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  1. Sanjay says:

    I have tried to download brawl stars but it never downloads it says “wait for download” please tell how can i solve it.
    please help

  2. Anees Bhatti says:

    my downloading goes to 100 and is again started from 1 how to solve it

  3. HaraPUBG says:

    Friend of mine has this rare problem. So, he had Tencent Gaming Buddy on his laptop 3-4 months ago and we were playing everyday. One morning, his Tencent Gaming Buddy suddenly disappeared from his PC, while mine wasn’t working. However I somehow fixed my problems & but he cannot install TGB again. He downloads installer, runs the .exe file and nothing happens. Nothing runs in the background, no installer popping up. He tried with running it as administrator, but same thing happens again. We even tried the chinese version but still the installer won’t open. Anyone has fix for this? We are trying to fix this for more than 2 months, so we would appreciate any help. Don’t say to close AppMarket.exe, because there isn’t AppMarket.exe in the TaskManager. Please help, thanks.

  4. toviadomus says:

    update on May 16th got my keys or mouse not working. ctrl does not lock the mouse anymore it’s always unlocked. gestures by mouse works but its irrelevant unless you have a touch screen monitor which defeats the purpose for a PC emulator. Need a fix. resetting layout or updating emulator didn’t help. everything is updated to the latest,

  5. Mr.Yell says:

    I played Mobile Legends on tencent.I can play smoothly but somtimes my monitor screen shutdown while I’m playing. I can hear the sound but I can see only “no signal” on the screen. What’s the problem. Please advice me sir….thank u

  6. Tousif ullah says:

    we have terminated your connection because of a data error with your client.please check your network connection and try again
    I am facing this issue again and again
    I can’t complete a full match because of this error please help

  7. Vishal says:

    i will use pubg emulator i wil copy obb file in obb folder but game shows again pubg error download failed………………..

  8. abdullah says:

    hello sir my pc is not so heavy i have 4gb ram without gra phics card my processor is <> and this emulator shows white screen during the starting of pubg,,and thanks for your service

  9. Sheraz says:

    it shows me error “failed to install APK”…

  10. Deepak says:

    i have just installed from tencent website and after i open the app and click start button then nothing happens no loading nothing . just disappears .

  11. Ranjith says:

    Please help me game loading at 99% cyberhunter need to fix this

  12. Sharukesh Gohan says:

    hey bro, my game crashes after 2 mins suddenly, i did nothing but started as usual, but it crashes to the mobile desktop in tgb, please tell me a fix

  13. M Faris says:

    Fixed Error Code 1. Thank you So Much <3

  14. Alxoo7 says:

    After installation, it does not want to run after I open it. the taskbar icon appears, but after a short while it disappears. What’s wrong? It installed, but can’t open.

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Manually install it using OBB

  15. waqas says:

    pubg showing white screen then stop working what i do

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      install it manually

  16. Mohammed Farooq says:

    i was playing pubg perfectly yesterday then I had to organize all the stuff in my pc so I the tgb moved it to a different disk . then the game malfunctioned and said couldn’t find the source so I reverted the changes but now when I open the tgb it again started to download its engine .after I download the engine it said no game found go to store and download game . Is there a way using which I can get my game back. (the is still in my pc and I haven’t deleted it I just don’t know where it is)

  17. Aryan says:

    when i open the tencent gaming buddy it shows bug report error and doesnot open.. and when i tried to open the engine directly . then also it shows bug error report… please help…

  18. Endryo George Suphai says:

    the keys is not working , i did the steps of yours but still is not working

  19. lakshya says:

    how to hide TGB from desktop

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      remove the shortcut

      • itsme says:

        lakshya is that even a question? hahahhaha lol

  20. itsme says:

    i have 8 gb ram ,intel 13 processor , radeon rx 470 graphics card , more then 500gb free space in my hdd and why the hell am i lagging is it because of the emulator? even when i set the graphics to the lowest it lags even more ! can you please help me

  21. Jake says:

    it keeps crashing dude ;-;

  22. Nahush Shetty says:

    I have white screen issue, whenever I open with OpenGL+ it crashes

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Try different Decoder

  23. mustapha says:

    this pubg is such a pain omg…

  24. Bikram jit Ghosh says:

    after starting the game from tgb it usually opens and loads properly but the problem is once its shoes pubg corporation it does not opens at all and i cant able to play at all…can you please suggest some solution for this problem i need to know….thats it|||

  25. Mohsin Abbasi says:

    tencent gaming buddy error report 84D26B9127FEADC86431D204DE7361E4

    do you have a fix for this

  26. Jepoydgreat says:

    Very simple my friend run cmd administrator then type
    netsh winsock reset
    Then restart your pc

  27. jintu baro says:

    hi…my account has been,how can i solve it?

