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  1. Nazeemanizar says:

    My fans is actually 741 but almost all the tym it shows 695…i have restarted my phone updated the tik tok and also cleared cache..but still the problem is pending

    • dylan miller says:

      the slide test box when you sign up to make an account turns white whenever I try to slide it

  2. Hayden says:

    Why would I need or want to clear my data ?

  3. Tik Tok old version says:

    I love new name and new interface of this app. But latest version keeps crashing on my phone.. 🙁 I rolled back to an older version, and it working again.. 🙂

  4. Anum says:

    my tik tok face filtets are not working properly… And i report many time on tik tok but cant give reply… Trending filter number 2 is not work.. My face covered to a color ball dont move here n there and my face is not appear to camera

  5. ASHWINI SEKAR says:

    Speed feature is not displaying in my tiktok. when I upload video

  6. Britto says:

    Anyone know why I can’t follow others and also can’t like

    • Jerlene says:

      Hi you deleted my Tik Tok account plz put is back my sound is jerjerliamkk

    • hithere says:

      ya i cant do that either and all my videos arent showing up

  7. vikas kumar mishra says:

    i can not upload my video my phone is samsung j1

    • Nikhil says:

      I think you didn’tt grant storage permission to the App.

  8. kusuba says:

    there are errors while uploading video…pls suggest me how to get back to it…

  9. Mafi Hasan says:

    I cant posting my videos. When I am trying to post a video there is a network error but my all networks was perfect..!!

  10. Manu says:

    My tik tok account is not opening it requires any password to open

    • Nikhil says:

      try resetting password

  11. Jensonchirayath says:

    How to upload 3 minutes video

  12. Wolfie says:

    I have a problem of have an lg and it won’t let me make tic toks at all I can press the play button but it does nothing it doesn’t recore

  13. sowmi says:

    Network connect error in my tiktok account,even my network is fine, i want my videos back,please help me?

  14. Abdullah shahbaz says:

    I Have many issues in my Tiktok account whenever I opened my account it shows less views less hearts of my account and I failed to follow any Person ….I tried many times but failed again and again

    • Nikhil says:

      Try Lite version of Tik Tok

  15. Riya says:

    Request of my fans are not showing

  16. Shameer_bhn says:

    എൻറെ ടിക്ടോക് അക്കൗണ്ട് ഓപ്പൺ ആക്കാൻ പറ്റുന്നില്ല പ്ലീസ് ഒന്ന് സഹായിക്കുമോ

  17. Injla.bhat says:

    My tiktok id is not working.. can’t opn my videos and other videos of following person…there come a network issue but i try from evry where can’t open.i hsve all the thimgs plzz tell me how can i opn

  18. Divadevan says:

    Why can’t i sign into my account after the app updated? I can’t even be searched as a user

  19. Mayme Lao says:

    Why can’t other users view my video? I set it to public but every time someone will search my orofile it sayd no video content

  20. Manan negi says:

    My tik tok video is not uploading above 60%.

    • Nikhil says:

      Try tik tok lite and check for the issue.

  21. says:

    Everytime I get new followers it doesn’t show up on my homepage, however it does show up on my notifications, how do I fix this

    • Nikhil says:

      It may be a glitch try lite version and check for the same.

  22. Name says:

    My tiktok wallet is not opening

  23. Lalana says:

    My likes are stopped at 1.ok,notifications are coming but likes are not increasing…I have reported my problem many times but no response….Plzz reply for this msg

  24. Sammu says:

    The videos are not posting to public, even the account is set to public account. Why

  25. Kanchan Sharma says:

    same Problem, My videos are not posting Public even My account is public account, Only followers can like my video not others. please give reply. why is this doing.

  26. Jamie says:

    I’m trying to sing a song of my own and you can’t hear my voice. I turn the volume all the way up and it still doesn’t work. Why?

    • Nikhil says:

      Maybe the App permissions are missing.

  27. Venkatesh nargana says:

    Even my account is a public one ,no one can’t see my videos except my followers suddenly it happened. Likes are utterly fall down.
    Pls help me in this regard

    • gourav says:

      my tiktok account is a public but no one can see my videos except my followers please help me what to do this happens with me 2 times

  28. srinu yadav says:

    my tik tok account blocked so please unblock my account @tilluyadav823

  29. Akhil raj says:

    My tiktok account is a public one but no one can’t see my videos except my followers Pls help me what to do

    • Nikhil says:

      You need to contact support.

  30. Mason Kane Farris says:

    I can’t post on tiktok for some damn reason.

    • Surjeet singh says:

      My tiktok is not open now even i used it today’s morning

  31. ashrafulahmed2233 says:

    Tik tok not open

  32. Mithu says:

    My tik tok home page is not working. It’s showing network connection error, try again letter.

    Please help us to solve this problem.

    • Nikhil says:

      Try lite version

      • Mithu says:

        Lite version is not available in G.Play.

        Is there any other solution?

  33. Bhuvnesh Chauhan says:

    My tiktok followers less 1k day by day….is anybody follow me they doesnot show that person…what was the reason behind that problem ?? Keep resolve this problem otherwise i uninstalled the aap… Here its my id iambhuviii

    • Nikhil says:

      Can you be more specific about the problem?

  34. Sammy sam says:

    Everything was fine with tiktok….. even recording but after saving i am not unable to view my own video…..if i click it shows failed to play the video

    • Nikhil says:

      Try any other device.

