “Chrome OS is missing or damaged”. Now press Ctrl+D.
  3. In next page, press Enter to “Turn OS Verification Off”.
  4. Chromebook will restart. You can press Ctrl+D to start the process or wait for the OS to start things itself after a beep.
  5. Chrome OS will then begin transitioning to Developer Mode.
  6. The computer will then start “Preparing system for Developer Mode”.Chrome Developer Mode
  7. After a while, you will be in the Chrome Home Screen with Developers Mode Enabled.

Note: To turn off Developer Mode on Chrome OS, you can press the “Space” button at the start-up screen.

How to Download Google Play Store in Chromebook?

After downloading the Play Store if the Game is available then you can proceed forward without any manual APK sideloading.

  1. Go to Chromebook Settings and hit “About Chrome OS” button.
  2. Then Click on “More Info“.
  3. You will see “Change Channel“ open it.
  4.  Select “Developer – unstable“.
  5. Chrome OS will start downloading the latest developer channel Chrome OS build.Chromebook Play Store
  6. Once the download is over you will find a “Restart to update” button in the status area. After the Chromebook restarts, you will find a Play Store icon in the bottom shelf.
  7. To enable Android App support on Chromebook, go to Settings → Enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook.
  8. Open Play Store and Download the PUBG Mobile if available or get it manually from the steps above.

Conclusion: I hope with the steps above you are able to download PUBG Mobile for Free on your Chromebook via Play Store or Manual Sideload. The app is able to run on Chrome OS without any issues. If you need some more help. Do comment below for any assistance or support. Cheers.

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