Play Store Fix – ‘Your Device isn’t Compatible With this Version’

Here is a complete guide to fix the issue of Your Device isn't Compatible With This Version error on Google Play Store for Android smartphone.

If your favourite app says “Your Device isn’t Compatible With this Version” while you download it from Google Play Store then off course it would be very annoying. But don’t worry DigitBin has come up with a couple of solutions to fix this irritating issue of Google Store.

Your device must be rooted for sure to make any changes. Do not worry rooting will not cause any impairment to your device. Nowadays it is quite easy to root any device. Google search to find the procedure for your smartphone.

Solution I: Use Market Helper Tool

  1. Download and install Market Helper Apk file in your device.
  2. Open the app and change the options under the drop down menu according to any latest device under your smartphone brand. Drop down menu has following options.

    This item Isn't Compatible with this version

    This item Isn’t Compatible with this version

  • Select your device type
  • Select your device model
  • Select your location
  • Select your carrier as needed

3.  Tap on ‘Activate’ at the bottom and give SuperSu root permissions.

Market Helper

Market Helper

4. Once you see the name the message “Activated successfully” you can head to Play Store.

If you notice the message ‘this item isn’t available in your country’. Simply download any VPN app preferably Opera VPN and connect to the VPN for more information read below.

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Solution II: Change Model Number

Note: The method below is more preferable for Samsung Smartphones. But if any other device follows the process properly then use it. Do not make any unnecessary changes.

Step I: Edit Build.prop/Model number

In About phone under settings, there is an option of Model number and Android version which you need to manually edit which requires root access.

  1. Search Google to check any latest released smartphone from your brand for getting a new Model Number (Check For example, in the case of Samsung check for the latest released smartphone from Samsung.
  2. Select the Model Number according to the region you live in. Copy or take a note of the model number.

    Exmaple of Samsung Phone Model Number

    Example of Samsung Phone Model Number

  3. Now download ES File Explorer Manager App from Play Store.
  4. Open ES app and under tools enable Root explorer and Show hidden files.
  5. Now look for file named system under ‘/’ page and click on it.
  6. Here locate the build.prop file and rename file as xbuild.prop (Root permission required).
  7. Copy and paste the xbuild.prop file in sd storage and open the file with ES Note Editor
  8. Here change all the, model, device and ro.built.product = to the new latest Model number you copied from GSMarena. (Do not make any mistake in spacing)

    Change Model number

    Change Model number

  9. Now edit the to any latest Android OS version.
  10. Save the changes.
  11. Now go back to xbuild.prop file in the system under ‘/’ and change the file name back to build.prop and paste the file in sd storage.
  12. Now open the file properties and change the permission as shown below.

    Change Permission and enter OK

    Change the Permission as shown above and enter OK

  13. Finally, reboot the device.

Step II: Use VPN to get app access

Now open Play Store you may notice the message this item isn’t available in your country. Simply download any VPN app preferably Opera VPN and connect.

You will notice the app is ready to be downloaded on your device.

Note & Conclusion: DigitBin is not liable for any damage caused. Perform the operation on your own risk.

Comment below for any assistance required.

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