Top 20 Best Games to Play on your Mobile without WiFi Internet | Offline Games

Top Best games to play offline without WiFi or Internet Data. Have Fun on Android or Apple iOS devices namely, iPhone and iPad with this cool games for Smartphone. Here are best games to play without internet data on mobile.

It is rightly said, time runs quickly, gone are the days of the 2D games on the feature phones. Back then having a Java-powered game on the phones was like carrying a big asset in your pockets. Also in the same period, there was a great boom in the gaming sector with the introduction of gaming consoles offering high-end games on the monitor. Time wrapped and we are in the era where high-end console games can be played on the smartphones itself, thanks to the manufacturers and developers who are continually working on making high-graphic processors and chipsets which can withstand almost any type of game ever developed for consoles. Today I will be telling about some of the fun Android and iPhone offline games which do not need WiFi Internet. 

The biggest resource of any modern Smartphone is its capability to process high-end graphics and the two most popular operating systems namely, Android and iOS have left no stone unturned in cashing in this inclination. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store host millions of Apps for all the various needs of the users. There are millions of games available on the App Store and Play Store catering to all its users to download and play there interest based games. The ability to run high-graphic Applications on phone is a big revolution in the mobile technology.

The games available on the Android or Apple App Store have a very wide diversity in terms of internet accessibility for its working. Many Apps only work when connected to internet Wi-Fi while there are many more which work without internet data. There are also apps which require data for some time period to connect to the server and then they work without any active internet. So, today in this post I will tell you some of the cool fun loving games to Play on your Android or iPhone without WiFi or Internet. So, without wasting much time let us dive into the best offline games to pass your time in the fun.

20 Best Games to Play Without WiFi Internet

List of best offline Android games to play without any WiFi or internet data on Android and iOS.

  1. Smash Hit
  2. Plants Vs. Zombies
  3. Air Control Lite
  4. Archery Master 3D
  5. Where’s My Water?
  6. Jetpack Joyride
  7. Angry Birds
  8. Shadow Fight 2
  9. Cut the Rope
  10. Piano Tiles
  11. Gunship Battle
  12. Hill Climb Racing
  13. Temple Run
  14. Death Trigger
  15. Badland
  16. Hungry Shark Evolution
  17. Swamp Attack
  18. GTA
  19. True Skate
  20. Asphalt
  21. Candy Crush Saga

1. Smash Hit | Best Game to Play without WiFi


Smash Hit

It is an extremely beautiful endless ‘glass breaking’ first-person arcade game. The game has some cool graphics along with synchronising background sounds which give you a very surreal journey experience. The gameplay is pretty simple, you just need to hit the glass obstacles in your way with the metal balls and get extra balls by breaking the prisms.

The Game got some rave reviews from critics and is very much liked by the gamers for its colourful decorative passageway. Apple’N’Apps gave the game 4.5 out of 5 praising it as “one of the best looking games on iOS”, having “ultra-realistic physics” and “engaging endless gameplay”.  Common Sense Media gave the App 5/5 at praised its simple but powerful graphics.

Play Store Download

App Store Download

2. Plants Vs Zombies | Tower Defense Game Offline

Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants Vs. Zombies is an award-winning casual tower defence game which appeals to all age audience. Thanks to its engaging gameplay and cool stuff. The game is a typical tower defence game with the mission to Plant the Plants with powers unique to each plant in the garden and kill the zombies approaching your house. If the Zombies enter the house the “Zombies will eat your brain”. With every passing mission, you will get Plants with different powers capable to kill different Zombies.

The game developed by EA and PopCap got an overwhelming response from gamers for its intuitive approach. Plants vs. Zombies was well received with positive reception from critics, garnering an aggregate score of 88/100 from Metacritic and an 89.5% from GameRankings. The game works without any WiFi or Internet and the game progress is saved offline hence no worries regarding the connectivity.

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3. Air Control Lite | Best Casual Game without Internet

Air Control Lite

Air Control Lite

A simple yet addictive drawing game where your job is to land the planes and helicopters on their respective landing zones avoiding any collision. Though you may read it a little boring, the game is actually a true time killer. The planes come from all directions with the number of vehicles and speed of approach increasing with time. The game has a very simple interface with beautiful landscapes to choose from.

This game will test your agility, logic, and sight as they need to work hand in hand for you to get a high score. The game got some very cool reviews from critics some even calling it “One of the most adrenaline charged games available”.

