Fix Status_Access_Violation Aw, Snap Error in Chromium Browser

Facing Aw, Snap Error Code: Status_Access_Violation Error on your Chrome or Edge Chromium Browser, then here are a few Potential Fix.

An unhandled error Status_Access_Violation Error occurs when an unspecified program code seeks to act as a memory for which it has no authority. After taking feedback from users, Google disabled this feature, but again, after some time, they have re-enabled it.

Today, we have a guide with us on the way to fix Google Chrome Aw Snap Error on Windows 10. Aw, snap something went wrong – Status_Access_Violation Error bug arises when Chrome recognizes a problem, and as a result of that, the page won’t load.

Once activated, this error will flood on every page of the Chrome browser. This error can be fixed when you follow the procedure step-by-step described in this article. So, without wasting ado, let’s get started.

Fix Status_Access_Violation Error in Chrome And Edge

Recently, a lot of user-reported about Aw, Snap! Error: Status_Access_Violation while seeking an unspecified website in Chrome or Edge v81 browsers.

Try the method given below to fix this issue:

  • Try to refresh the page numerous times.
  • By enabling or disabling extensions, try to troubleshoot the error.
  • Change the browsers setting to its default setting.
  • Generate a new user profile.
  • Uninstall and then reinstall the browser.

Many user complaints that they re-installed Windows 10 to fix this issue but failed to fix Aw, snap! STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION.” Still, the main cause of this error is not clear that whether it happens due to Windows or Chrome updates. Google also tried to fix this issue by rolling out the latest Chrome v86.0.4240.111 update, but they have failed to fix it.

Note: If you aspire to check several reports associated with this error, then go to Chrome support.

Meanwhile, if you are still facing the same issue after trying the above method, then follow the methods given below by which you can temporarily fix the issue, and definitely, this process will work for both Chrome and Edge browser.

For Chrome Browser

Here what you need to do on your PC:

  • Open your PC.
  • You see a Chrome shortcut icon on the desktop, right-click on it.
  • A menu will open from there tap on properties.
  • Then head towards file location or quickly head over c:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application
    Rename Browser File
  • Spontaneously, you need to rename Chrome.exe to Chrom.exe or something related to it.
  • Now relaunch the Chrome browser. That’s it. This method surely works for you and fix the error. Aw, snap!

For Microsoft Edge

  • Turn on your system.
  • Navigate desktop and right-click on the Microsoft Edge shortcut icon.
  • Tap on properties.
  • Click on file location or instantly go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application.
    Rename File
  • Now Change the file name msedge.exe to msed.exe or something related to it.
  • The next step is to relaunch your Edge browser.
  • This process surely works for you because it was examined and recommended by some certified users.

Some alternative solution is also there that will also work for you.

For Google Chrome: 

  • In case you’ve already installed Tamper monkey, then visit chrome://extensions.
  • Now find the extension and remove it from the Chrome browser.

For Microsoft Edge:

  • In case you’ve already installed Tamper monkey, then go to the edge://extensions/
  • Search for Tamper monkey extension and remove it from the Edge browser.


Status_Access_Violation Error is a common mishappening on modern chromium-based browsers. But do not worry as the issue is not major and the above method will save the day for you. If you’ll notice some other Errors while internet browsing, then doesn’t forget to share with us in the comment section.

We will keep an eye on that issue as well, and as soon as we get something, whether it’s a patch or a solution from the company, we will keep you guys updated.

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  1. Aislinn says:

    Tried all recommendations for fixing error status_access_violation, none worked

    • User 0256 says:

      yes me 2 , didnt working , even formatted and reset the windows to orignal , pls kindly help me

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