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  1. Nazeemanizar says:

    My fans is actually 741 but almost all the tym it shows 695…i have restarted my phone updated the tik tok and also cleared cache..but still the problem is pending

  2. Hayden says:

    Why would I need or want to clear my data ?

  3. Tik Tok old version says:

    I love new name and new interface of this app. But latest version keeps crashing on my phone.. 🙁 I rolled back to an older version, and it working again.. 🙂

  4. Anum says:

    my tik tok face filtets are not working properly… And i report many time on tik tok but cant give reply… Trending filter number 2 is not work.. My face covered to a color ball dont move here n there and my face is not appear to camera

  5. ASHWINI SEKAR says:

    Speed feature is not displaying in my tiktok. when I upload video

  6. Britto says:

    Anyone know why I can’t follow others and also can’t like

    • Jerlene says:

      Hi you deleted my Tik Tok account plz put is back my sound is jerjerliamkk

  7. vikas kumar mishra says:

    i can not upload my video my phone is samsung j1

    • Nikhil says:

      I think you didn’tt grant storage permission to the App.

  8. kusuba says:

    there are errors while uploading video…pls suggest me how to get back to it…

  9. Mafi Hasan says:

    I cant posting my videos. When I am trying to post a video there is a network error but my all networks was perfect..!!

  10. Manu says:

    My tik tok account is not opening it requires any password to open

    • Nikhil says:

      try resetting password

  11. Jensonchirayath says:

    How to upload 3 minutes video

  12. Wolfie says:

    I have a problem of have an lg and it won’t let me make tic toks at all I can press the play button but it does nothing it doesn’t recore

  13. sowmi says:

    Network connect error in my tiktok account,even my network is fine, i want my videos back,please help me?

  14. Abdullah shahbaz says:

    I Have many issues in my Tiktok account whenever I opened my account it shows less views less hearts of my account and I failed to follow any Person ….I tried many times but failed again and again

    • Nikhil says:

      Try Lite version of Tik Tok

  15. Riya says:

    Request of my fans are not showing

  16. Shameer_bhn says:

    എൻറെ ടിക്ടോക് അക്കൗണ്ട് ഓപ്പൺ ആക്കാൻ പറ്റുന്നില്ല പ്ലീസ് ഒന്ന് സഹായിക്കുമോ

  17. Injla.bhat says:

    My tiktok id is not working.. can’t opn my videos and other videos of following person…there come a network issue but i try from evry where can’t open.i hsve all the thimgs plzz tell me how can i opn

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