Play Store Download

4. Archery Master 3D | Best Offline Games


Archery Master 3D

One of the best 3D simulation game. The game hosts some cool ultra-realistic graphics giving you a complete feel of archery shooting experience. The features stunning 3D graphics, good animations and controls are very simple. The gameplay is simple as you think, just shoot the arrow at the target location and win points to buy the stuff and upgrade your bow and arrow.

The game has more than 100 levels of varying difficulties hence no chance of getting bored. As there is nothing much to get while playing so you can expect the game to be offline for most of its part leaving the purchases and rankings. You can also have a 1-on-1 battle making the play more interesting.

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5. Where’s My Water? | Cool Puzzle Game Without WiFi

Where's My Water

Where’s My Water

Just going by its name and the featured images don’t think it as a casual game. Where’s My Water? is one of the cool and highly addictive puzzle game developed by Disney Studios. The player has to draw a pathway on the dirt to let the stored water pool pass smoothly for the Swampy (alligator) to take the Shower. There are various obstacles posed by his rival alligator to prevent the Swampy from taking the bath. Occasionally, the water must be routed through other pipes or must interact with machines in order to open up a route to the inlet.

The response to the game made the developers to develop other prequels and variants of the same nature. The game was very well received by the users and critics due to its addictive physics-based nature. Mike Thompson of Gamezebo said, “anyone who enjoys physics puzzle titles would be out of their mind to miss picking this up”. The gamer’s also praised the games cartoonish nature, adorable visuals and crisp animation which very well fits with Disney’s Cartoon.

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6. Jetpack Joyride | Running Game without Data


Jetpack Joyride

The game is one of the most adrenaline rushed side-scrolling endless running game with some extremely beautiful animation graphics. The Jetpack runs with predetermined speeds, the only thing the player has to do is to give the jetpack a vertical movement to avoid obstacles. The objective of the game is to travel as far as possible, collect coins, and avoid hazards such as zappers, missiles and high-intensity laser beams.

The game predominantly got positive reviews from a gamer’s praising its addictive nature and visual appeal. The game got 90/100 score on Metacritic and was well received by the critics. If you wish to try a different mode of an endless game just go with this powerpack ride.

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7. Angry Birds (Franchise) | Fun Offline Game

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

One of the most popular casual drawing action game, Angry Birds is by far one of the most popular video game franchise ever developed for the mobile platform. The Angry Birds has a very attractive gameplay wherein you need to protect the eggs from being damaged by green coloured pigs (enemies) by means of using colourful birds with some peculiar power as weapons. The rich graphics and addictive nature of the play are the USP of this ever popular game running without WiFi.

The popularity of the game led to the development of many spin-off versions, television series, movies and merchandise. It was also liked by masses which created a great impact on advertisement, religion, sports etc. The critics gave a massive response, for its vibrant nature, fascinating music and addictive gameplay.

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8. Shadow Fight 2 |Offline RPG Action for Mobile

A role-playing martial arts-based action game which gives you a complete feel of a perfect blend of RPG and classic fighting. Fight the enemy bosses, win gold and buy stuff to upgrade your armoury. The game has some cool mixture of 2D animation and clean graphics. You can even upgrade your power, swords, nunchaku etc. Players must win the majority of 3 matches against computer-controlled opponents.

Shadow fight gives you a very realistic fighting experience thanks to its RPG nature and physics-based concepts. The game was well appreciated by the critics and gamers alike. The game also has other 2 versions with different plots and features namely, Shadow Fight and Shadow Fight 3. Jason Parker of CNET rated the game an 8.3/10, saying “if you can live with the in-your-face freemium model”.

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9. Cut the Rope | Addictive Puzzle Game


Cut the Rope

Gamers Delight! Cut the Rope is one of the most intuitive physics-based puzzle game. The objective of the game is to feed candy to a little green creature. A piece of candy hangs by one or several ropes which the player must cut with a swipe of their finger using the device’s touchscreen. Using various objects such as floating bubbles and bellows, the candy must also be manipulated around obstacles to get to creatures mouth.

The game has a very addictive nature. And with every passing level the difficulty changes, challenging your thinking and logic. The game got positive reviews from gamers and critics with everyone praising the simple nature along with bright, imaginative, and supremely polished cartoon animation. The success of the game led o development of many different versions of the game. The game is much recommended for all the puzzle lovers who are looking to play it offline.

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10. Piano Tiles | Free Games Without WiFi

Piano Tiles – Don’t Tap the White Tile is a single-player mobile game. The objective is to tap on the black tiles while they appear vertically from the top of the screen. The tiles come in a combination of black and white with speed of vertical flow increasing with time. When the black tiles are tapped piano music is generated. Piano tiles 2 had a long tile tap, double tiles, rapid tiles and slide tiles.

