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  1. Jada says:

    Tiktoc will not let me post

    • Darryl Smith says:

      I am having the same problem. It won’t let me post. It says to post link your phone number but when I try it says my number is already in use. I don’t know what the problem is but I am thinking about just uninstalling TikTok and not using it.

  2. Derek says:

    Won’t let me like

  3. Poppy Carter says:

    It says unsuccessfully uploaded a video and I have to try again when it is fully uploaded!

  4. Yaashi says:

    I upload video ..not getting views ..even not single one … No views..not single one

  5. Jayde says:

    Yeah I don’t have my issue and that’s really frustrate me I don’t know the issue and upgrade this site cuz it’s really really crazy all this stuff that you can do is okay I can’t type in the search log to find a user or at a sound when I’m trying to make a video and that is messed up what y’all doing but you need to upgrade this to issue and you need to do this today Pronto and you need to look at this real bad and if you don’t upgrade his like fast today I’m going to have to do something and it’s going to be bad

  6. Dhanu says:

    My tik tok video likes are incorrect. What can I do

  7. gauri chauhan says:

    i m not getting more than 7 likes my videos are not getting like the videos r very nice but than also

  8. Tanya says:

    Yr plz help me my tiktok is not working vdos are not show to anyone privacy is public

  9. Tash RAJU says:

    my account has been suspended for like a week now without any notifications of why it has been. I can still go live but I cannot upload any new videos. I have sent rumors requests asking and pleading for help but no one has come back to me. I didn’t do anything wrong. I love tiktok and I’m actually addicted to it. this is very frustrating, please can someone help me!!! when I’m making videos and posting its says my account has been temporarily suspended and my videos are getting saved in drafts but I’m still getting notifications for new followers and like for my old videos. so I dont know what I cant unpload making videos but I can go live only. Its sucks and I’m really disappointed!!!

  10. julia says:

    my tiktok is public and so are my comments but people who aren’t friends with me can’t comment on my videos how do i change that

  11. Team07 says:

    I have also same problem tellme what can i do

  12. Akanksha says:

    I have added my Instagram account to tiktok but don’t know why i am not able to add my YouTube channel. When I try, that circle of processing keep on going but it doesn’t go further. What should I do??

  13. Nay says:

    Tik tok only allows me to save drafts, for some reason I can’t post, what to do??

  14. @Jawwadjinious19 says:

    My account not working phly sahi tha ab no views 4 video post but no single view

  15. M bilal says:

    I Have 1.3k Follower but still i dont have live option.username mbilalabbasi9. Plzz help me out that situation

  16. Mario says:

    My accounts shows only likes when i visit other profiles…likes are displayed in the thumbnail instead of views

  17. Osm zeeshi says:

    My account is Freez I can’t get views on the video

    • Nikhil says:

      Contact Support

    • @aa_prasad says:

      I upload video ..not getting views ..even not single one … No views..not single one

  18. Muskan says:

    After uploading video my videos are blur please help me

  19. Syeda says:

    From past one month my fans list is going in minus and my hashtag has 14 million views now it shows 1 thousand view and noun of my video is under that hashtag plz help me what’s the reason

    • Kiran jyot says:

      My account is also facing the same. My hashtag had 14.5m views and inside there were only 3k views that too of the users who had used hashtag. And now the whole hashtag is disappeared from the search. And I am losing fans everyday. And this is happening from one month.

  20. Nikhil says:


  21. Aaditya meena says:


  22. Hnin wut yi says:

    That was helpful,,thanks

  23. Justin says:

    It sucks. It won’t tell me how to search on Android, even when I’ve done all steps. Don’t do it.

  24. Rayhan says:

    Hi, my tik tok is getting stuck and saying tik tok is not responding. Can someone please help me?

  25. Anyone says:

    Hey, i ve posted some videos on tiktok but they are not showing to people even if they are not private

  26. princesondh1512 says:

    my tik tok video not views and follower

  27. Ravula narender yadav says:

    Hey, i ve posted some videos on tiktok but they are not showing to video under the song yet even if they are not private

  28. Autumn says:

    My tiktok wont let me watch any videos and its stupid i need help

  29. Yeet says:

    It say feature currently unavailable when I try to follow
    Or search someone how do I fix?

    • Jihyun says:

      It say feature currently unavailable when I try to comment/search/follow

  30. IDK says:

    It says “feature not available” when I try to search

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