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      You mean PUBG account suspended. You need to wait for some time or contact support.

  28. Anvik Loitonhbam says:

    i used process hacker and the error is working but now i m facing crash issues plus my maps got deleted by itself can u fix this

  29. Rafa says:

    hey, anyone can help me? i’ve already install my TGB and the problem is there are not download button in app market, so i cant install any game at all.. please help, this emulator run smoothly, and there are no problem about my system spesification, just only this problem..

  30. Zaidos says:

    the game runs fine but when i go to the settings (for the tablet emulator)
    the wi-fi is off and when i tuen it on nothing happens and it stays off and i can’t play pubg

  31. riya says:

    I was facing this error from a long time tried your method and it worked ..(Failed to start emulator failed to start the engine error code 1) thank you so much

  32. Vishal Ghodke says:

    I am using windows 10 but Tencent gaming buddy is not installing..

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Install with Admin Access

  33. kahan says:

    Emulator failed Error Code:5

  34. Samin says:

    I can’t delete the txgameassistant folder
    How do i fix that please help genius!!!

  35. p.s.negi says:

    brother I Need your help.. how could i change language in new tencent engine update

  36. hashim says:

    error occure when ever i start tgb emulator gameloop .

    the device or network connection that the shortcut”gameloop.lnk” refers to unavailable.
    please insure that the disk is properly inserted or the network resouce is available and then try again

  37. nofal says:

    i am having display issues in my tencent emulator
    game starts perfectly but in the background doesn’t shows my character and also when matching starts it shows nothing
    Please help

  38. Junaid says:

    HELP Please! I have got a problem when I switch to OpenGL+ graphics are awesome but in-game textures are not rendering properly. Other options such as direct x, openGL and directx+ working fine but reduces graphics quality.
    I have AMD Radeon 7600M series graphic card.

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Try any other emulator

  39. police says:

    When im typing in pubg or other games like cyber hunter ,free fire or any other tencent downloaded games i cannot type other languages like hindi chiense etc please fix them
    thank you

  40. kashish ahuja says:

    Bro i played pubg in my laptop a lot but from past 3-4 days its lagging a lot like when i am entered a match its shows after 10-15 sec no response from the server even its became very slow
    many times i reinstalled the game but nothing happens also i install new window but still nothing works ..please leave a reply

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      It is better if you try any other emulator for your PC.

  41. Praval Sharma says:

    My emulator is start but the screen is written by PUBG A BLUEWHOLE COMPANY
    AND STOP it is not working PLZ reply

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      You are installing old APK and OBB because Bluehole Company is 6 months old. Now PUBG works on Krafton game union. Please download the resources from TGB emulator. The issue will be solved.

  42. CARNAGE says:

    I downloaded call of duty on my tgb but the graphics gets deformed on opening
    Like it shows activision partly sideways and inverted.
    Help please!

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Make the graphics setting compatible with your system. It will work.

  43. Saif says:

    Fix ‘Sorry, Failed To Install Turbo Aow Engine’ i delete all temp i tried all the solutions in the end does not work remains the same problem i want install game loop again please help me

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Just disable all the Antivirus! It helps 🙂

  44. hamza bodla says:

    i lost my data of international server how can i recover it . If anyone know please tell me the solution

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      You just need to log in with the Social ID and progress will be retrived

  45. Sworup says:

    My stucks when (compiling file) after downloading resourses. please help me to play pubg on my pc

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      You seem to be installing the obb data file manually. Make sure you place the obb file with right folder name. Then restart, the game and the issue will be fixed.

  46. AbdulrRehman ZAI says:

    Hi there people,
    So sir I am having a problem with my gameloop it was working great since i downloaded tencent but now my games stopped working for me and asking for update i updated my Gameloop and in the result of that my Gameloop is looking nice in new update but the problem is I dont know what is going on screen, because everything there is written in Chinese and i tried to change the language by taking a look on google but there is no other languages available right now….. kindly help me on this issue if there is any possible solution because I am completely screwed up.
    Thanks In Advance.

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      reinstall the application.

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