  35. Sameer says:

    Filters are not showing on my tik tok account while shooting video why this is happening

  36. Shifa says:

    Why Others can’t find/search my account?And my account is not private

  37. AR asif says:

    Unstable Network. Tiktok.
    Plzz help me

  38. Bazeed Khan says:

    My likes are stopped at 2.6K,notifications are coming but likes are not increasing…I have reported my problem many times but no response….Plzz reply for this msg

  39. Prince says:

    Not like any videos

  40. Sandhya says:

    I have 1.4k followers in tixtox, n I have go live option, but when ever I try to go live, it’s showing a notification like an ongoing product improvement this feature may not be available for some users at this time, it’s happening to me for more den 2 weeks, do u have any solution for this issue?

  41. Ashrit says:

    Tik tok is showing 0 views suddenly on my videos

  42. @Raajkumar400 says:

    Request My following not showing

  43. Laiba Rajput says:

    suddenly my likes or hearts got disappeard from the videos and become zero views n likes what should i do now i’m really worried about it

  44. Rinkal Panda says:

    suddenly my following and followers got disappeared in tiktok plz suggest smthng I m.really worried

  45. Shellagrio says:

    Why my tiktok fans number is wrong?what should i do.i already restart all…why same..?

  46. kalyani says:

    some of my videos are public and some are private..the problem is tbe videos which i have made public are showing they are private..when i tried to change that from private to public then it is showing public only..then i tried to change that video into private one..but it is not allowing me to do that..that means the status of that video is actually public..but it is showing a lock symbol on it.. it displays me a msg on the screen that “your video is under review and cant be shared right now”
    can you plz suggest what to do

  47. Ghelai says:

    The video that I wanted to post is always failed to upload even our WiFi Is working I always tried to upload it for 3 days still doesn’t work I even uninstall and installed it again I even create a new acc still can post.

  48. Ghelai says:

    The filters also in my effects are not showing

  49. Badshah says:

    Hlo sir/mam i have 1.3k fand and 49.8k heart and i have live option but it is not working before first day. I press the go live option on top written As a part of ongoing product improvements,this feature may not be available to some users at this time

  50. Sam says:

    These stupid bitches.These people made me ERASE my TikTok account! NEVER trust these idiots again!😡

  51. Kashishpundhir says:

    Live issue on tiktok i have covered 1k +fans on tiktok

  52. Dinesh kumar says:

    If i upload the video, it didn’t visible to anyone. And i will upload the videos viewers only 100 i don’t know why

  53. Disha says:

    My total numbers4of fans is wrong

  54. Renu says:

    I can’t upload my picture’s on tiktok
    don’t show me option to upload pictures
    Only show me upload video
    Plss help me fix the problem

  55. Arushi Bhutani says:

    My friends have commented on my videos and those comments are visible in their profile but when I open the video in my profile they are not visible to me.

  56. Corban mattocks says:

    I need help because it says my number does not match the records

  57. Nazneen ahmed says:

    I have posted a video as public which is only visible but my friends are unable to see it..

  58. Shanu nishad says:

    as part of ongoing product improvements this feature may not be available to some users at this time

  59. Monu Rao ji says:

    Sir I am can’t go live plz solution (as part of ongoing product improvements this feature may not be available to some users at this time) ye problem ho rahi h jo likha h ker liya kuch nhi hua

  60. Archana says:

    MY account is not opening . Its showing null. N my followers fans nd vidoes r not showing to anyone .

  61. Jada says:

    Tiktoc will not let me post

  62. Derek says:

    Won’t let me like

  63. Poppy Carter says:

    It says unsuccessfully uploaded a video and I have to try again when it is fully uploaded!

  64. Yaashi says:

    I upload video ..not getting views ..even not single one … No views..not single one

  65. Jayde says:

    Yeah I don’t have my issue and that’s really frustrate me I don’t know the issue and upgrade this site cuz it’s really really crazy all this stuff that you can do is okay I can’t type in the search log to find a user or at a sound when I’m trying to make a video and that is messed up what y’all doing but you need to upgrade this to issue and you need to do this today Pronto and you need to look at this real bad and if you don’t upgrade his like fast today I’m going to have to do something and it’s going to be bad

  66. Dhanu says:

    My tik tok video likes are incorrect. What can I do

  67. gauri chauhan says:

    i m not getting more than 7 likes my videos are not getting like the videos r very nice but than also

  68. Tanya says:

    Yr plz help me my tiktok is not working vdos are not show to anyone privacy is public

  69. Tash RAJU says:

    my account has been suspended for like a week now without any notifications of why it has been. I can still go live but I cannot upload any new videos. I have sent rumors requests asking and pleading for help but no one has come back to me. I didn’t do anything wrong. I love tiktok and I’m actually addicted to it. this is very frustrating, please can someone help me!!! when I’m making videos and posting its says my account has been temporarily suspended and my videos are getting saved in drafts but I’m still getting notifications for new followers and like for my old videos. so I dont know what I cant unpload making videos but I can go live only. Its sucks and I’m really disappointed!!!

  70. julia says:

    my tiktok is public and so are my comments but people who aren’t friends with me can’t comment on my videos how do i change that

  71. Team07 says:

    I have also same problem tellme what can i do

  72. Akanksha says:

    I have added my Instagram account to tiktok but don’t know why i am not able to add my YouTube channel. When I try, that circle of processing keep on going but it doesn’t go further. What should I do??

  73. Nay says:

    Tik tok only allows me to save drafts, for some reason I can’t post, what to do??

  74. @Jawwadjinious19 says:

    My account not working phly sahi tha ab no views 4 video post but no single view

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