Piano Tiles is one of the most adrenaline rushed games which tests the player’s speed, vision and response. of stimulus. The game has various modes with different nature. Piano Tiles gives you a very mix experience of thrill and risk. The game gives you an over the top thrilling experience.

Play Store – Piano Tiles

App Store – Piano Tiles

11.  Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D

Gunship Battle

Gunship Battle

If you love FPS, shooting or racing games, then surely you will love Gunship Battle 3D. The realistic 3D will give you a power-packed flying experience across the sky in the middle of the intense enemy crossfire. Select from a wide range of helicopters and arm your chopper with a variety of weapons and equipment. The game bundles some cool 3D graphics. The weapons, simulation, battleground inspired by real-life battles will surely make you an addict.

The game has more than 100+ million downloads. Any actions lover will the game. The Gunship Battle got mixed reviews from critics. While many praised its cool graphics, the critics criticized its slow pace and aggressive advertising. I recommend this game for action lovers.

Gunship Battle on Play Store

Gunship Battle on App Store

12. Hill Climb Racing | Racing Game without Internet



Hill Climb Racing is one of the most popular 2D racing game. The gameplay is simple wherein you need to race through different terrains collecting coins. You need to collect the fuel tanks or battery tank for your vehicle. Hill Climb Racing has some cool graphics and smooth physics simulation. You can even upgrade the vehicle components and power. There are a number of vehicles to choose from: jeep, motocross bike, monster truck, tractor, hippie van, one-wheeler, quad bike, tourist bus, race car, police car etc.

The Hill Climb Racing is of the most popular offline racing game. The success of the game led to the development of the sequel. Just you need to drive the car with caution looking at the terrain and need to refuel. The game is liked by masses and is one of the best offline running 2D game for Smartphone.

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App Store Download

13. Temple Run | Endless Running game


Temple Run is a visual treat. A simple endless running game with a simple motive to avoid obstacles by jumping and sliding. Collect coins and gems to buy stuff or an extra life. But the biggest asset of the game is its graphics, some very solid and clean animation will mesmerize in the gameplay. TR Oz is a vibrant colourful version of the game developed in association with Disney.

Temple Run had a cult following from the smartphone users with everyone praising its visual appeal. The game was generally well received. Gamezebo’s Art Green even scored it, 5 out of 5, calling it “an instant iPhone classic,” and writing “addictive doesn’t even accurately describe the game. Temple Run is an enthralling journey to find the limits of your speed and vision.

Play Store Download

App Store Download

14. Death Trigger | Action Arcade Game

Death Trigger is a first-person shooting fighting arcade action game. The game posses some very cool 3D graphics. The motive of the game is to kill the zombies. There are a number of realistic weapons to choose from. There are several generic missions available, as well as story missions. Collect cash and gold to buy stuff, weapons and upgrade yourself. The game is a cool shooting action game to try without any need of data.

The Death Trigger got mixed reviews from gamer’s and critics alike with everyone praising the graphics and animation of the game but criticizing the lack of variety in the missions. If you are looking for a powerful shooting action game with excellent 3D effects then I recommend you to go with Death Trigger. There also a sequel to the game with improvement in missions and features.

Download Death Trigger for Android

Death Trigger of iOS

15. Badland | Cool Offline Game



One of the top-rated physics-based side-scrolling action runner game, Badland is best offline game. The gameplay is set in the atmospheric forest full of various inhabitants, trees and flowers. The player needs to control a small creature called clone and travel long to avoid obstacles on the way. The game has some absolutely stunning graphics, you will fall in love with the game instantly. Highly immersive audio-visual gaming experience.

The Game got some rave reviews from critics with everyone applauding the games crystal clear graphics. In 2015 a new multiplayer feature was released which allowed up to 4 players to play at the same time. The game has a Metacritic score of 85% based on 20 critic reviews. The game is a complete visual treat for all the game fanatics.

Badland on Play Store

Badland on iTunes

16. Hungry Shark Evolution | Arcade Game Free

Action packed aquatic adventure game, Hungry Shark Evolution is an action-packed arcade adventure game. The game has some very clean and spectacular graphics. The motive of the game is to journey through the oceans and eat as much as you can to survive travel. Collect coins and gems to evolve the shark. Solve the aquatic mystery with stunning 3D graphics.

The game has a very different concept with the player playing the role of a hungry shark. The game got mixed reviews from critics with many praising the graphics of the game but at the same time criticising the monotony of gameplay.

