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  1. tor ånen Magnussen says:

    i just wonder, what accuracy should i expect when using google maps and the mode High accuracy , because on all of my 4 android devices my position shows between 50 and 100m away when in High accuracy mode, however when in gps only mode my location is always between 0,5m and 1m, im thinking if High accuracy mode is working then the accuracy should be between 0m and 0,5m or something like that,. im i wrong or is this correct, how exact is the accuracy on your phone?

  2. vijay says:

    I had a same problem on my smart phone. after i updated the gone. Check it updated or Not if it is not update.

  3. Tutuapp says:


  4. ubaid khan says:

    Hy sir plz tell me how can we strong 4g signals in mobile or low signals

  5. athultom says:

    thank you developer options worked fine for me

  6. Mick says:

    Thanks, I calibrated my compass and it worked.

  7. Paul says:

    I have to calibrate my compass every time I open Google maps. Yet a compass app has no issues. Any ideas?

  8. Anonymouse says:

    I want to sue google. I took a pic on my mobile in my house and the location is shown as 3 kms away in the photo info . My location settings are high accuracy. I need to send this pic as proof but cannot now prove that it is taken in my house. This is put me in trouble.

    • J.Dofner says:

      I do as well it has put my location at a hotel which put me and my relationship in jeopardy big time.! Let me know how it works out for u!

  9. Milan shah says:

    I live in rajkot Gujarat but every time I ask in map for my location, I got the answer that I’m in other state. I tried so kuch for set my location but no improvement.

  10. Richard Cobb says:

    Using the “high accuracy” setting has given me errors as high as 50 kilometers! Turning it off then put me in the correct location. I’m currently in Newfoundland (often without wifi or cell), and my phone had become useless for navigation. Turning off Google’s “enhancements” made it usable again.

    • rachel says:

      This is exactly my experience here in the UK. What is annoying is that many apps which use location nag me to use the so called “high accuracy” setting.

  11. Zachariah Lloyd says:

    I am not positive about the ‘high accuracy settings’ on my device, because I have somehow managed to lose it, but using Google to find the location is showing it to be right in the front yard, which it is not as I have tried playing the sounds, snd it is not anywhere near my yard at all….
    Is this because I do not have something on the phone set correctly, or is it just inaccurate??
    Also, Thanks in advance!!

  12. Nancy says:

    Who and how do I report incorrect driving direction to my fathers home? There is only one way in and no one can get there because GPS tells them to turn on the wrong street taking them in the wrong direction.

    • Nikhil says:

      You get option to send feedback on the App.

  13. Pat says:

    Thanks for this most helpful post. It dawned on me when I read something in the Developer’s Options that had changed the Mock GPS to an app I had installed. So if any of you are using a FAKE GPS for any reason, like I was, that was the culprit. As soon as I Force Stopped the app and rebooted the phone, Maps worked perfectly.

  14. MJ says:

    Great stuff! It makes perfect nonsense.

  15. Gamer says:

    Thanks, solved my problem

  16. Nate says:

    Hey, guys. related topics. I just want to know, can the other person sharing with me the location fake whereabouts. And, in what reasons, happens that the person wasnt there 2hrs but using the internet all the time?

  17. Carmen Mackles says:

    Not getting real-time location from my sharing partner can this problem please be fixed I’ve asked numerous times his is working properly I don’t understand the problem with my phone I’ve asked numerous times to fix this problem and it has still not been address I would truly appreciate if this final time it can be fixed this is getting a little ridiculous commenting and never getting anything fix it seems worthless to even comment if there’s not going to be any adjustments made to my phone thank you I appreciate it very much if y’all can fix this problem I am having God bless

  18. Lynn Burke says:

    Google maps shows my location correctly but my husband’s location isn’t showing on my phone even though he has Sharing enabled. It shows him at home even when he leaves. it turns his icon black and white when he leaves and then back to in color when he is home. He downloaded another app to track him since Google Maps wasn’t showing him moving, and that is doing the same thing. He rides his motorcycle to some remote locations so he likes me to know where he is. no he isn’t cheating lol. he wants me to know his location when riding for safety. He has location sharing on. He is using an Android Galaxy 8s.

  19. Abhishek Sijali says:

    Yeah, thank you so much. It really helped me fix the google location with ease.

  20. Girish says:

    It works, thanks 👍

  21. Larry says:

    Hi, I have a brand new samsung 10+. the map is way off. I have done the figure 8 thing multiple times with both data and wifi. It has gone from low to medium accuracy, but still too far off to give directions in the city (no tall buildings). Everything I find says go to the settings, location, tap mode but there is NO mode button. I also do not have the developer option, and when I open the “about phone” there is no “Built anything” I have reported. I believe I have tried EVERYTHING I can find, but either I actually can’t find the suggestion or it hasn’t anyone have any other ideas??? I also tried un and reinstalling. Let me add, that I just retired my Note 5 after so many years. But in all those years, I never had to calibrate it, and it was ALWAYS point on from coast to coast to coast.

  22. Poly says:

    Wrong location update

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