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  1. Bernard says:

    App does not work it is a con just finds your identity.

  2. arbaz says:

    What is of gionee m7. Plz told me fast

  3. Sara says:

    Any other solution please. I dont want to root my phone.

  4. Mia Manley says:

    I installed the market manager app but it will not let me open it. So I tried the next solution and it didn’t do anything?. The third solution doesn’t work with my device?. My device is a Verizon LG tablet

    • Nikhil says:

      Maybe an issue with the installation package of your mobile. Try to install any other App in case the App you are trying may not be compatible with your device.

  5. Hems Worth says:

    Download ‘build props’ magisk module > Gain root access inside any terminal emulator (termux preferable) by passing command ‘su’ > type ‘props’ > proceed with the on screen selections to change the fingerprints (Google Pixel 2 works well)

    P.S: you need to have busybox installed to work this.

  6. YOLANDE says:

    Please help my device does not have a Uninstaller update button only uninstallapp, how do I fix this problem without uninstalling the entire app?

  7. Abdulsathar Tamton says:

    My firestick seems to have some problem. File linked cannot be downloaded with 403 Error message. HD TV not working with some ms player misfunctioning, Jio tv is not working with “app not compatible “ message?!! Redbox tv not opening.
    Any fix or advise from you is highly appreciated. Or anyone I can contact for help??

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