Download Play Store

Download App Store

17. Swamp Attack

A very cool lazy game with the only motive to protect your swamp from zombie inspired monsters. The game has simple graphics. Protect your home from invading creatures with guns and other weapons which you will be upgrading during the course of the game. The game has some clean uncluttered graphics. 

The game got positive reviews from users and critics with many praising the games simple yet addictive nature. Swamp Attack is one of the best offline games which you should surely give a try on your Android or iPhone.

Play Store – Swamp Attack

App Store – Swamp Attack

18. Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

GTA Police in Action

GTA Police in Action

You can call GTA as the patriarch of modern games, the game actually changed the entire epitome of interactive video games by introducing 3D graphics which gave more control powers to the player. GTA is a 3rd person shooter game with the gameplay which can fulfil all your crime ambitions. The objective of the game is to complete missions and tasks to earn profits and upgrade himself. The user can freely roam the entire city, grab any vehicle, kill someone or fly. The missions are challenging and surprisingly engaging enough to keep you addicted.

For mobile, you can play GTA 3, GTA Vice City and/or GTA San Andreas. The App is one of the most highly rated interactive play with many praising the games super rich concept, the degree of control over the character and over-the-top missions but at the same time criticised the high amount of violence and nudity. If you are looking for a no holds barred game with great action, heavy guns, cars, chases and blood, GTA is the ultimate choice.

GTA – Google Play

GTA – iPhone | iPad

19. True Skate

True Skate is an extremely engaging physics-based skating game which gives you control over the skateboard. The gameplay is to move the skater around all the obstacles and perform some real-life stunts using your finger as a motion controller. The game has some great graphics along with smooth controls giving you the ultimate joy of graphic skating. You are given challenges to complete to gain points which can be invested for upgrades. Though the game is paid, it is worth a try.

You may find yourself wrestling with the controls to gain some curve over the skate but once you get the tricky repertoire skills, it becomes all smooth and loving. The game is well received by the netizens, thanks to its 3D graphics, simple gameplay, and crazy skating stunts. 

Play Store – True Skate

App Store – True Skate

20. Asphalt 8 – Airborne

Airborne Gameplay

Airborne Gameplay

Do you love to race up your heartbeat? Than Asphalt 8 is the game which runs without any internet data moreover it has some very high power-packed adventures to offer. Bundled with some highly polished graphics from Gameloft, realistic audio effects accompanied by more than 300 events, 9 seasons and over 200 cars, Airborne is the best choice for any Arcade lover. Real car models just enhance the drama along with high-grade air stunts and near-miss obstacles which makes the Asphalt 8 one of the best offline racing games for Android.

Asphalt 8 got the overwhelming response from gamers with many calling it the pinnacle in Asphalt series, even many critics couldn’t resist them from giving full stars to this action-packed arcade racing. The iOS version of the game was also very much appreciated for its interface and animation. The only offline racing game I would recommend you if you are truly looking for some high-end track competition.

Asphalt 8 – Android

Asphalt 8 – App Store

21. Candy Crush Saga

You might be living under a ‘stone age’ rock if you haven’t heard of this game. Candy Crush Saga by King is the most addictive casual game ever developed for Smartphones. The basic of the game is to swap adjacent candies to form a series of 3 similar candies from among a bunch of candies on the board. The triple paired candies are eliminated from the board followed by new candies taking the empty space from the top. The game comprises of several objectives with each passing level. The game can be termed as an endless as the King regularly release updates with more levels keeping the players engaged.

Being a very addictive game, the Candy Crush Saga gets millions of eyeballs daily who play and try to reach to next level. The game got mixed reviews from critics but users gave it thunderous thumps up. The Metacentirc holds a 79% rating for the game. The success of the Candy Crush Saga led to many similar natured apps to be developed soon taking the Play Store, the King even released a sequel to the game named Candy Crush Soda. If you haven’t tried Candy Crush Saga than I surely recommend this game if you are in a casual playing mode.

Candy Crush Play Store

Candy Crush App Store

Conclusion: If you don’t know when the connective may loose or if you wish to play some games without any Ads hence you can try some cool games which run offline. The games above are fun and complete pass time which do not require any WiFi or Internet. You can download and play the games on your Android or Apple iPhone. Action, puzzle, tower defence, arcade, casual etc. category games manually catered taking into account the user feedback and other vital criteria as a selection factor.

I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or support if needed. Download the games from Android Play Store or Apple App Store and enjoy them on your phone without any internet data or WiFi. Cheers!

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