How to Use Google Maps Offline?

Here is the Simple Guide to download Google Maps Offline to Access Maps on your Mobile without Internet Access.

Google Maps service makes it easier and faster for people to get around the city and shop. Besides saving people time on travel, it features a route planner, which provides tips for driving, walking, bicycling, or even public transportation through the city.

Earlier, however, the direction on the way was only available if your mobile data was active. Those days are long gone. In 2015, Google introduced an offline mode for its users after seeing a demand for it. If you are still unfamiliar with how to download Google Maps offline in 2022, follow this guide until the end.

 Steps to Follow to Download and Use Google Maps Offline

Downloading your Google Maps offline on your smartphones isn’t a tough job to do. You can get Google Maps offline on your device; you just need to perform these steps to do so. Therefore, make sure to perform them carefully.

  1. Initially, you must have to open the Google Maps app.
  2. Then, tap on your Profile icon. tap on profile
  3. Next, tap on the Offline Maps.offline maps
  4. Now, hit the button Select Your Own your own map
  5. Then, select the area on your local map by dragging it and hitting the Download button. download the map
  6. Afterward, wait for a few seconds while your map gets downloaded. Once done, you will find your downloaded map under the Downloaded Maps section. access the downloaded map

So, now simply tap on it, and on the next page, you will see your map along with the two options Delete and Update. Therefore, click on the map and check out your saved local area routes to use your downloaded map of that area. So, this is how you download and use the Google Maps offline mode.

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