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  1. @mubeen 6311 says:

    My new uploaded video are not showing to others

  2. Hickmat Sidik says:

    I can’t type and my keyboard doesn’t appear only on it

  3. Arthas says:

    It says “Couldnt download music” when i try to put music on my video.

  4. Sultan says:

    My tiktok account was active but it does not show in my tiktok app. And another new account was displayed. How to recover my old tiktok account. And also i don’t know my password. Please help me…

  5. Sheryl Cruz says:

    I cannot open my tiktok

  6. Siyal says:

    I am Unable to watch live videos of other users, whom i am following. I don’t receive any notification and facing the error from the last few weeks “server upgrading: please try again.

  7. Mobolaji says:

    My effect don’t load at all times when I want to shoot a video

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